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    Timaru, I thought it was time to tell someone in the community, that my wife passed. 2 year struggle with Lung Cancer, rough to watch, especially the last breath and heartbeat. It'll be a month tomorrow since she left. I needed to tell someone, you're that person. mark
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    Thanks so much for that comment. I really appreciate the positive feedback
  3. Hello, I am still alive...just been hibernating for a bit. I hope you had a very happy holiday and the new year is treating you well. My return trip to Europe is slowing taking shape. I am hoping to have more time in England this go round--and to venture out of London. I will let you know as we get the details more firmed up.
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    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the kind words. I usually come here everyday and read but at times just don't have much to write. Or just don't feel like writing. I think at times I get depressed and don't feel like doing anything. What kind of wine are you drinking there?

    How many trout didja catch this year?

    Take care of yourself Jonathan,

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    I learned yesterday that Timaru is a place in New Zealand. It was mentioned in the news about some sailing type who's just completed a trip.
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    I know! I've had the heating on today for quite a while. Please come back, sunshine!
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    Another glorious day! I think it's meant to be cooler by Monday though. Gah.
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    Howdy, I know, but if you were bothered by it, I would never use the word in your presence. :-)
    It has been sunny lately, I think most of the UK has had decent weather lately. What's it been like where you are?
    I love the sun and heat, I can feel my low winter mood lifting.
  10. Sorry dropped off the radar for a bit. Will be back on facebook sometime. How are you doing? I bought some British pounds yesterday. I am not pleased. They are too wide too fit in my puny canadian wallet ( which was probably made in china)
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    I had to nod at your suggestion of eccentric humor. I don't think we would survive without it!
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    Thanks, Timaru - but I'm in much too good a mood to view anything starring Tony Hayward. I'm glad he got his life back and got the hell out of MY gulf. Me, I'm gonna go out on the back porch and smoke one of the lovely cigars that just arrived via FedEX. Today's weather is an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.
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    I forgot to tell you he chose the model where you use your chin for the buttons, not the sip n puff. After looking closer and talking to Ken it seemed the better option.
    Thanks for your help!
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    I was looking in PMs for the pole info and remembered it was here. Thanks again!
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    Thanks Timaru! We are taking a look at it.
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    No, sadly.
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    Just seen your recent comment on the "beard" thread. You do make me laugh.
    I'd just like to say I've got nothing against beards per se. Just I think RR looks better without.
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    Lol thanks fella.
    How are you doing lately anyway?
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    we live in the us.
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    the reason I contacted you was several weeks ago my brother and I were searching for chat rooms to find info. I stumbled upon this website and found the conversation about condom caths. My brother had his first contact in years with a support group last month at the local hospital. We plan to attend when we can but there was only one man in the group and he is still able to walk some.
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    hi, my brother is 48 and left his wife last nov. he stayed with me for a few months and now lives next door with his adult daughter and fam. we share in his care. She works full time. We are still learning to care for my brother. He has had ms for over 20 years. in a motorized wheelchair, has some movement in his arms, very little in legs. He wears a condom cath (has accidents about one per week) He just came out of an abusive 11 year marriage, he has pretty much been in bed for 2 years, now he is in his chair daily. My question is about bms. are most planned and how often. My brothers memory is getting better but he was on alot of medication. He is doing so much better now that he is with his family that love him.
  22. Ice dancing and curling...that is not a very impressive list of things to win gold medals in, I am sad to say Timaru. However, I believe the skeleton gold redeems the curling.
  23. The ice wine was Canadian. I had never heard of ice wine before. I would venture a guess maybe the German stuff is better than Canadian but I don't know. Who knew a bunch of frozen grapes could taste so good, or be so stupidly expensive!
  24. We may be onto something here. Do you share your brother's resonant Richard Burton baritone?

