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  1. Great mamadavid, thanks for reply! I am not in big rush for this trip and still collecting all necessary details with hope to put everything together by the end of this year. I will wait for you to give me more details and after I read that I would ask you few questions, if you don't mind. comad
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    Dear Comad,
    thanks for your messages. I'm sorry I've only just seen them now -- my hard disk died 2 weeks ago and I had to go to Hong Kong to have it replaced. Just got back to Kunming now. I really must update everyone because things seem to be happening now with the programme's planned expansion -- which had been delayed because the new larger premises were not ready.
    I'm getting ready to go to the hospital now but will send you a complete answer sometime today. Right now Tongren is ready to start accepting patients from overseas. Your best contact person would still be me, as I will pass everything on to Dr Zhu, the head of the programme.
    Last I heard the in-hospital cost -- all inclusive (including food) -- is to be about 20,000 RMB a month. As for apartment rental costs, we pay 2850 RMB a month for a four bedroom, two bathroom 140 m2 apartment near the hospital.
    Will be in touch later.
  3. Cannot help on UTI. If ever had it, I was probably on so much drugs and in hospital, I did not know it.
  4. Are you able to try to just flex muscles, ass cheeks downward, not matter which, while just sitting around? Basically sitting there watching TV and make the muscles do something? This has done a ton for me. There is no plan. There is nothing. Just make muscles do something at infrequent times? Just sit there and say "oh, let's try flex left quad." Just once. Your brain and body did not have time to prepare. This does a lot for me.
  5. I am no genius, but those spasms I think could be coming for you have reached the point for that particular time of therapy. ONLY that very specific time. If you d not have strength at that time, all kinds of crazy things can happen. KEEP in mind what you have done to reach spasm point. Continue with same routine. Then try to extend beyond that. Only minimal extension. This is exactly what I have done. Mentally, it is tough because your brain is probably saying you want more. Try to keep time expectations out of when you want or think you will achieve.
  6. Just read all the messages in the order I sent them. They should make sense. If you want more info, I can provide. Another key thing on all of this was to convince myself it WAS NOT a matter of how fast I could execute something. It WAS I CAN EXECUTE. Kept and keep thinking will get better, just like a baby.
  7. Still very weak in areas. I have had massive abdominal surgery, reconstruction, skin graphs, muscle removal, shit bag and even shit bag undone. Have had close to 90 surgery from accident. Hospital 5-1/2 years. Last rights 3X. This list goes on.
  8. They all must be executed I think at a rather quick speed. Closing eyes and simply trying to think my way through this, I eventually found all of my upper body weight was still on the supporting let, NOT the stepping leg. Things like this, I would try to just think my way through on the bed. Then move to seeing if can sort of "simulate" doing it while laying on bed still with eyes closed and still NOT worry about physical motion. I can add more to this if you want. There are things like strength that must be built in all of the correct locations. Let me know what you think. I do have thing working all the way to toes..
  9. Tried make sure there was no fluid buildup in area I was working. The massaging over time began create sensation. I am not sure if had that before or not. Your eyes and what you see have a huge input into you brain and what you do. To accomplish this, I said, turn eyes OFF. Let's lay on bed and see id I can even think/see my way through trying to maybe lift left leg. NOT worry about walking. ONLY what needed be done in order to lift left leg? I cannot describe all the things, but 1 HUGE factor I discovered for myself was if I and standing on 2 legs, even with support of arms, in order to lift leg all of your upper body weight, above waist, MUST BE TRANSFERRED to the right side. IF weight is not there, you have a few options you should be doing like stand on toes or jump with legs, NOT take a step with right leg. There probably are a million other things.
  10. Here is some. Let me know what/if you want expanded. I took approach of start from top of body and move lower when success t whatever point I was working. Tried never worry about what was happening farther down. I figured if where I was working was not working, for whatever reason, strength, neurological, coordination, etc. Example, how would you move your foot if problem at ankle. I have fairly good upper body, waist upward strength. I have been doing weights 5X/week M-F. This alone was about 2 hours only upper body. When started lower, first place I decided was had to get waist, buttocks, upper leg doing anything. I did TONS of deep massaging with my hands all the way to the bones.
  11. Here you go. It will be broke into a few messages since limited to 1000 characters.
  12. I will fill you in. This is extremely difficult to explain.
  13. Gore,

    Good luck and all the best! Your injury level is luckily not so high as mine (C-6 incomplete) and use of your hands is crucial difference. You are also lucky to get your walking back so fast....I was 6 years with little improvement.....hopefully my latest improvements will progress to even better results. Keep up good work !
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    i was just wondering because i can walk on a walker about 50 yards and i just learned how to walk on hand crutches. i can walk about 30 feet with them on a good day. i try to do it every day but sometimes it is to hard. i am almost 9 months post-injury and your story helps me have hope.

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