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    That's wonderful! Don't sound useless to me I haven't read anything if you've posted but good for u!!!!!
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    Thanks for the friend request. Must admit it was my first. Feeling kinda special. Hope all is well with you in your neck of the woods. Come by visit and tell me something good. Have a good night.
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    Super pic
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    Hey Geno! I've been doing great & have spent hardly any x here since May.

    I hope u & the girls as well as Laura r well. I can't imagine what they must look like by now. Hell, you've prob knocked Laura up again by now!LOL. Hope the wc b building is going good u lazy sob(eye roll)haa haaa. Take care
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    Hello, Van Damn, I came across you photo here and thought, "DAMN!!" You are an inspiration to me and anyone with SCI. I'm a T-12 complete, as of July 4, 2010, when my ladder slipped out and I plummeted 30' to the ground. I was living in a nursing home for about 11 months and now I'm living alone in my 2 bedroom apartment , since this past Sept. Thank you for posting your pic! God Bless you!! Happy Holidays too!!
  6. Happpy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi! I am well! Hope all is well in your world too!!
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    I hear you. We took her to a tae kwon do instructor when she was that old, but I think she lacked confidence and was intimidated at that age. On Tuesday's a karate instructor teaches a one-hour class after school right on school grounds. She wanted to do that after she found out her best friend was in it. That's only been for a few months, but she seems to like it . And it's not like there doing any full contact at that age. I just keep telling her how cool I think it is and how gymnastics will help her with karate and vice versa. Girls have to be able to defend themselves these days.
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    You better stay around longer this time, friend. You look better than ever in ur pic. Give them gals a kiss!
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    I'm doing good. I'm keeping busy and staying healthy. How are the girls? They must be getting pretty big by now. Ours is 7 and kicking ass in gymnastics. I mean she's only been doing it one year now, but she's getting her muscles conditioned and they are super flexible at that age.
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    Looking good VD. How have you been?
  12. Dude you're a beast! Rock on
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    Thank you!
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    Hey Van damn , I'm abled to come back on my cmputer , I was really doing bad they didn't think I was going to make it for awhile . I was on HOME HOSPICE but I 'm back for now I hope things are going ok for you LBUSH49
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    Good Deal and get some sun
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    Thanks I am feeling better. Diet? dude you're skinny enough lol
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    Hi Geno, just busy with work and now I'm sick again with a cold . How's your world?
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    I do want to put on lean mass. I weigh about 170 tops and need to loose ten pounds. It is really hard. Whatever you can recommend. I appreciate it.
    Best Regards,
    My personal email is
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    I have free weights, a smith machine with a bench that fits me well. I also have a curl machine and a cable cross-over machine. I can do tricep pull downs etc. I appreciate your help.
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    Thanks glad to be a part of CC
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    Just looked at Topanga's Christmas gift! Nice doctor!!
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    So how did you do???????????
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    OK Bro we want a play by play then! my buds at Jr Nationals did OK, but both came in too small. Vince did 11th in superheavy and Jason 7th (out of 7) in Welterweight
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    Hey Bro! contest results?
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    Hey bud. Not too much going on with me. My bruised arse cheek is just about cleared up, so I'll be shredding up the countryside right quick here. The summer weather has finally hit. It was super late this year.

    Should be a good summer ahead though.

    And you, are all your plans going... well... as planned?
  26. Understand Geno. Letting go is perpetual. If we ever stop letting go, we're still hanging on. Oh, but I'm a work in progress!

    Letting go is easier than hanging on when I allow myself to do it. It's a lighter, freer way of traveling through this world. Of course, it's also alien to what I knew and did most of my life.

    Sometimes I think of letting go as falling off a cliff. I don't mean anything suicidal, more as having faith to turn loose, be free, trusting it will be okay, that I can let those demons go. I don't have to hang onto to whatever those feelings were or are because they'll eat me alive if I let them. Those also take away the good and happier, better parts of me.

    Make sense? Maybe not. Maybe I just need to eat dinner!
  27. I will click. Thank you. Meditation and prayer help me with wick lengthening, with tolerance, with patience. I appreciate what you are sharing with me.
  28. A fuse can be a choice. It's a type of discipline I think. I'm working to lengthen my own.
  29. See? Perfect. Self-assured, with poise and manners.
  30. Best to you on your competition! Keep me posted. Don't forget pics, too!

