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    Rest up and heal well fishin' guy. Just read about your surgery. Glad it came out well.
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    Thanks!! I feel like a ton of bricks is being lifted off my back!!
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    we've missed chatting with you ...hope you are doing well
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    Just wanted to say that I appreciate all your replies and positive energy!
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    Hope you are having a good day. Maybe we can chat some day.
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    thank you. im grateful for prayers. Im not so upbeat, but I dont want to bum peeps out. I know im not the only one with this type of situation right now. im sure envious of the visiting with bente though. that has cheered me up a little. I hope too that you are feeling better and recovering from your health challenges. proly you have tried to keep a positive image through your trials as well. thanx again for the note fishin guy.
  8. doing okay, hada small stroke? WTF, I'm too young. Anyway, deal with it. I got drawn for both deer and elk tags this year, so got some planning to do. How are you doing, ok I hope, see you've had some of the usual prob's on the site, hope all's well.
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    what u up to these days?? just checkin to see how u r doin...

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    Just stopping by to say Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day.
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    Happy Birthday FG! Hope you have a great one!
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    Thanks for the positive words. I am six months out and continue to improve. I can walk, eat, use the computer, use the bathroom, etc. all normally. In the last month, I became able to rise from the floor using my arms and crawl on my hands and knees.

    I cannot raise my arms, and thus cannot bathe or dress myself above the waist, drive, or prepare most meals.

    I wish you the best of luck. Your progress sounds amazing.

    I am near Spokane.
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    Did the room and site die on you last night? Just wondering it froze on me and I couldn't get back on? Anyhow nice meeting you Guy. Hope your havin' a good one.
  14. I nailed that one.
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    ha ha...i work with all men, go figger. Plus, i guess some would say i have a warped sense of humor
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    Right on. That guy will never learn.
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    You got some nice fishing out there
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    What kind of fishin you do out west? On the east coast we do stripper and blues, blackfish, porgies and fluke and flounder. Also we freshwater for pike, bass, carp, suckers and snappin turtle. BTW I try to fish only for the fish I will eat, I am not into sport fishing and don't want to catch a fish just for making me feel good.
  19. You too monseur. Glad it turned out as it did.Gad you and I were the first on the scene, i sort a started to think I was kinds new here so i'd let others go ahead, but then the practical in me kicked in, if not me, who, and if who, would they be in time.
    Thx for all you do for all of us. Guy
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    thanks for everything that you did. Wise.
  21. So here I am 6 am, and been up since 3. Pain in the ass, literaly. Right hamstring area, stabbing pain, and usual med routine for this crap ain't workin' this AM.
    Like I said before about your meds from Rhem. They have a real ton of meds they can use, drop and use new ones. When I was diagnosed with lupus, there was a 5 yr life expectancy. I beat the hell outta that, ,and like said, played ball for another 10-12 yrs later. You are right about the gym, my gawd I tend to over due. If a little is good, more is better and overdoing is alot better... nOT. I've done it befors, still learning. Yeat. tho I did stop the rickshaw deal when my rt shoulder and a little tendon on the right elbow complained to me, so I skipped those yest. I just can't beleive the difference in my fat loss in the abdomen area in just 3 weeks of work.A personal trainer huh, well be patient. there are SOOOooo many new drugs in the last 15 yrs for all the innune response illnesses that if one doesn't work, lotsa alternatives. Hope your rheum is a GOOd one, i had a couple of dogs as refferals when mine was out of town.I have such a good rapport with mine, he says he'll even keep seeing me if I have to go on medicaid, even tho his group don't do med. He has told me I'm the reason he took on his first associate yrs ago. I had gone to him for 5 yrs or so, he went outta town, I had a prob,went to his refferral and I let him know what an ass he was. (talked of other patients (2) and names too. while in the room w/me) he wouldn't listen to hoiw I had reacted to a drug he wanted to put me on , etc. So he brought in 1 st assoc, so to have someone close to files when out of ton, now has opened a larger clinic and has 6-7 assoc's.i was soo fortunate wife and I researched and found what we thot was the "best".He also has done drug research and trials thud he "sneakes" into various trials, varying illnesses( lupus, MS, Fibromy. etc) to see how they react. I felt obligated to try some of these because of what he's done for me.
    One office nurse he had told me once that he had indeed saved my life by his diligence twice.I was close to dying a few times, he did research on the net contacting many other dr's(in fact this is when he decided to start doing the drug research programs). She said he spent many nights and weekends to find the correct treatment when we were talking amputation of both legs. I had cellulitis and pus running throughout both lower legs, and he found 1 dr in the east who had, had 1 patient that only cured the problem in a diff. way than all other cases like this one, and I had to take the chemo cytoxan orally, rather than IV. For some reason, the way it metabloized thru liver and kidneys, si what made it work, he saved me again. But realisticaly, as he said, part of the reason for his drive for me was my attitude in fighting all this crap.No feeling sorry, no anger, just do it, give it to me, you know what works, and I'll do my part by working thru stuff. I went thru DOZENS of drugs and combo's of them.some would work, some for awhile, others never worked, some had side effects but very few did I have to quit for side eff.So I hope you have as good a relationship with your's.( side story, my dtr had a friend(they were 8-9 at the time) who had an aunt, exact symptoms, EXACT, problems w/ circulation on lower legs, swollen, pus, she went to a vascular surgeon instead of rheum., they were fighting the symptoms of illness(she had 12 surgeries, dr trying to clean out bad vascular problems, we asked my dr, like if we do amputate, whats to keep this from moving around, to arms, inside, etc. well, they amputated her legs, 6 mo' later amput. one arm, and 4 mo later, she died, it attacked her insides., meanwhile my dr had done the research backeast ( we were fighting the cause, not the symptoms, remember this while dealing with rheum.) NOT vascular.My dtr has remembered this situation for yrs since. Her dads alive and other girls aunt died. Difference was dr, so our whole family is really proactive when looking and going to a dr that is not only the best, but must be one who listens to your concerns and questions.
    Sorry for the personal novel here, but what you to have best shot at as normal a life as possible. Good luck. (no spellchk, so good luck reading)
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    Thanks so much for the inspiration! I really needed it yesterday; had such a terrible pain and emotion day. But today is going to be better, I can feel it. But inspiration goes a long way...and lasts a lifetime.

