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    01-16-2020, 10:26 AM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread No transportation in Life
    Unless the roof is raised real high, I can't get in. Mine had raised roof and doors and I still had trouble getting in... but I will check for one. ...
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    01-15-2020, 10:56 PM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread No transportation in Life
    I found a place that will do a preapproval of the trip before anything happens so I don't have to pay upfront. Although its not guaranteed to set up...
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    01-15-2020, 11:15 AM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread 4K Video card upgrade in Computers
    Thanks for the information!
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-15-2020, 11:14 AM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread 4K Video card upgrade in Computers
    a 4k tv.
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-13-2020, 10:15 PM
    Scott C4/5 started a thread No transportation in Life
    I've been doing bed rest for almost 6 years. During that time, when I had doctors appointments, I called a local ambulance service to take me to...
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-11-2020, 11:40 PM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread Windows 10 laptop in Computers
    I received 13 for Christmas and plan to install it in a couple days. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    01-11-2020, 08:27 PM
    Donno replied to a thread Sudden Urination in Care
    In the past when I felt that it was difficult to get the catheter all of the way in, I would put in a foley and leave it in for a couple of days. It...
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  • Donno's Avatar
    01-10-2020, 06:04 PM
    Most men are sex addled scum. :)
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-09-2020, 10:14 AM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread 4K Video card upgrade in Computers
    I've not used it for gaming. Its been my HTPC for 10 years, but for the most part it has been used for DVDs, streaming HBO, Netflix and youtube. ...
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-08-2020, 05:53 PM
    Can anyone look at these specs and tell me if I can add a 4K video card to my computer?
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  • Random's Avatar
    01-07-2020, 02:04 PM
    Are there devices or strategies to allow a limited person to communicate?
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  • Random's Avatar
    01-07-2020, 01:06 PM
    Random replied to a thread Msra ? vre ? esbl in Care
    Although I do return to wonder how the race survives against this onslaught. Is it just that most healthy people can just fight it off without...
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  • Smashms's Avatar
    01-07-2020, 10:48 AM
    i am a T6 i went with the matrix back again mid contour and love it.
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  • Random's Avatar
    01-06-2020, 03:01 PM
    Random replied to a thread Msra ? vre ? esbl in Care
    Thank you so much kLD for your incredibly thorough answer. I am sorry for my clueless start, but I have not a question remaining.
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  • Donno's Avatar
    01-06-2020, 01:35 PM
    Donno replied to a thread toe in Care
    I had a similar sore 4 years ago, and gentian violet helped to dry it up and heal.
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  • Donno's Avatar
    01-06-2020, 01:29 PM
    I find that Microcyn works on anything that I get on my skin, including cold sores.
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  • Random's Avatar
    01-05-2020, 11:24 PM
    Random replied to a thread Mathematics wizard ? in Computers
    I just tested the insults on my dear Alexa and she very calmly referred me to the feedback section on the Alexa app, without even the tone she often...
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  • Random's Avatar
    01-05-2020, 06:11 PM
    Random started a thread Msra ? vre ? esbl in Care
    I am thankful that my recent adventures in acronyms are not what prompts this pose (I think I beat my RSV and pneumonia and may post about that...
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-05-2020, 04:00 PM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread Funny Antenna story in Computers
    Thanks... found one on ebay just like mine.
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-05-2020, 02:43 PM
    When I got my first HDTV in 2004, I thought I needed to buy a really good antenna, so I paid about $40 for one at Crutchfield (where I bought my TV)....
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  • Smashms's Avatar
    01-05-2020, 12:19 PM
    Smashms replied to a thread When is it ER time for UTI? in Care
    most people with SCI are recurrent or complex CWO so yes a urologist is who should be called!
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-04-2020, 05:30 PM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread 1080 vs 4k in Computers
    The thing I don't like about 4K is that my folks are currently using an analog cable box and the picture does not look very good. You can only blow...
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-03-2020, 09:30 PM
    What is the best Blu-ray ripping software? Now that you can get super huge hard drives, I want the best quality possible. I currently have my DVDs...
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    01-02-2020, 03:38 PM
    I currently have all my DVDs backed up on my entertainment PC in uncompressed iso files. I would like to store Blu-ray's on a hard drive as well...
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  • Smashms's Avatar
    01-02-2020, 12:37 PM
    Smashms replied to a thread When is it ER time for UTI? in Care
    Denied with us being colonized and more prone to UTI i have always heard a min of 10 days 14 would be best but 10 days is typical. back when i was...
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  • Smashms's Avatar
    01-01-2020, 12:48 AM
    Smashms replied to a thread When is it ER time for UTI? in Care
    i would call the on call doc as there has to be oe on call for the practice and see if they can look at the results, but if not i would't mess around...
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    12-29-2019, 10:57 PM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread windows 7 ending in Computers
    No problem....
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    12-29-2019, 10:49 PM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread 1080 vs 4k in Computers
    If a 32" is as big as you can get for your room then you're limited to a couple choices. That TCL TV has 3 HDMI inputs, you should have no...
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    12-29-2019, 09:42 PM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread 1080 vs 4k in Computers
    Does your cable box have other outputs? Other than the (red, white and yellow) RCA outputs. HDMI would be your best connection if so.
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  • Scott C4/5's Avatar
    12-29-2019, 02:26 AM
    Scott C4/5 replied to a thread 1080 vs 4k in Computers
    The TV that I mentioned to you above has an adapter that will take your RCA (red, white and yellow) plug cable and turn it into an A/V plug (kinda...
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  1. View Conversation
    Hi Randy! I've had a kind of rough year. My wife died of cancer in February so I have had a lots of first *** without my soul mate. I am being more social and it seems to be helping a lot. How are you doing?
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    Yeah...the ASPCA commercials get me. And, every once in a while...the ending to Gunsmoke reruns.
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    Well, well, well… So I found you after all!
  4. View Conversation
    We did alright. Lost power for 5 days, then got it back, but only to half the house, oddly enough - appeared to be true all up and down the block; half of the outlets worked, half didn't. But we had the heat back, so that was OK. We ultimately got power back to the remainder of the house as well, but the stove (electric) and some of the other major, energy-intensive appliances still don't work. It certainly could have been worse, however; my dad just got his power back on Saturday - and I work with a number of people who live(d)? near the water, and have lost possessions and possibly homes. Glad to hear that you too were spared the worst of it!
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    Hey Randy - how are you and how are things progressing by you in these post-Sandy days?
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    I do go back to this small town (it's the sailing capital) about once a year.