    Sorry to hear the girls hav been sick. Hope they are better soon.

    So your daughter is hard headed. Who'd have thought a child of yours would have a stubborn streak?

    Much love to you and your family.
  31. Good here, G. Looking forward to a visit from Woman from Europe and AddieSue next week. Should be much fun!

    How about you and your three girls?
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    Doing well, but hoping for autumn to come as soon as possible. It's my favorite season down here. I love the smell of the dead foliage in the air and the cool breeze the makes the humidity dissipate. Summer is hell in humidity; you walk out of the door and you're wet.
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    great pic! Yeah I worked out a system where I disconnect the bag and leave it in the truck and plug the cath. I sweat so heavily i dont usually need to leak during training.
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    awesome! thanks to BeeCee and Capn Crip and YOU, I've gotten over being embarrassed by some of my physical issues that were holding me back.

    Hows the dieting?
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    soon as I get a schedule out of WCBB, but I'm guessing spring '10. I have a PL meet in October.
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    hows the prep coming along big guy?
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    Really. You already look pretty lean. When's the show?
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    lets just put that silly joke aside, bury it, and forget bout it and move on being ccc buddies...
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    thanks bro! hope all is well buddy...
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    He's quite a character, isn't he?
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    my name i tony i need help findind instructions for the EMPI FOCUS muscle stimulator help
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    Hello Geno, sorry that I hadn't been coming in here lately. Have thought about you and your family. Wondering how you all are doing. Hope things are well with you. Also, wanted to let you know that I finally gave in and got in MySpace. Wanted to ask you to add me to your list there. Check the url ...

    Still working on the place too. Hope you join me there soon.
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    cool interested in meeting both of you to talk about training. where are nationals this year?
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    Hi Van Damm, My name is Ray . I'm a C 6 quad. I wanted to invite you to my social networking site i started in january. site is still developing and growing each day. I see that you like to keep yourself in shape. I would like to feature you on our site. Our website is Hopefully you can join us. Would be awsome to have a bodybuilder on our site. Hope to see you there.Takecare.
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    Yeah I know my chair is AMP color, but I like to think of it as AFLAC green. I'm doing "fair", trying to make sure I'm in good enough shape to hit the NASCAR races at TMS next weekend.
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    You know Jason Greer?
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    sup Bro?
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    I haven't been up to much lately. It's been record breaking cold out the last little while. It's been a long winter. I'm feeling a little caged. But it shouldn't be too much longer. How you makin' out?
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    Weird last couple of weeks...losing my dog...then getting a new puppy (because the old owner was going to shoot her) which looks a lot like my getting ready to leave for wheelchair basketball are you and your family?
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    Sorry I've stayed outta touch on here and myspace.You and the family are always on my mind though.Can't wait to see the new package,how much longer?
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    LoL very cool - Thanks! don't forget my pics
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    Thanks Geno. I appreciate it Mona
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    Cool can't wait to see the family expansion
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    cool! keep posting updates...both on the competition and Bryleigh! Can't believe that Pang Pang's gonna be a big sister soon...Is she ready?
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    COOL! lookin' good you have another comp scheduled?
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    Thanks Van Damn
  58. Hi Geno! Happy to be on your list of friends!
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    How goes the recuperation?
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    Feel better geno......
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    Groovy Bro!
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    No problem! Any time, man.
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    hey buddy! how are you feeling?
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    Geno, go here and check the "Receive Private Messages only from Contacts and Moderators" and "Limit usage of Visitor Messages to Contacts and Moderators" boxes. That will prevent fuente and jbinny from contacting you through Visitor or Private Messages.
  66. Geno don't let Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb get to you. Ignore the idiots. People like that just aren't worth it.
  67. Good morning!!

