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  1. Nope I have not flown since my accident..... More because it is so hard loading in and out of the airplanes!!! One candidate is to find a rudderless Ercoupe. If I have any money left after I get my son thru college I might give one of those a try!!!!!!
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    I also was an active pilot prior to my injury, but was left without use of my legs. Flying anything that requires rudder input is out.
    Have you flown since your accident? I'd love to find something that I could handle.
  3. Man looks liike ya'll had a great day for the fly-in. Great video. The fuel line in my airplane was over a year old but not by much. My plane was hangar kept and well maintained. The main thing that made the fuel line split was where I had put the safety wire on the main feed inlet on the vacuum fuel pump. The entire length of the fuel line was soft and pliable except the 1 or 2 inches where it attached to the fuel pump. It was a bit stiffer there but not cracked and crumbly.
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    Hi guy
    Arty the woman who flipped her bird in the wheat field is down visiting. Her plane is in great shape considering. Just needs a new pod, and one lift strut and one leading edge spar. I told her about you, and she wanted to know how old your fuel line was.
    We just had a great time at are local grass strip. My daughter made a video. The thread is under sport etc. Take care
  5. Oh CRAP!!!!!! I am glad she is okay!! I guess the wheat cushioned her flip. Wish I had been over a wheat field!!!! When did this happen. I have not checked her blog in a while!!!
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    Hi this is my friends plane. She was on her way back from Oshkosh when her engine quit. She came in to hot into a wheat field in Montana. She didn't even get a scratch, and the plane is in pretty good shape. We think that she had a gas leak and ran out of fuel. What are you up to?
  7. I have not owned all of these but I have flown and logged time in all of these I have put PIC next to all that I was checked out in to fly as Pilot In Command. The others were planes that I was being checked out in or had been but had never flown them as PIC without another pilot instructer in the plane with me. I have flown in many other models of GA and Experimental planes as passenger:
    Rotec Rally Sport and Rotec R3 Heavy Lifter ( Owned It) PIC
    Phantom Ultralight (Actually Esperimental) (Owned It) PIC
    Maxair Drifter PIC
    Sport Flight Aviation Talon XP (Owned It) PIC
    Challenger II PIC
    Rans S-14 PIC
    Rans S-7 PIC
    Rans S-6 PIC
    Rans S-10 (Owned it) PIC
    General Aviation
    Cessna 150 PIC
    Cessna 152 Aerobat PIC
    Cessna 172 PIC
    Piper 140 PIC
    Piper Warriior PIC
    Piper Cub
    Piper Cherokee 6
    Piper Arrow
    Citabria PIC
    Pitts S2C
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    piper 140, cub, wittman tailwind (from west to east coast twice, though i was lazy and my ex was at controls most of the time while i listened to music ), cessna 150 (or 170, forgive me if i'm screwing numbers up, been 25 yrs), aerobatics in bucher jungmann (actually ex and i also rolled tailwind, which we owned, aileron roll), k2 (? is that right name? ex and i troubleshot it for builder). and we knew lance of lancair when his airplanes were a dream in his head. that's all i can think of right now, but i think there were coupla more. you?

    GEEZ I MAY HAVE REPORTED YOUR MESSAGE. i'm an idiot and not used to pm stuff. i hit report, thinking it was reply but at submit i cancelled it....i hope...
  9. Hey David.... Thanks for the link. I'll be keeping up with her progress. She is flying the same type plane I had my accident it. Actually mine was the Talon XP so it was a two place aircraft. Hers might have a bit better performance since it is about 30 pounds lighter. Same engine and everything. Mine just did not have the closed in area under the wing. It was a terribly fun plane to fly. Very forgiving and a good performer!!! I sure miss flying it!!!! Buff!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks though. Unfortunately that was taken before the last surgery I had which robbed me of my left side Abdominal muscle tone. I have much more of a "quad belly " now even though I am a low level para. When the surgeon made the incision in through my ribs to the front of my spine he cut the nerves that contol my abs on the left side just one of the things that happens during the anterior approach to the spine. At least thats my story and I am sticking to it. Maybe I am just getting fat!!! Who knows!! TTYL, Grandin
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    Hi guy Here is link to my very good friends biog she is writhing on here way Oshcosh.
    I wrote a post in Recreation and sports (flying again) with pitchers of my planes
    Hows it going. You look pretty buff in that pitcher. I've been going to the pool for exercise. Swim some laps with flotation on my legs. Been trying to figure out how to make my rans two axis. Take care David
  11. Well you know what you are getting yourself into. If the plane is solid sounds like you could handle it. I have flown backwards before as well. Did it in my Rotec and again in my Phantom. Phantom was a mighty fun plane to fly.
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    I started out in a weight shifd quick. I had a lot of fun with that plane. Just to be in the air. It could fly as slow as 15 mph. Used to land on the local plywood mill roof. I flue backward on the beach in a 28 mph wind. 40 was about top speed. After 23 years of flying, may go back to the old days. Sure was a lot cheaper.
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    I crash a Kolk Firestar Been flying for 23 years. I have owned four planes, and flown solo in about ten different aircraft. My friend wants to lone me his single place Quicksilver, no feet required. Am not planning to fly alot simple because it cost a lot of money.
    Being an incomplete, its best not to make any plans for a couple of years.
    How are you doing. Have you found any fun things to do. Do you have a wife to bug? Take care David
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    Hi I'm the other plane crash guy. Have you been flying since your crash. I went up in a pacer last week, but being fully in closed it was not the ultralight experience. My other friend flys a two axes Quicksilver and want me to fly it. What do you think? Should I do it.
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    I started a get well post for you at the same time you were posting about your surgery, I do not want to embarass you by mine so if you want me to delete mine I will. Let me know sorry my intentions were good
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    Sorry I did not get back to ya, but this site is a bit confusing or I am not sure what I am doing...LOL I am a t3-t4 injury level. fell outta window on to my head. thanks for the support man!
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    Hey jus stopped by to say hey and see how things r going for u. Im getting my Baclofen pump in 2 wks so I'm pretty excited about that! I sure do hope it works on my tone, guess we will see . Talk to u soon

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    currently walking but beginning to loose functionality quickly, currently in testing. Have L3-5 fused and now they're looking at the thoracic area. Have 3 CTs and an nerve conductivity test this week. Spent almost 6 mos in wheels after the second surgery as I came back. Then braces, then canes, now just have dropfoot and a funny gait. no feeling in my right leg except for the damned Neuro Pain and CP.

    What can I do or answer for you, be more than happy to.

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    I am going to a new doctor to try to get this pain under control in three weeks. Good luck with your surgery next week!!
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    Came back to say great photography website you got there...

    Take care!

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    I play some classic rock, AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin etc... but I mostly play hard rock and metal like Chevelle, Tool, Breaking Benjamin and Metallica. I hunt every now and then in my Polaris Rzr but haven't killed anything yet. I hope to bring some meat home this year though. I just got my pump in and I'm trying to get the dosage right. So far there's no difference in the pain and my spasms are worse.
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