    Autumn is nice here just north of the Missouri River in Budweiser country. The colors (reds and yellows) of the leaves are very pronounced this year. Unfortunately, I haven't ventured far from home this season so I would have to say I don't have any enriching experiences to pass along so far.
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    The scene in my profile picture is from the small town a little south of the Outer Banks where I had my accident. It is a picture of a sunrise taken from the pier that I dove off of which eventually led me to this fine community. It was the last thing I saw as an AB'd person.
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    Hi Random, we did meet. You came up and introduced yourself and gave me your CC handle but I reciprocated with my real name. I sent you a PM the day after and apologized for not providing my CC handle at the time. Look at your PMs from 7/20/2012-7/21/2012 and you might be able to recall me. I'm 40ish, brown hair and eyes and a C7. I sat 2 rows behind you during the presentations and then you stopped by to say hi before it all broke up. We spoke for a minute or two. We also spoke with Dr. Young right as it was ending. Does this ring a bell?
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    Good evening yes that is a bear about to "enjoy " the electric fence around our garbage cans!! We live on a creek which is a major grizzly corridor from mountain into the valley, wildlife biologists take hair samples to test their DNA so they can get more accurate count of how many differnt Grizzly inhabit an area in one month period we had 12 different grizzly going thru our property.. The interesting thing is we rarely see them they go thru after dark & return pre-dawn
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    Hey Random, nice to hear from another member.
    I spend winter on the north side of Aiken. This year will be my third winter down. First year
    I was convalescent, and just too broken to do much. My passion has been horse back riding, and I'm currently attempting to condition to it. I've also just purchased a renegade chair to get out and about. What a workout it is. But that's what its all about, attempting to become stronger and more independent.
    In the past, I was an active ski enthusiast, but that has past. Been there, done that, and I just can't tolerate the cold anymore.
    I'm looking forward to a weekend in Hilton Head this October. Attending a veterinary medical conference.
    Hope your having a good summer
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    Hello, my username is actually from an 80's song that I like called Destination Unknown by Missing Persons.
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    Hello my dear friend. I have not seen you here for a while, just wondering if all is well with you. Pm me so I can give you my ph #. Love to talk to you some times.
  13. View Conversation
    Hey Randy! Just wanted to say that I hope you made it back home safely! We're planning on getting home between 8 and 9 tonight. It was great meeting you and I hope to keep in touch. And btw, I've been trying to figure it out but I feel like you are so familiar to me-like we've met before or maybe that you remind me of someone, I guess, but I can't place it. Anyway.... hope all is well!
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    Stay safe this weekend Randy. I enjoyed your dad's email, sounds like a great guy!
  15. View Conversation
    Pismo Beach - I lived 4 blocks north of this picture, one block from the beach. Lower left in this picture is Harry's Cocktail Lounge, the white sign next to the palm tree. That bar was packed every day, they had live music every afternoon and night, and it was full of gals in bikinis at all hours. I miss Pismo.