    Just having some coffee...awaiting a phone call about the place my sister and I are hopefully moving in to! What's up with you?
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    Slowly getting there Geno. Thanks for the good wishes. Same to you, I see you're having your own health battles.
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    Cool, have fun, i look forward to the pics. have you noticed that alot of cowboys are missing their thumbs or parts of their fingers lol.
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    Hi, did you make it to the rodeo? hey did you also rodeo too? good to see you on the board that must mean you're feeling better
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    letme know so i can show up and hoot and holler for you!
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    Thanks Buddy! whens your next show?
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    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. I'll flip back and forth between games and rides.
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    I think infection is mostly gone, but still on antibiotics to completely kill everything. Thank you for asking. =)
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    Happy New Year to you as well!
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    Thanks for the NY greeting. I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year too. We kept it low key, like normal, and hung out with my wife's mom & dad and played dominos. I'm such the party guy.
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    Happy New Year Bud! Hope '09 is a great one for ya.
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    PBR for Wii? Sweet! Did they make it look the exact same as it's set up in the stadiums?

    Funny too, I was wearing my aviator earlier and was wondering if you were still freezing down there.
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    So far so good, except for this lil cough I can't seem to get rid of, man I think I have to go back to the doctor ugh. That fitness thing you bought, you have to give us updates on hows thats working for ya, I want to tone my arms up so I'm really thinking bout getting one.
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    Happy New Year.
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    Have a Happy New Year! Mona
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    Happy New Year Bud!
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    Thanks HNY to you too. wtg with the white lion tune, you must be a hair metal fan too - awesome lol.
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    Same to you and your family. My router is down so I have not been on line.
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    Hope you and yours had a fabulous Christmas
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    Thanks dude. I hope yours was a very Merry! Mine was good.
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    Joyeux Noël et bonne année * toi, mon ami!
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    Thank you! Happy Holidays!
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    LoL, I should take pics with them on, I'll put them in my album if i do. Cool Ed Hardy loot, that stuff is expensive.
  90. Merriest of Christmases Geno! I read about the holiday you, Laura and Topanga had. How exciting for T to see what Ho Ho had brought her.

    Christmas was extra special this year. I spent the holidays at the cabin with my parents, Uncle, Wonder Dog and the occasional friend joining us for dinner. I returned today so my holiday wish to the three of you is a bit delayed.

    Happy New Year to you guys! I hope 2009 brings you all you wish and more.

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    Merry Christmas & a Happy and Healthy New Year, Geno!
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Geno!
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    A very happy new year to you and yours Geno.
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    Happy Christmas Geno. Hope your family is well.
  95. Same to you and yours buddy, thanks for thinking of me.
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    Merry Christmas to you too buddy!
  97. Thanks, man, Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas to you too bud. I hope you and the girls are great. So, do you know the sex now?
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    Merry Christmas to you, Laura, Topanga and the little one!
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    merry x-mas to you 2 bro
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    And a Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend..
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    Sounds like a good day
  103. same to ya
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    Just waiting for the Fam to get here, we don't do our thing till bout 1pm-ish, I'm sure you all have tore into your gifts and all. Now on to new years.
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    Hey Thank you, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family
  106. Merry Christmas!
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    Geno, I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!
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    Hi Geno, hoping you and family are doing well. No snow again in your area? We haven't had any so far. Wanted to check in with you and see how things were going and to send you this link to wish all of you a Happy holiday. Hope you like it.

    Hope you get to spend a great day with your family and get lots of hugs and kisses from your little angel.
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    Man you are amazing! bodybuilder here too, looking into wc racing on orders from my doc to do more cardio. Merry Christmas to you and your family
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    Thanks for the package. When I show my oldest the gator head, he says "Is that a real alligator head?" When I said yes, he says "Ewww." I think it's cool. They did finally pet it's head. I think I'l call him Al.
    Merry Christmas.

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    As far as Disney Princesses go, Belle (from Beauty & the Beast) has my vote. She was with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty when we had the pix taken with the kids and Belle was the cutest, second to my wife of course.
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    Hey Van Damn,
    We made it to Florida and back without killing each other. We actually had a great time, it's not often we can get all of my wife's brothers and sisters together for that long of a period. The kids really loved Disney World, although our oldest wasn't too fond of getting his picture taken with Cinderella.
    I hope you and yours have a wonder Christmas.

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    hey van damn Your avatar is a hoot! Where did you find that. Guess the world will have to build wheelchair accessible chimneys now santa is on wheels.

    have a great xmas
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    Geno, just checking in with you to see if your health issues are better. Certainly hope so. Take care of yourself. Give the baby a hug for me ok?
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    aw thanks geno! I appreciate the wishes
  116. I thought about the three of you when I saw snow in LA on the news today. It NEVER snows there this early. Hey, it never snows there! LOL

    I'm betting Pang Pang will be ready for Santa next year if she does not warm up to him this year. Her Ho Ho is about as close as she'll get.

