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    Hey, we are going to have to get together sometime, I didn't realize it but there are quite a few of us here in east TN, We'll get to meet when the Bente Express rolls through town in a couple weeks, anyway.
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    I'm looking forward to the get together in Gatlinburg too. I'm feeling pretty good, until I think I'm well enough to do things and end up over doing it. lol I had doctor appts two days in row, it whipped me, so I'm taking it easy right now.
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    Your welcome Aliya - sadly one of the babies fell out of the nest today. Everyone is so upset! I'm a total eagle addict since I found them!
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    Hows the house coming?
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    i know. i am the hosptal and the pc is crazy. new anti bac. no smijyes. no net for my pc.
  6. I wouldn't be going out today if not for an appointment, so Starbuck's is my reward for going out into temps in the teens. I will toast you with a Caramel Latte!
  7. Hi Aliya, Funny thing is it was supposed to snow AGAIN today, but I dodged the bullet and it is going further south. YAY! Freedom! Starbucks!!! Hope all is well with you.
  8. I had about four days with mobility, but tonight we are supposed to get another 10" of snow. Good grief!! Thanks for asking. I'll be watching movies and hugging cats.
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    Thank you for the card I see you live in Smyrna. LOL, I have been to Smyrna in Turkey only. But the grandfather of my two oldest was living there when he was young. He was very old, born 1890 and he left Greece to Smyrna as a child and in 1921 he, like all the Greeks living in Tyrkia, had to leave and lost his two children and wife and never found them. So 30 years later he married again and got two new children in Greece.

    So when I was in Smyrna, I was telling the story to the lokal people and then it seems like many of them had a Greek grandgrandparent and they was even curios of the name
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    Thank you, you are so nice. I bought the dress long time ago because I never had time on Christmas Eve to fix myself because I was always so busy and I just draged it over my head before my parents were coming. So it has been so kind of tradition, I never wear the dress except that day
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    HA HA !!! that's what it's suppose to do!!! does make for a good conversation peice!! poor guy, but he should have known better!
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    Thank you
    I have started the Christmas rush now, I don't understand how to make it without coming out today
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    I got the bed and I have been staying 5 days in isolation. Multiresistent e-coli, but I am clean now.
  14. Hi Aliya, Yep, I got my latte, along with some gingerbread cake! It has snowed (so far) for the last 30 hours!
  15. Hey Girl. I was gone about a month, but returned Thanksgiving. It was fun being with family.

    How's life been treating you? Work progressing nicely on the house? How was your Thanksgiving?
  16. Hi Aliya. Thanks so much for your message that you wrote me. I am glad you liked the pictures I plan to add more eventually. About the rest of your message, I do very much appeciate your kind words about my posts. I wish I could look past the bickering and verbal abuse, but I guess I am just very disheartened by it. Especially when I think about what those with new injuries and others coming here for the first time and needing help must feel when they read some of it. I guess it just makes me feel nobody cares about that.
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    I am much better, thank you. I stopped the Furadantin on Friday and on Saterday my urine started to get normal color and I stopped having accidents. The color was bilirubin, the leftover from red bloodcells who usually goes out with the stool, but with the pills the kidneys and the liver did not work normal. And if I had continued with the pills I could have destroyed my kidney and liver.

    So I hope it is not coming back now, because then I am in trouble because the bacteria is resistant to nearly everything.
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    Thanks for that info. I'll definitely ask about that later today!
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    LOL, I use to shout her name and she looks at me and does the same. The grey one listens, he starts to lick around his mouth and pretends he did not hear anything
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    He is never stopping. I try not to answer him, I just read. I need some fun. I have a bad UTI from the beginning of august and I can't get rid of it. I need to sleep, it is three o'clock in the night, in Romania it is four o'clock. I don't understand how he can stay up night after night and only being rude.
    The cat is cute. I have a small, black on too, she is a hooligan, LOL, always pushing things in the floor.
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    I don't care at all what people say behind my back. But he has been driven down by a car by purpose last winter and I was once pushed out of the chair when I was shopping. Some people are really crazy and very rude and say hurtful things.

    I wish I had said yes to the chair years before I did. I did not want it and in the end my physiatrist told me I was not allowed to come back to him if I did not get the chair. LOL, in two days he got me the first chair and most of my pain from overuse disappeared in a year.
    Happely I took it because in two years I lost the posibility to walk and it would have been worse to start to use the chair then, psychic I mean. Even if this town is not accessible, it is getting better, and I can do a lot more with the chair than I could all those years without.

    I try to call my friend again, maybe he can help me over the phone. I have a few pics of the cat in small size, I try to put them in an album
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    I only have one picturee of me in the chair, the one in the album. I have only had the chair for five years, I have been walking for 34 years, but did walk badly. LOL, I don't feel old at all, but I feel tired.
    I have plans to make an album of my two cats but I have to shrink the pictures and I need help to do it. I have a friend who can show me but he is a newbie, only three years post and he has got anxiety to leave his house. He has been so brave until now but got the depression. So bad, I try to talk him into come for a visit. LOL, he is 35 years too. But many people here is rude and say bad things. Like you are a second hand citizen and worth nothing. I believe it is better in the US.
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    I thought I did not like the idea of friends inside here because I don't like to favour anybody in public. But I enjoy it because I see it is so many women about the same age "oldies" I am so used to be the oldest one and the rest is 35 years and under. We are not so many people with SCI in Norway and only 10% are women and I know only one my age
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    That stupid Vista, the letters always jumping around, sorry for writing your nick wrong but not my fault
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    Very nice you wanted to be my friend Aliaya
  26. Hey, Girl. I'm so glad your house is moving along. That's pretty exciting stuff! Send pics my way when you get it finished. It's great it'll be new and built to you because you can insure everything is accessible and just how you need it. Good going. **thumbs up**

    Thanks about Mom. She's been going around on a broken ankle since the summer. Now that's some kind of pain endurance. The doctor asked her enough questions they were able to pinpoint when it happened. I kept nudging her to go and she kept saying she thought it'd be okay.

    I told her I thought she had a frtacture, but I was thinking foot, not ankle. Good grief, right?

    She now thinks she wants to wait until the first part of February to have surgery to repair the torn tendons. She's made of trougher stuff than I am because if I could feel the broken ankle, they'd already be repairing mine and taking care of the tendons, too.

    She wants to wait until then because there is one particular surgeon who is very, very good. I understand waiting for him if she can. I'm just not sure I could if I were her.

    I think you have the visitor message thing figured out because I got this. Yay!

    I had a hard time figuring things out at first, too. I felt like I was writing myself. I think I was and often did.

    Hope you have a great Wednesday.

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    Hi! Thanks for the friend request! Glad your house is coming along.
  28. Of course you have a friend on your Friends list! I'd not seen you post much lately. Have you guys been doing okay? Still riding your handcycle?
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