  16. View Conversation
    Hi, Random, thanks for your kind note. No, I am not going anywhere. Sometimes my sense a humor gets carried away...I am responsible for the thread going awry, no one else, and was trying to think of a way to patch things when I got your email. On a thread like this one, which is mostly just for fun, no one should get offended by anything said. I certainly don't about anything said about me.

    I'll post something later to try to make amends. I am mostly concerned about Cass. I poked fun at her when she stuck up for scie55. I am pretty sure sci55years knew I was kidding when I called him a idiot, but I will do something to sooth that over, too. You are great to express your concern. thanks for the message.

  17. View Conversation
    No, but thank you.
  18. View Conversation
    I have been gone to Toronto since the 19th of July. I will be back in the US around the 13th. I do hope that I can attend the next open house.
    How are you? How was the open house? I was camping for the last 3 days, got bitten by a spider on my lip. my face, lips and eyes are all swollen. heheee looks like a collagen job gone bad!
    Take care and I will talk to you soon.
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    Absolutely. My one sister passed from breast cancer March of 2010. So I always feel weird because I never know what verb tense to use. Strange I know.
  20. View Conversation
    Hi Randy! Yes, I'm off for the summer, but haven't taken any trips as yet. My wife is working several days a week and taking a couple of classes, which she is slated to complete within the next couple of weeks. After that, we're going up to Mystic for 4 or 5 days; from there we'll decide if the remainder of the summer holds any further excursions. I have spent the last several weeks sleeping late, reading books, going to dinner to catch up with old friends and otherwise enjoying the time off - not too shabby, I've got to admit. How about yourself? What have you been up to?
  21. View Conversation
    Hi Randy! What a nice idea. Thank you, I admire your posts as well. Always insightful and interesting. It's nice to finally speak Summer is a little different than i thought it would be personally speaking, lol but it's ok. I know you're feelin the same heat there in Jersey and hope ur staying cool..
  22. View Conversation
    Ditto !!!
  23. Hi Random, thanks for your lovely message, and blessings to you!
  24. View Conversation
    Hi Randy, I'm at UMass Amherst, and Ray Bradley from our department was one of the authors on the "Hockey stick" paper. I don't understand how anyone can deny the fact that the world is warming if they are willing to look at the facts, but too many people just hear what they want to believe. The evidence shows that the CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing at a rate that pretty well matches up with the use of fossil fuels in the last 200 years. So I guess that I am a believer!

  25. View Conversation
    I am not going to need a lot of convincing, LOL. I have already told my hubby and we will be attending on one of the Fridays. xoxoxxo
  26. View Conversation
    hello nice lady, i posted the pics @ the member pictures it was soooo nice to meet u yesterday!
  27. Hey randy i someow missed your private message about concentration issues until just now. Sorry! I appreciate that you wrote and will replytonight
  28. View Conversation
    Originally Posted by Random
    I resurrect only because I was checking up on Jerry. Anyone know how he's doing?

    Judging by his Facebook posts he seems happy and settled Randy, I'll tell him you asked.
  29. View Conversation
    Yep it was written by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Joe Perry helped him finish it and it became a huge hit for them. They are the only one's who perform it and have since the early 70's. Back then the whole band was really addicted to heavy drugs and some say he wrote it about snorting cocaine off a mirror and watching the lines disappear off the mirror as his face gets clearer but all the lyrics are stunning for someone to write at that age and as I get older I understand them more.
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    Softness is good, especially when it is special. The work of a fool is to amuse people. If I have earned a smile, I have done my job and been well rewarded.
  31. View Conversation
    Thank you for being a good friend. I hope you never have to see the other side of the good life. no offense, but you sure are pretty in your profile. Love your smile and dimples lol. do you smile a lot? Message me anytime for anything. again, thank you.
  32. View Conversation
    Hi Randy, howdy back to ya friend.
  33. View Conversation
    Hi Random ..... when you post you seem to have the ability to say very clearly much of what many here are probably thinking (including my husband T5 complete) and with such passion.... I must say it truly breaks my heart sometimes to read. Please continue to contribute .... your sharing such an intimate part of yourself does not go un-noticed. Blessings !!
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A Little Bored and Distressed

by Random on 10-15-2014 at 10:58 PM
Hello Everyone, Does anyone happen to be at Kessler right now? I managed to hurt myself again and I'm here and could use some company. Life was looking very good: I had to retire from work and was firmly en route to my destiny as an author and inventor when I took this little side trip to a new injury. So if anyone is around I'm in morning therapy on the 2nd floor. Please look for me; my therapist is Marissa. And Wise, if there is any stem cell stuff I could do while I am here I would love to know

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