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    Hey Mark,

    Is your uncle doing okay? I sent him a PM that I'm curious to get a response on.


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    Glad your back !!! Cant keep a good man down, at least not long huh? LOL
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    Hi, I am new to this website and just found how to update my personal information. I saw the last 3 visitors to it and your name was there. I read your personal information and decided to introduce myself. My husband was injured 4 years in motorcycle accident. He has a spinal cord injury, level t-4. I was just searching the net for a site for caregivers and found this one. I see that you have ALS. My father had that. He actually died 2 mos before I was born so I never met him. I can kinda compare my current situation with what my mother went through but thankfully I am not expecting my first child. I hope things are well with you and that you have plenty of support around you. Take care.
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    Hey Mark!! I hope you are feeling better!!
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    Hi Mark, thanks for your kind words. Flying with a vent definitely presents many challenges, but it is do-able. I bring along my regular vent, backup vent, external battery and ambu-bag in the cabin in a folding crate with wheels and handle. Add to that the seating from my powerchair, cram everything in the space allotted to you, and it's admittedly a big hassle.

    Unfortunately, at present neither of us are able to fly, even if we want to. Last July the FAA instituted a requirement that ventilators used in flight carry a sticker certifying that they're safe to use on board. That would be fine except that no one has issued stickers certifying that any vents are safe, because the companies that make them aren't interested in getting their vents certified. "It isn't part of our core business", one spokesman said. Sigh. Well, it is part of my core business...

    Sorry for the rant It's always good to talk to another vent user! Write back sometime.
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    Your post about your dog was very moving. You are an amazing man.

    Take care,
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    Hi Mark!
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    Hi Mark!!
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    Saw you online...take care...

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Mark!
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    Hey Mark, just sayin howdy Butte. You're a blessing to many here. Keep it up friend.
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    hi mark how are you
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    Have a better Wednesday than you plan to!

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    Will try another day...have a good Monday, Mark!
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    Hi Mark, I haven't talked to you in a while so I decided to just drop you a hello . Hope things are going alright!!
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    Hi Mark,
    Saw your post about the Tour De France and thought I'd look you up. So you skied with Levi huh? Very cool - we are big fans of his at our house.

    Sorry to read about your ALS. My Dad had it - after awhile we were both quads. Weird disease - it effects everyone differently.

    Do you get out and about? I used to know a crazy para named Joe Todisco from Butte and he was always talking up Montana. Never saw a wheelchair racer so prone to crashing - road race, track - didn't matter he was always bawls out and going for it - usually ending up laughing in a pile of chro-moly and aluminum with the rubber going the wrong way. Blessed are the madmen - they teach us to live for each day.

    Have a good one!
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    Hello Mark,
    I sent you a request to be my Care Cure Friend.I'm saddened to read that you have ALS.Your a trooper in my book.I admire you for your courage & wish you the best.Sorry to hear that your brother is progressing at an alarming rate.Is he on a ventilator yet?I don't have ALS but I am one of your vent buddies.I've been using one for sleep since 12/98.I was trached 2/98 for severe sleep apnea.I had sleep apnea surgery & the trache was put in at the same time. I have a LIFE CARE PLV-100 Ventilator & I bleed in oxygen from an oxygen concentrator that I keep in another bedroom so I don't have to hear it running all night.

    Take Care Mark !

    Bob S.
    Oldsmar, Florida
    Fellow Vent Buddy, Fellow CC Member & Fellow Wheeler
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    Heya Mark! How's life treating you? Hopefully you'll be in chat later this afternoon. We'll chat some! Be cool man!
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    Hey Mark! Friday afternoon...I'm going into the chatroom...
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    Hey Mark! If you want to chat a bit later, I can...just let me know...I"ll keep checking the
  23. Welcome to CC Markpals!
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    OK...I have tried six ways out of seven to get you into chat...LOL.

    Where ARE you, Mark?

    If you can't come in, I understand...but hi anyhow...

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    (couldn't fit this part in the first post, too many characters)
    I broke my back in '86, and then just worked odd jobs and such until I went to college. I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California with a B.S./MIS degree and went to work for Lockheed Martin as a database engineer in Santa Maria, Ca. I'm in Iowa because my gf lives here, and I just bought a house. But winters here are worse than MT if you can believe it, lol.

    I'll try to hook up with you in chat, but I don't get on there much. Thanks for writing back buddy, glad to have met you. Stay in touch, ok? Nobody understands the mentality of Butte and Anaconda people, I've found that out through all of my travels, lol. They grow them tough in those two towns, there is no doubt. Take care Mark.
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    Hey Mark, just saw this. Yeah, I was a Copperhead, lol. Cheek was the basketball coach when I went to high school. Jim Kelly was the head football coach, and Barry Huot was the defensive coordinator and the wrestling coach.

    I remember once when we were wrestling Butte High in Butte, a bunch of kids came into the locker room they gave us and started whaling on all of us (the wrestling team). There must have been 50 of them, and only 15 or so of us counting managers. Hell of a fight, we got our butts whooped. And this was before the wrestling match, heh, lol.

    I'm in Iowa at the moment. I left Anaconda the day after I graduated, and moved to California. I jointed the union and was making $12 bucks an hour (good money in 1979). My dad was a construction worker, and I grew up working with him, so I was a journeyman by the time I was 15 or so. Then I just followed the work, living all over the west.
  27. Hi Bob! thanks for writing! u were a copperhead? lol I was a Maroon, but a little later. Was Cheek ur coach? He just passed away this year I think. So where do u live now? I hope someplace warm. This last winter damn near killed me.

    I think things have cooled a little with the kids, but I think there will always be a war between the 2 cities. I love anaconda. did u ever eat at the Copper Club? my cousin owned it. Kathy & dennis. They have both died and the place burned down. GREAT STEAKS! did u go 2 college? ever get back to mt?

    Funny, i remember my dad telling bout Butte kids trying to turn over Anacondas bus at the Civic Center. almost forgot that. I think the parents are worse than the kids now. lol

    Sure appreciate you writing. Do you ever go to the chat room? Maybe we can connect there sometime. Hope you are doing ok, and look forward to talking again. C ya Neighbor. Take care, k?
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    Hi Mark. I saw your post in politics forum. I went to high school in Anaconda (graduated '79). My dad was born in Butte, and I lived there when a grade schooler for a while. Moved back to MT in 10th grade. We beat Butte High in football my senior year, it was glorious Do the kids from Butte and Anaconda still fight all the time? It was like open warfare when I was in high school, whenever we ran into one another. Even the adults in the stands during games would come down on the football field and join in the melee, heh. Coaches too.

    Take care friend, glad you're a member. You brought back many memories when I saw where you were from.

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