    And glad to hear that you're at least a fractional member of the tribe. Let me be the first to wish you an early happy pesach!
  25. Has anyone told you that you bear a sibling resemblance to Christopher Hitchens? You being the better looking brother, of course.
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    Oh...Interesting reading. I think I might still go for it, for peace of mind. I'm so worried of getting any flu, as the one time I did have seasonal flu about 17 years ago - pre-sci - it was quite bad on my chest. Hmmm.
    I had to cancel my second appointment on the 6th, due to the bloody snow. I'm not going to make another appointment now until the weather improves - whenever the heck that is.
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    I got your card - thank you so much! Unfortunately, I lost your address and now I can't send you a card in time for Xmas. I'm sorry.
    In other news, I'm having the swine flu jab next Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes!
    Do you have much snow where you are? There's not a lot here, but the cold is unreal. It said on the weather forecast it coukd be the coldest night of the year so far, and it seems to be true.
  28. I will have to send you the link to where I found the picture. There are more. And you can buy them and put them on your tree. I love that they are black! I shall google Churchill
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    Still bloody cold a lot. And snow is forecast for everywhere. Ack!
  30. Despite your assurances, I am still worried I might have be party of bird murder by removing the nest from the engine. However I do need to go places lol. So there really was no viable option. Hope you are doing well. We are currently buried under 3 feet of snow. Thoughts of moving far away are stiring again..
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    Well , what are you waiting for?
    We can arrange for you to be mahout for 1 day!
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    I haven't got the flu jab yet. I can't face going out in this cold. I feel bad enough indoors with my heating on. Brrr.
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    When are you going to come & see us? You could go & ride the elephants with Kev.Wishing you well & hope to see you here.
  34. the blog will resume later today! I promise to have a tale of the robot! I have gotten over my writer's block lol. It's nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.
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    Yeah, but that's all gonna change with my new diet.
  36. sorry I sort of crashed for a bit and hid out from the world. Thanks for the welcome back I hope you are doing good.
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    Lol @ "pig fever".
    How long will you have to wait to demo the Storm 4? I hope it's not ages, but it seems most things to do with wheelchairs take their time.
    Things are very slowly getting back to normal here. But there's still a way to go yet.
    I don't know what it's like where you live, but here it's very obviously moving into cold weather time. Brrr.
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    Wish I was smart enough to know what that means.
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    Hello Timaru, sorry I've taken blimming ages to reply. So...did you settle on a powerchair in the end? I'm ok, been dealing with loads of life hassles.
  40. Hey you Blog post tonight and an update on the robot. I promise!
  41. Hi can you send me your address? I have a postcard I want to send
  42. Hi. In Tofino now. Had a longer than planned for delay in Vancouver getting my collar bone re-set. Long story but its doing better now. My dad is out deep sea fishing today. We will see what he brings back from the slaugher (just kidding...he was very happy to go, I guess I sort of understand the allure of fishing, the solitide and all that). Hope you are having a nice summer.
  43. Just wanted to say hi I will have the blog up again soon. Life was hectic for the past month but is now finally settling down. I hope you are doing well.
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    2 years to replace a cushion?! Revolting, but not massively amazing, I suppose. I don't blame you for bypassing wheelchair services if you can. I know I waited ages to get to see them, but I was happy I was awarded about £900 (maybe a bit more, I can't remember) to put towards buying my own manual chair (I gather this kind of award is fairly generous for w/chair services).

    Ah, I remember seeing that picture before. Lol "tank".
    Any idea when you might have your new powerchair?
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    Excellent new pic
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    Glad you are ok, Timaru. Oh my, I can't imagine having the same chair for 20 years! I bet it's totally knackered, isn't it? I had a look at the chair you are thinking of - looks good. Do you deal with Wheelchair Services?

    I got a Pride Quantum 600 chair. I'm really happy with it, but it is still early days. Being able to go to places I couldn't in my manual is wonderful. Like, even just going up a few roads to post a letter today felt great (I just couldn't do it in my manual).
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    thanx, I had the streinth for the two fires the flood and the crazy man, but now im just kinda in a stupor. my head is spinning.
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    thank you timaru. your compliment means a lot to me. I have always enjoyed your posts, and tought you to have a great mind.
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    Hey Timaru, I have a powechair now. I got it through the Motability Scheme. I'm really happy with it.
    And how are you doing lately?
  50. yes I have been a busy bee lately lol. But you know I am naturally lazy at heart, so I suspect the whirlwind of activity will die down soon. Glad your trip went well I think somebody you will need to come try the rivers around here.
  51. Hope your fishing trip went well and that you had a nice time! And I am going to pretend that you just fished for sport and put them all back in the water once you caught them
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    Actually, the old saw, "no fool like an old fool" is the origin.
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    You are nice
    I am not so sure I am so happy today, it is a holiday and it has been hail showers all day so I am just looking out and feel bored
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    Thank you I am so proud of her, not only for the looks but because she is so kind and made her goal to be a nurse even if she has dyslexia. Did you see the pics on facebook too
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    Hi Timaru. I wouldn't say things were better, but I felt more like posting today. (If my posting on the main board was the reason for your enquiry). have a nice new profile picture!
  56. lol I somehow missed your last comment on my profile page. Yes I well remember watching video of the East German shot putters. Yikes!
  57. I will have to get some tips from you on google earth. I tried using it for the first time on the trip, in conjunction with my fancy new GPS unit (which I could barely even figure out how to turn on--sometimes fancy is not the best thing for something like this). Anyways I didn't get very far with google earth.

