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    I cannot believe the date of this conversation. I live near State College. And yourself?
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    I just wanted to let you know somehow I stumbled onto your rant and it made me smile because I feel the same way about many things that have happend since I was injured. Everyone is always telling me to look on the bright side of things, and for the most part, I do, but sometimes I just want to rant about everything that is bugging me...and sometimes...its a big list. So thank you, for showing me that we can still be human and rant some
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    very glad we did get a minute though, it was a crazy fest for me. my tie Dye went over well, and I got a huge gig for next fest. I was very near the last moments on my feet that night. totaly wiped out by the heat.
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    Just saw your question...yeah...the furniture store that sold us the appliances had a retired carpenter who did the cabinet work for a very nominal fee. Since I posted last, our new range konked out (loose wire, was fixed in no time flat)...and the carpet we ordered was discontinued, so we had to order different carpet. AND the bar extension in the kitchen had to be supported and the guy at first put basically 2x3's on it, and they looked horrid and would have been a hazard to everyone's knees, so I went and complained when I ordered the new carpeting, and they came back out and put in braces that were flush with the underneath angle of the bar/cabinet. Looks a thousand percent better!!! Thanks for asking...sorry for the whine...I'll bring cheese next time...LOL! And how are you?
  5. Did you hire a contractor to take care of it?
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    I'm good thanks...going thru a kitchen remodel at the moment...Never knew something so simple could get so complex!
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    Hey, Rich! Have a great week, ok?
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    I'm also from Pennsylvania. Totally agree with your bitch and moan forum idea. Everybody needs it occasionally.
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    thank u for getting back to me . i just responded back to u> not sure if it went through . stay well
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    no. so far I can't find a dr who wants a sci patient.
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    his name is guilio,(jooleeo) 267-342-3259
  13. That sounds good.
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    my friend who owns the recording studio is contracting again. I told him about you. want his number? he is a good guy.
  15. I could use either of those in one place. It has wierd nooks and crannies all over that need to be checked out by someone who knows about insulation. The hard part is finding people that actually think and know what to do. I called a handyman I found in the paper. He wasn't very talented, though. Plus I don't like people coming over unless I know I can trust them.
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    you seem to have a good furnace, do you need caulk and foam stripping, or that expandable spray foam to fill in leaks?
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    havnt seen a lot of it yet. people seem very polite, and friendly.
  18. Went to mom's for Xmas. One of my brothers was there, too.
    Sleeping more than usual. Watching TV and surfing the web. Not too productive, right now. How's SC?
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    hi rich, I have no phone time but got your messege. I hope you have had a nice christmas. Im in south carolina. what have you been up too?
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    I just PMed you...
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    Yes, my first semester! Things are REALLY busy but good. This is the first time I've had a chance to log on here in a few weeks! I'm enjoying it so far, though.
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    Hey, Rich! Take care! Have a great Tuesday! Teena
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    Yep, Dynah Are you feeling better now? I hope so! I'm actually starting school next week, I'm excited.
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    Hey Rich! We met at the PCAS party earlier this year, right? Hope you're well!
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    Hi Rich, I read some of your first posts..loved your open and kind approach...I am glad to met your aqaintance..Deb
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    hi rich. I dont live too far from you.
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    Thank you very much!!! I love it here in see the problems with cities like Charlotte is every thing is fancy and landscaped. Here everything is so natural.
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    I am from Asheville, NC and love it. Ahh my friend..she is my partner. I am only a year post and still learning new things everyday!!
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    Hello fellow T-7er!! How are you?
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    Happy New Year!!!!!

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    Glad to hear that you finally pushed the right buttongs to get me on your friends list. I will do the same for you if I havn't already done so.
    Happy New Year to you also my fellow Veteran & CC member & fellow wheeler.

    west coast of Florida
  32. Rich, no worries. If you'd rather that'd have been a PM, you can edit or delete the visitor's message to me. It just depends upon whether you've written anything you view as too personal or not.

    I appreciate you being here, too.

    I see we are both home tonight. I'm not missing any of the going out stuff many people do. I got together with a few friends earlier today with whom I volunteer and then, had dinner with my Uncle tonight. It's been a good day.

    I hope you've had a good day, too.

  33. I'm glad you were able to share Christmas with you Mother and brother. There is nothing like family.

    Yay for you on completing school! That's quite an accomplishment.

    As for finding a job, you will. It will happen. Independently wealthy? I think that's over-rated. Of course that's easy for me to say when I'm not te one looking for a job, right?

    I'll take happy over independently wealthy anyday.

    I think we all and each struggle to varying degrees with being okay with ourselves. There are days I'm more okay with myself than others. There are times it seems almost effortless and other days I think, "Oh, no ...." about everything. Fortunately there are more good days than bad.

    I'm glad you are as independent as you are. The driving would especially make life so much easier. It did when I could.

    I'm sorry you often feel fearful and upset. We'll have to hit each other up via PM before long if you want.

    You are not whining. Venting is good. It's kewl. Sometimes you have to get it out. Feel free when you have need, okay?

    I know you'll share the good things, too. You have in the past. You have in this message, too.

    We are both blessed and fortunate Rich. You know it and I know it.

    Hang in and keep hanging in.

    I'm thinking of you my Friend,

  34. Hey Rich. I was offline for a bit as I spent not quite a week at the cabin. There is Internet access there, but I tend to just enjoy the cabin and the outdoors when I'm there, limit phone calls and I don't use the PC.

    Being at the cabin was a great way to celebrate the holidays with my parents, Uncle, the occasional friend dropping by for dinner and Wonder Dog.

    I think this holiday was extra special somehow. It was not about gifts or crazy, last minute, rushing about. It was laid-back, low-key, relaxed. We just laughed, watched movies, talked and spent time together.

    Are you enjoying your time away from school or feeling a bit at loose ends? I hope you're enjoying your freer time.

    Life is good. I have everything I need, most of what I want. Add to that a family I love, solid friends and it doesn't get a whole lot better.

    I'd definitely take a different body if they were offering one, but I cannot change the one I have. I'm making the best of what I've got and just dealing, you know? I'm better at that some days than others. I think it's the best I can do.

    I hope 2009 is a great year for you.

    Happiest New Year Rich,

  35. Rich,

    I just sent you a note telling you thanks for befriending me, too! I think we're overlapping each other here.

    I know you're busy when school's going on, but I hope you can post more often.

    Did I just read you're going full-time? Way to handle a courseload. **thumbs up**

  36. Thanks for adding me Rich. I'm glad to see you posting again here at CC.
    How's it going with school? Your place?

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    Hey, Rich~

    Good to see you here, friend!

    Have a great weekend!

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