    I've been working on Christmas and Hanukkah and Festivus cards today. I'm planning to get those in the mail tomorrow.

    This little Santa's elf is running a tad behind schedule, eh? I'm about to get things together here.
  117. Santa can be scary in real life. You've got a big, ol' guy in a bright, red suit with all that hair and a giant, booming voice. A little, stuffed Ho Ho is one thing, but that other dude? Tell Topanga a Mall Santa might even scare me.

    Christmas a.m. will be fun because she's at the age where she'll be excited and can understand Santa's coming to visit. Break out the camera for this one and take lots of pics.

    I'll talk to you guys soon.
  118. I'm getting there. How about you guys? Is Pang Pang excited about Santa?
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    Yeah, I was thinking about the leather but I think the scent would be a little too strong for me. I just want a light tan colored cloth with the real fur. Then I can stop packin' this bunny around. He gets jumpy sometimes, lol. jk.
  120. Yep,not a traditional leather one.Mine isn't water proof it's a wool plaid brown with fur..Crap,maybe I should have gotten the leather one.
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    Haha! Did you really buy an aviator? That's so awesome.
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    Hey Bud! That pic is a shot of the area where I've lived out most of my life. I think I'd like to move back.

    lol, I still haven't found a brown hat. I may be given one for Christmas, so I better hold out. How about you? Did you find one you like?

    I was kind of looking for a hunting style hat. Like something along the lines of a Bushnell or Real Tree hat.

    I've also asked for an rabbit fur aviator hat, lol. So I might find one under the tree this year. I've always wanted one. What's a Canadian doing without a fur hat, eh?
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    Thanks alot, hope you're having a great weekend too.
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    Thanks for the invite. Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner, this has been the week from hell. We've been so busy getting ready for our Florida vacation, heading out first thing in the morning and going to hit the space museum in Huntsville on the way down.
    I hope you and yours are doing well. What does Topanga think of being a big sis?

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    I'm ok, could be better, could be worse. I feel so guilty I've missed so much goings on with you; your birthday, new baby. I'm so incredibly happy for you and miss talking with you. You've been so kind and encouraging to me. I wish you and yours the absolute best. All my love to you and your crew.
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    Hello! I'm going to get my husband the burn machine for Christmas (thanks to you!). He's 34 and a T7, T8 complete and I cannot decide on the 8 or 12 pound one. He's strong but not super active. I don't want to insult him with the lighter one but don't want to get the bigger one if he can't use it. Any thoughts? Thanks, I appreciate how helpful your posts are!
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    Hey! Happy Thanksgiving a little late! Hope it was a good one!
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    I'm doing well, thanks for asking. I spent most of this week downloading all of that research info I posted today.
  129. Life is going well Geno. I returned Thanksgiving Day so travel was not too bad, but it was too long. Here's hoping I am home for a while.

    How are things with you, Laura and Topanga? When is the baby due? Girl or boy?
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    hey, thanks 4 stoppin by. drop me a line sometime.

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    Yo Geno! Happy Thanksgiving bud!
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    Doing ok Geno thanks. You?
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    I'm doing well, man. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you and your family have a blessed day.
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    I'm doing well, thanks. How are you doing?

    Impressive profile pic!
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    Great minds think alike.
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    Thanks bro. I've had this hat for years. I've been in the market for a new one. Mabey something in a brown color.
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    You got it just give me 6 months.
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    Thanks Geno thats what i need i can't wait to start working out watch out anty's going to arms like geno lol
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    Hi geno sorry your not feeling well speedy recovery. I finally got that machine for working out i need to know were to get a glove for my left hand to get a good grip. Thanks geno
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    Just woke up from my second nap. lol

    Geno, have they used the vacuum on it? Some people have tried it. Don't know about them, but it didn't help me. He ordered some air flotation bed for me which only made it harder for me to turn. The doctor would debride it and it still got really deep. I made the mistake of asking him if I could see the pics and regretted it. It made feel really down. Took me around four months or more to finally come to the decision of changing doctors. The new doctor told me he didn't use the vac and he would do a flap for me instead. We went ahead with it and got quicker results from it. After the surgery, he kept me off the surgery and gradually with time add time to how long I was allowed to sit.

