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    01-28-2020, 05:49 PM
    rdf replied to a thread living in Hawaii in Life
    I too am likely moving to Hawaii, the big island. I have not found any SCI folks living there. I have a baclofen pump, so will need that done every 4...
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    Happy Birthday Baby! I love you!!
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    Thanks me too! I'm glad you are stable for the time being !
  4. I can relate in some small way to your frustration. I hope your pain mngt doc can give you some relief from the pain!
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    Things are very rough and not very good. My pain level is beyond a 10. I have an appt tomorrow with the pain doc so hopefully he will have a plan..... If not, I think I'm screwed! Other then that, I'm still on abx for that stupid infection. Im supposed to be done with those on Friday. I just wish I could get back to my "old" self .
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    Hope you are doing well and that things turned out ok with your appts!
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    what a cute haircut. I hope you are well. I know you have been having some health issues. great pictures!
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    I hope you got the heart monitor by now. So is that to wear each night or what? I know it's a bit early, but good luck with those appt's Friday. Let me know how all goes! You're in my thoughts & I hope your pain has eased by now too.
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    Good luck with the epi, I know they're a pain too. Hopefully your meds will kick in too w/o having to stay 1/2 awake & glassy-eyed. How is your bp & vagal symptoms ?
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    Hugs for pain control. I just read you wake up screaming...what a nightmare,literally! I hate that.
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    Hope you're feeling much better. Don't let the weather, the new stuff & all the old pile up on ya! I'm sure NC is just as cold as here, brr.. I'm wearing a thermal, hoodie & still cold so my ass refuses to go out into 20 mph gusts today!
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    Hey girl..glad those injections finally starting working,that's good to know.Are you getting the cortisone epi's?When I got them they were only allowing I believe 3/year.I started Voltaren,it's helped my pain incredibly but I still feel I need pain management.Sorry about the flu,ugh.I think I had it weeks ago,if so it's the worst I'd felt in forever!Everything else with me is going really well,albeit my oldest (husky) getting really old & kinda scenile
    Maybe I'll go back to fb before long.Take care & tell all the babies,esp.Philip hii!
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    Since I don't have fb I'm lost.I don't see many comments about your pain here either.How is it?Just thinking about you.I hope you & Shelby are enjoying fall with the kiddies.
  14. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you are doing. Just wanted to say hi.
  15. I start school on Thursday. An MA program. I am super excited. I have to take a few weeks off to have surgery but it should all work out. Good luck with your classes. I know its easier said than done, but please take care of yourself and try not to get too exhausted. A hug for you.
  16. hey I have been thinking about you. Hope things are going okay.
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    Hey goes it?? Haven't checked on u and yours in a while hope u guys r stayin well and having fun. Hope all the doggies r doing good too Hey i c u got new pics up......i gotta go check um out. So, whatz up??