    Congrats on returning to the gym! I used to be a personal trainer, so if you want any good tips, I'm here for you. I'm sure you already know this, but we're not running any race, so start off slow, probably even slower than you think you should (cause you seem like a real go getter).

    I just started seeing a new Rheumatologist last month, who put me on tramadaol for the arthritist pain (ecuse the spelling, typing is a bitch), but i'll see him again in acouple weeks to start a plan to get to the bottom of everything. i'm not too concerned about the diagnosis right now, cause the TM is enough to take on for now.

    as of yesterday, I'm down to 30mg pred, and the rheumi is going to keep tapering until something negative happens or someother thing pops up.

    Luckily, I don't have any strength to kick anything or anyone, but on one of many roid rages, I told off the entire neurology team, incl. attending and all residents and students. I warn people in advance (and sometimes after the fact), "don't mess with a girl on roids." My poor mom, gets most of my rage. And when I went to a halloween party, which was a really big step for me (literally and figuratively) I reamed out everyone in line for the bathroom because they were being so obnoxious about the wait (I have a neurogenic bladder). At least that time, I didn't feel any guilt about it.

    Have a great day. Lift a dumbell for me.

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    Hi fishin' guy,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. I still don't have a definitive diagnosis on the autoimm part of my TM, but the docs think def MS or Lupus; now I have myoclonus (full body spasms), which I guess are adding to the who-knows-what aspect. I've spent more than 3 of the last 5 weeks in the hospital: taking lots of the drugs you mentioned (I didn't get any relief from the solumedrol and am still on the pred) plus plasma pharesis and IV Ig treatments, all the while developing new symptoms. Out 4 days, and smiling but not feeling much better. Despite it all, I may not be feeling optimistic, but I am feeling inspired. Does that make any sense?

    Today, I'm working on optimism. Tomorrow, maybe I'll try to walk 1 more block.

    Best of luck to you!
  24. Going ok here, wow you caught me at the board. Waiting for t/ters, also, wife's been in Hawaii for 2 weeks, hom in the morn. I'm not sweeping till gr-kids and everyone has come and gone. We have damn fir,pine,&Jap. maple dropping crap all over. i HAT E them.
    How are you and your brood? You get out huntin? Hope so.
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    hey r things going these days??

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