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    02-09-2018, 06:41 PM
    yea i use forearm crutches but rarely these days, takes too much energy for anything possible outdoors for long distances unfortunately. i used too...
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    02-08-2018, 04:48 PM
    Imight replied to a thread septicemia in Care
    VERY interesting. I had chills and a fever. wow. NOTED.
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    02-08-2018, 04:14 PM
    my friend here in china whom i actually met off this site lives in my city and she too is L. they denied her, stem cells are also useless. its...
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    02-08-2018, 04:03 PM
    Imight replied to a thread septicemia in Care
    yea i remember that, and i think hes incomplete. i actually read that thread earlier today, he had forced a catheter and blood spewed out, got...
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    02-08-2018, 03:58 PM
    Imight replied to a thread septicemia in Care
    uh oh. the colony in my bladder could be drug resistant? my urine is cloudy every other day. :eek2: i recently got very sick, high fever might...
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    02-08-2018, 01:24 AM
    Imight replied to a thread septicemia in Care
    exactly what I've thought thus the reason I came to ask. surely one of the experienced nurses knows. A total of 100 patients, with 38 and 62...
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    02-08-2018, 12:56 AM
    Imight started a thread septicemia in Care
    Apparently the leading cause of death for paras. but why? is it the UTIs?
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    02-07-2018, 11:13 PM
    spoke too soon, currently in trial in Switzerland. concludes in a year. god I hope this works. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03053791
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    02-07-2018, 11:07 PM
    I'm incomplete ASIA C and this is how I walk, using the central pattern generator, I started walking this way on my own about 6 months after my...
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    OH no shit, santa cruz, nice! I wanted to actually visit there. I heard one of the places near by has white sand beaches, i forgot the name of it. Its funny the no cal beaches are nothing like so cal!
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    hey man are you in no cal or so cal?
  3. View Conversation
    No, I haven't seen it. I think it was just released last month. Gotta add that to the Amazon list.
  4. View Conversation
    Seen the previews for the movie 'Hangover', yet? I saw one with Mike Tyson and it
    looks hilarious. He's still a f'ing beast.
  5. View Conversation
  6. View Conversation
    awesome we'll have to meet up fo sho once I get out there
  7. View Conversation
    well my town is quite small, the college town I live in, is also quite small....so yah I really don't know how a real city is like
  8. View Conversation
    hah yah son, Im' moving out there in augusut I believe, and IM" not sure where I'm going to live exactly, I'm open for suggestions!
  9. View Conversation
    oh shit i forgot about that beef LOL. what was it over again? I thought Clint did a great job. He went from flat annoying to being quite humble. I know spike also had an issue with Q. Tarantino over Jackie Brown, one of my fav flicks. I kept thinking to myself "Spike, shut up, when was the last time you made a blaxploitation flick? '92? pfftt"
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    Just saw Gran, thought it was wicked. At first I hated Clint cause he was spewing all that racial shit, but for some odd reason I got a sense that I'd still want to chat with him over a glass of whiskey ahahaha weird!
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    thanks for adding me!
  12. View Conversation
    oh trust me I have that in my netflix queue hehehe.

    my brother just hit me up on aim about gran. weird!
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    Happy new years man. Will check out the flick in a few. Someone freaking stepped on my laptop, now the LCD looks like something out of art school LOL. I'm back home from the holidays and can hook it up to my monitor or TV now, so I can actually use a keyboard instead of my iphone lol.

    I was watching a pretty cool flick called Paradise Now. It's a joint Israeli Arab/Palestinian flick about a suicide bomber. But there's a lot of twists and great dialogue about the conflict. check it out if you get a chance!
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    I wish. Just an Australian island in the Great Barrier Reef (Hamilton Island). I went to Greece last year. I loved it more than I ever expected.
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    Chronia Polla! Just got back from holidays and finally have proper net access. It's good to be home!
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    yup, 2 months if we are lucky! thank God for the iiinteeerneet
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    Thanks for the link! I should probably watch it tonight before school starts tomorrow and I fall into the deep depths of Hell, aka lawschool.

    PS. I always watch movies on that site. Am I supposed to admit to that?
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    damn, i have to wait two more months to see it in movie theater! i'm always behind you guys when it comes to movies!
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    Gran Torino's on my list after I watch Marissa Tomei's performance in The Wrestler.

    Marissa Tomei > Clint Eastwood^1024.
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    hey bra happy new year to u as well! I'll check it out!
  21. Happy New Year, stud!
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    i will thanks, clint is still kicking asses!
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    And to you too tuf!
  24. View Conversation
    Happy 2009 to you too!! Make it a good one
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    Happy New Year to you too man...
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    Happy New Year Man!
  27. View Conversation
    thank you Tuf! happy new year to you too!
  28. View Conversation
    no problem tuf, it was just my lame humour. Not dating, it was more a 'friendly' relationship. I've been working on me this year, the mitro surgery and complications and working out on my Uppertone machine so I'm not so scrawny as I had been.
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    Nah. I made it a point not to get too attached to the dog and expect someone to get her. So when it happened, it didn't really phase me as I was prepared for it. Now if I had her for a month, I would have been upset lol
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    omg. there has been a new revelation. I just got home, so tired, but Ill update first thing in the morning. Let's just say Paola is no longer mine. =/
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    how's it going bro? im doin alright! yea I can keep the dog if nobody claims here, Im pretty sure someone is tho, which is why Im trying hard not to get too attached lol.
    in a couple of hours im going to post these flyers I just made, hopefully the owner is looking for their dog and can come claim her, i know if I'd lost a dog like this Id be very sad. If she was abandoned then im going to take her to the vet, if she's healthy, ill probably keep her. =)
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    Thanks for the add, and the supportive words
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    Thats good shit man, My friend graduated from santa cruz they got a good psych department. I am trying to become a lawyer but we'll see its a lot of schooling and Im not really into school but my options are kind of limited now with this great gift of sci so we'll see how it goes... Well yea man pm me and we can hang out sometime. I got my own pad in union city, I got a ps3 but I don't really fuck with video games. I prefer movies an watching sports.
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    Yea I live right by there. That sucks man. Where do you go to school at? I go to chabot right now, I need a few more classes for my aa then I can transfer. What do you go to school for?
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    Whats up man? I'm in Union City bout 10 minutes from your area. What you into? We should hang out sometime...
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    So you're still around huh, didn't move away for college this year?
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    I guess that makes me lucky 7th!
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    Finally I'm first at something!

    Do you actually speak Greek at all? I'd love to have a chat over Skype some time.

    Yiasou patriote.
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