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    Mine was a T12 Burst.
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    I alway's hate those things, will be 7 this fall for me. I've sadly to say given up on any kind of help for my type injury now so....... things are going pretty good this summer, so far!
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    Hey Lady! How's thing's goin?
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    hey beautiful! i love the pics you have up here! kiss!!
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    Hi there...just wanted to share how much I enjoy your pictures...were you born with a camera in your hands? lol
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    OK now I was able to see it knowing what I was looking for. really gets me how fragile the cord is! I was able to get what x-rays I have of my back from my computer posted.
  24. Just wanted to say "hi"
  25. You can see extra "bony" material (calcium deposits) between the vertebrate and the spinal cord. Especially, in the "yellow" one, you can see where the bony material is compressing the cord. My SCI was caused by a fractured calcium deposit at T8-9.
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    I thought it was, Not sure just as to what I was seeing?? I'm not too good at telling what I see from x-ray's. Can you guide me as to what I am looking for. I'll try to put mine up
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    Is that your spine?
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    Really like your pictures!!!!!!
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    Danine, I don't know if I ever told you this before, but I really dig your tastes in music. Almost everything you post in the music threads is something I like too.
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    how do i find the CC group again??? i have not been to face book in a while
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    Your welcome. Really enjoyed talking with both you and Rican yesterday.
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    Hi Danine, you're welcome, sorry for the late reply. hope you are having a good week.
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    yes i am.....under find me and we can hook up that way r u Danine tho so i know to accept u??
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    lol you're just mean
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    hey girl whatsup?..are you on facebook?
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    hey thanks for stoppn by....yeah i have not been to CC too much, i got a little turned off with some of the moderaters & just some people here on CC in general. I'm sure u know what i mean, and it was pretty frustrating, was just easier to go away for a while. I do stop by to post joke, i have been out-of-town for 5 days tho and cc was down for a while so it's been a long time enough of that. How r u and yours?? you feeling ok these days?? have i missed anything??
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    haha thanks for thinking of me..i meet with a publisher and agent with the nashville bureau of speakers on monday for hopefully the beginnings of my speaking career..pray for me!..hugs
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    lol veery welcome! and thanks haha
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    Thanks D!
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    I don't have facebook - what is it? Yeah I and my cousin (he's in my album) went to see milk thursday night, we laughed everytime Harvey (Sean) would call Cleve "adorable' it was so cute, its amazing that this was all going down not very long ago but good that we're becoming more accepting - still a long ways to go tho but i have hope. are a full time student? my sister will be graduating in may and she will then be an adaptive Physical Ed teacher Yay! good to hear from you
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    Thanks a lot. Same here!! Can't wait until next month.
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    Hey Woman, just wanted to say "hi" and hope you're doing good
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    Hey..hope to see you tomorrow.
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    This cat has a serious Funk blog going on--I recently downloaded this
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    hey, if you're into exploring some more drum and bass, is a great site. DJs post mixes there that you can listen/download for free. you can also explore mixes that range from hip hop, latin, breaks, jazz, reggae and everything else. I would recommend listening through a good pair of headphones or stereo for the full effect. It's great for working out, exploratory dance, parties, whatever. Rapidsharing is also good, if you haven't heard, get on that tip. Just look up rapidshare. Basically, it's a way to download anything through links. search any artist or genre and "rapidshare" and you will come upon sites where you can download that music. People have blogs dedicated to posting different music, you'd be amazed. Right now, I listen to a lot of funk, soul,breaks, latin jazz and drum and bass. Alright, chica, nuff gabbin, enjoy.--Nicky
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    yeah we are coming down..the weather says snow but we will see.
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    Are you attending the support group this Saturday? Its at 12.30.
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    I was out of town on holiday and didn't have much chance to go online. back in town for the interim and catching up on stuff. hope you had a great holiday, my friend.
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    hey did u like my video? u have yahoo or anything?..u seem awesome i wanna get to know u
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    Thanks, you rock !!!!
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    Ah ok, cuz you know how long it took me to figure out how to put a youtube vid up and when I finally get it the fucking thing doesn't work geeezzzzz.
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    how come my thing didn't work, could you see what I did wrong.
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    haha awesome..very appropriate
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    Danine, did I do it wrong, shoot. its
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    was that a joke?..i hope they dont all hate me lol
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    Happy New Year to you, also!
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    Thanks Danine, I hope its a great new year for you and all of us
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    Danine, happy new year to you. Wise.
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    Have a Happy New Year! Mona
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    Hey Danine, how wonderful to meet a fellow water lover.

    What an adorable puppy, in a cute outfit. what is his/her name?

    I am not sure exactly why you are getting skin breakdown. Chlorine levels are monitored in pools so it shouldn't be eating away at yoyr skin.

    more likely your skin is getting 'soggy' and soft from the water and is more prone to damage.

    I sometimes have accidental bumps scrapes like this.....maybe from getting in/out of pool.Keep an eye out next time you go swimming.

    not sure i can help you more. Put opsite or some waterproof dressing on the breakdowns if you are going in the pool with open wounds.

    Have a great new years xoxo
  63. Thanks for the lighthouse pic. That was great.
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    Yeah just the power again.
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    Thanks for the Birthday message! Hope you and DS had a great day yesterday.
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    You're welcome. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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    Merry Christmas to you, Danine. I wish you a Happy New Year, too.
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    Hi Danine. Thanks for being my friend.

    Merry Christmas! Mona
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    Thank you for the well-wishes! Happy holidays to you and yours as well. May the new year bring many blessings. =)
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    Thank you so much!! We are having a good holiday season..lots of cooking and presents!!!
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    Hey Miss Danine I hope you and Miss dsgirl have a Merry Christmas, smile its almost gone for another year lol.
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    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
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    Hey girl, just wanted to say hi and wish u n yours a Happy Holiday season. take care n b safe

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    Danine, the article was written for CareCure. the URL address for the article is

    I am going to be updating the article and reposting it.

  75. Thanks for the Turkey Day wishes. Belated good Thanksgiving Wishes to you and your partner, too! It was a travel day for me, but was still enjoyable as I was with family.

    How's school going? I'm guessing your semester/term should end in early to mid-December?
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    thank you. I hope you had a good thanksgiving too.
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    I'm half navajo and paiute. Yeah there are still some cherokees in NC most moved to oklahoma. Thanks for the compliment. And you and your partner have a great Thanksgiving.
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    Hi Danine, I checked out your pic album, those are some great pics you took. remember to vote if you haven't already. Jerri
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    Nice to be your friend, thanks
  80. Hey thanks for the friend request
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