    I am glad you liked the pictures so far. I will be posting more once I get more energy. As for Canada being more accessible than there...well here is a caveat: I was able to go to the top of that canyon and look down on the waterfall no problem. Later that night we went into the Jasper townsite and I couldn't get into the Starbucks because it had 2 steps up to the door. So still a ways to go in many ways...
  58. I should mention that I am so enamoured with that site that I might start overusing phrases I have learned there. If you start seeing me writing on my blog about drinking plonk and wearing trackie dacks, you will know...

  59. Excellent link on the Aussie speak! Thank you
  60. Timaru I owe you some replies to a few things...working on them. I am just slow Hope you are doing well.
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    lol It snowed here the day they were coming. So I was bumped until this coming Monday.
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    There, sent suggestion to Steven. Volunteered your services, too. More cooks improve the stew on projects like this, we do it at u2fp constantly. I just wrote an advocate's toolkit for u2fp, added tons of templates and scripts for calling/writing/visiting legislators, writing letters to the editor. We've found that people, given a template, will participate. Some just lack security in ther writing skills, or get intimidated by a blank screen. (Clearly not a problem of mine LOL.)
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    I think I'll ask Steven if I can write one and they'd make it a Sticky. Need to do it before summer travel season gets here. And I need cspanos to write up that awesome island he stayed on, where he was sitting on a deck and looking at the Great Barrier Reef.

    Flying to Australia...There's a Great Barrier, if you ask me. I keep telling myself "If Dogger could do it, you can too." And Dogger made that flight solo. But he was a great deal tougher than me. That Barrier Reef is taunting me. "Here I am, but you've never seen me, nah nah nah nah nah. And you call yourself a scuba diver..."

    I wish Dogger was here to egg me on. Damn I miss him!

    I'm posting this here and on my page too. This feature confuses me.
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    A very special person gave me those
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    I got my trip photos up! Under Travel etc forum, Trip Report, Isla Mujeres. Since it freakin' snowed in OK this a.m., I keep looking at them!

    I think CC should have a rule. No posting of travel photos w/out a trip report. I could write a template, so the writing-averse could just fill in the blanks. What do you think? When ppl don't report, we don't learn from their experiences...
  66. I have been in hibernation mode for some time but just wanted to say hi. I hope all is going well...and you are not still getting snow!
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    Merry Christmas
  68. Paging Mr. Scrooge. Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge ...
  69. It's more that you keep me in stitches with your quick wit.
  70. Thanks to your Narcissus comment, I just spit h2o all over my keyboard. LOL
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    Ah, you're too kind.
  72. Only $58 in fish medicine this time as opposed to $90 last time
  73. Mx/Maxine is still swimming around. And seems normal except for some yucky stuff on his/her tail. What a saga, huh? lol

    Hope you are doing well
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    Aww, gee...thanks
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    I vote you funniest CC member.
    Ya, I know, it's a big honour.
  76. Hey ol' chap, good to be your friend.
  77. Sorry I meant to reply sooner. And to post on the blog. Max/Maxine is still swimming around and since I already did 2 courses of antibiotics and there has been no change for the worse, I am guessing that is about all I can do. It is very possible all the damage that happened was due to being pregnant, I think because except for the missing eye and a few white spots/sore on the body, he/she seems fine. Not sure if I should put it back into a tank with other fish. But it went from like a 100 gallon tank to 10 and hates it. I am humanizing the fish again, aren't I? lol. Hope you have a good weekend
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    Nice to be your friend, Timaru
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    Timaru, I love your posts. You're a witty guy.
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    I sure will buddy.Some tootsie rolls
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    I basically shaved to look younger. Did it a couple of months ago actually. There's too many cute women in Sydney and with summer coming I've got to look my best.

    As for the avatar, I love it too much to change it!
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    hello there. It gives me more stuff to do when I need to be doing what I am supposed to be doing.
  83. That keps...she's trouble
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    Hey! Enough of your filth, thank you!

    ...thanks for accepting my request, though.
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    The first to deface...erm, write on your page.
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