    My sore was on behind. Have had a few little ones recently, but right off I stay in bed, turn on my sides mostly until it heals. What Nick and the nurse use for the little ones is Duadermpatches. Nick also will also use Tegaderm to avoid soiling the Duaderm. The nurse supplies them to us.

    Don't know if this would help you any. Hoping you heal soon.
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    Sorry to hear about your health issues, Geno. It seems that it is like the saying from Morton Salt... "When it rains, it pours".

    I just remembered something my doctor told me would help in healing my wound. He told me to take more protein. Don't know if you are doing that but maybe if you got some protein from a health store and made some shakes, it might help. Hope so anyways. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself and be well. Hugs to your girls, big and small.
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    Hi Geno, thanks for the concern and visit. Things have been a bit crazy here, my sleeping pattern is messed up. Have been doing some researching on Hep C so I can put on my site. Man, have I found new stuff. Problem is that once I start working on the research and html for my site, I forget time and don't notice the time. lol

    How are things going with you and the family? Hope they are all well and I can hardly wait for the baby's birth. Uyyyy.
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    Hey G, not too much. Started my Xmas shopping today. Got a little bit done and will hopefully be well done b4 Thanksgiving as it's just too busy then. How are you?
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    Good to hear, you never let us down Geno.
  145. View Conversation
    How've you been? Staying ripped?
  146. View Conversation
    sure did Geno, my arms fell off after that ride.
  147. View Conversation

    Tell the girls hello too!
  148. View Conversation
    Hey G, not too much. Just chilling out watching tv.. nothing on tho'. How are u? How is Laura doing?
  149. View Conversation
    Thanks for letting me know where the pics were. They were cool and she is still as cute as ever. Bad Power Ranger, eh? LOL
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    Hey it's good to hear you're doing better. Can hardly wait to see your new one too. Did you all go trick or treating with precious Topanga?

    Hope we get to see some more pics of her.
  151. View Conversation
    Did Topanga have fun last night? You haven't been eating her candy have ya?
  152. View Conversation
    Hey Geno, how's things going for you? Better I hope.

    Cool pic of you. Hope to see more pics of Topanga and you all. Btw, when is the new baby due. I know, I know .. I forget. Got oldtimers disease. LOL
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    Hello back! How is you wife doing with her pregnancy?
  154. We've got December weather in October. There was snow at the cabin this a.m. which is just outside the city and about 20 minutes from me. It's been strange. It's frosty cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...

    Hey, I'm glad you're almost healed up. Sounded like you were pretty banged up there for a bit.

    Talk soon,

  155. Hey Geno. Better, thanks. I'm hanging in and the side effects are clearing.

    How about you? Are your bruises doing better? I was sorry to hear you were all bruised up.

    Hope you're better now.

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    Hey bud!How's Laura-is she still on bedrest?I've been thinking about ya'll!
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    Put me down for a couple of hot dogs Geno, with ketchup not mustard please.
  158. View Conversation
    Really? I've always loved autumn. It's the winters and summers I hate.
  159. View Conversation
    Cipro is killer on my stomach. After several days of taking it, I become nauseous each time I take it.
  160. View Conversation
    Thanks van damn. I'm sorry you bruised your rib.
    I hope all is well with the baby on the way.
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    UTI. Get this! I took leftover Cipro for two days, thought I was getting better, and the infection just grew worse suddenly. I went to give a urinalysis and got an Rx for combination antibiotic. Even though blood and other fluid substances was in the urine, they found no trace of an infection. The nurse suggested it might have been due to the Cipro, but there was clearly something wrong if blood was present.

    That's been my recent saga as well as getting glasses for driving.

    What's been up with you? How's the family settling in after the storms?

  162. Ouch Geno. Sorry that happened to you. Hope you're better soon. I'm just glad you're back here again.
  163. Thanks,

    I haven't told anyone about my weird injury.About two weeks ago Laura noticed my left ribs were bruised.I fight in my sleep so i must have did a number on the I since been nursing them.
  164. Hey Geno. I'm so glad to see you back! Hope all is well with you, Laura and Topanga. :-)
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