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    Nice screen name dude! I love the creative names people come up with. I opened my very first Yahoo account in 1996 and have used the "diddlindoug" for everything I am associated with. So good to meet you...I am not on here much, but do the facebook thing...yes, I will admit I am a facebook whore,,,LOL
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    1 more thing is your front end taper at the seat or is it the v front end? looks nice
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    hey man how wide is your footplate?
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    McLovin, you are funny and damn cute!
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    Five more days with the messy man and then he's off to Panama City! I'm sure he's a really nice guy, just lacks some common sense.

    I wish I had a friend like you close by who would call me up and say, "Kiran, screw the books, let's go jump outta a plane!" Those shots were something else. I'll have to try it myself some day. What's the next adventure? How's school goin? Our law school does an exchange with one of the law schools in NZ....Victoria University, I believe it is. It'd be cool to see what all the hype is about
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    I didn't realize Kiwis make cave man grunting noises. Thanks for the info :P I've roomed with randoms at uni myself. It was sketch-town. They paired me with a girl who was blind, and two people who didn't speak English. I was just praying we never had some type of emergency because I have no idea how that would go down. I've decided not to have room mates in January, mainly because I've realized I like my own space and I don't think I have the same personality as most law students. That, and I always have friends coming into town, and I don't want to always have to apologize for my weird room mate. He's a nice guy, he's just not socially aware, I think. Probably spent more time reading books than seeing the real world, yknow? Anyways, I wish you luck with the roomie hunt! And make sure you post pics of all your adventures. I'll be living vicariously through all my friends for the next little while. I am long overdue for an international trip.
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    I saw you online the other day! I didn't notice that you were playing COD though. Which one was it? World At War?
    I look at my other games and consider them. Then I go, nah, and put TF2 on, lol.
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    Hey you! I miss seeing you online on the psn you know.
    I take it there's still a way to go until you can get back to gaming?
    Have you heard of The Punisher: No Mercy? I tried the demo earlier. It was pretty enjoyable, but I was totally hopeless and got killed repeatedly, whilst hardly doing any killing myself.
    I'm still crazy about TF2, and still playing it loads.
    Hope uni is going well for you.
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    hola! school's cool i guess. i just wanna get it done. how about you? it's summer where you're at, yes?

    i have a room mate this year who happens to be a guy, so that's been......interesting to say the least. all i can say is he doesn't wash his socks. at least i'm learning a great deal about the male species. you guys are fascinating. heh heh. hope you're doing well!!!
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    everythings good man! how are things down under? you still playing your ps3 or what? my new roommates and I have been smashing in resistance II, now we're going to get a little clan going! you down?
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    Nooooooooooooooooooooo! You had to sell your games?! Were they ones you planned to play more as well?
    I'm still mainly on TF2. I am addicted, lol. I'm still playing LBP with my sister when she visits. I've yet to see you on LBP (don't say you had to sell LBP too?!)
    Huh, those screws on the hard drive holder thingy are horrendous. My ex undid them for me. He's strong, but he had a lot of trouble, and actually ended up ruining one of the screw heads. So my 320 gb hd is held by only 3 screws. It seems fine though.
    It's fab to be able to download anything you want though, and not have to worry about deleting stuff to make room. So I hope you manage to get your new hd done soon. After you've finished playing in the snow, lol.
    Hope you're having a good time in the mountains.
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    Hey there tiger. Good to hear from you I've travelled the world, but it still throws me off when I realize not everyone is enjoying hot summer weather in June. I'm glad you're making the most of winter though. Post more photos of your adventures....I'm going to try and fit some in this summer too. I look forward to when you cross the pond....the west coast won't what hit it.
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    no problem. and you're lookin' good too!
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    Hola Hombre. Now that you have a sweet ride, I strongly suggest you drive on over and experience the west coast of Canada. We get along real well with the Aussies, so I'm sure it would be the same with you Kiwis.
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    hey man sorry i missed your post about my back its a low profile adi back with lateral supports i love it i have scoliosis and it gives awesome support
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    Good to hear from you, Nafi, and more importantly, thanks for posting the dope pics. I hate using the word "inspiring" but I already planning my trip to Thailand, thanks to you. If you ever want to compare stories about being young and not in love, hit me up. Heh heh.
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    Haha tickets to the show Yeah i'm good dude, just started seeing a new chick so it's all good. Yeah seen some of those pics when you were in Thailand looks like you had an awesome time, damn, some tasty chicks too Good luck with getting a car man, you'll love it, so much freedom.
    Any take it easy bro
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    Hey man been a while since i've seen ya on here, hows things dude? Everytime I see your name (McLovin) I have to laugh, cool name lol.
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    A belated Merry Christmas to you too, mister! What crazy adventures do you have planned for the new year?!?
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    I hear you man. That dog was well trained so it would have been perfect. It never barked, and knew all the basic commands, it was also pretty tame and chill. Id like something a little smaller than a 100lb dog tho, maybe a cat, but I don't think I can take care of one. They're too fast and I'm too slow LOL
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours as well. =)
  22. Nafi,

    Sounds as though you had a good Christmas.

    As for Thailand, you'll have a blast! Diving I've thought of and wanted to do. Riding elephants? That had never crossed my mind, but like Thailand, it should be major fun.

    Looking forward to those pics.

    You always remind me, NO LIMITS. Thanks for doing that.

    Happy New Year Nafi.

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    Well that was the look I was going for but it's harder than it looks. Zoolander's got more talent than I thought.
  24. Merry Christmas to you, too, McLovin! I hope yours was a good one.

    I spent not quite a week at the cabin with family and Wonder Dog with the occasional friend coming to dinner. It was a good time.

    How did you celebrate?

    Had anymore adventures of the outdoor kind lately? I love to see the climbing and rafting and other things you've done. It lets me know it can be done. Keep rockin' on.

    Mary Ellen
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    Thanks for the Birthday message! Do I really look that goofy? Hope you had a good Christmas.
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    Happy Christmas mate. Hope it was a good one.
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    merry xmas man, hope you're having a happy holiday thus far. the rotty is long gone unfortunately, but she's back home where she belongs so it's all good =)
  28. Thanks, dude! Merry Christmas to you and your's, too!
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    merry christmas stud muffin Be good for Santa!
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    Cheers mate, you have a great xmas aswell dude!
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    Hey thanks, and Merry Christmas to you too. I love the pic of your tree that was great. I thought you were havin uti probs??!! Must be my imagination that your drinkin. Ok sorry, I can't help it I'm a mom.
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    awww haha you just gotta take it slooowwww more liquor less beer works better for me. And a tall glass o water before bed
  33. you should see the after shot, not a pretty sight! How come no one told me a hangover with sci is a 100 times worse! Never getting drunk like that again! "YEAH RIGHT!!"
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    I like your mug shot
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