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  1. Dear Dr. Young , I was in a car accident on March 18, last week my chiropractor sent me to get a MRI on my neck. Can you interpret what the this paragraph from my MRI says?"There is diffuse straightening of the cervical spine. There is minimal retrolisthesis on C5 on C6. The vertebral bodies are normal height. Chronic degenerative signal changes are present within the endplates of the cervical spine. There is edema within the endplates at the C5-C6 level consistent with active disc degeneration. Hyperintense T2-weighted signal abnormalities are present within the paramedian aspects of the cervical spinal cord from the C5 level to the C6-C7 level. There is a component of volume loss associated with the signal abnormality consistent with myelomalacia. The visible posterior fossa structures are unremarkable, with no cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. The paraspinal soft tissues are unremarkable." I have no idea what anything in the report means.
    Thank you John
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    Hello my name is Christy and I went recently and had a CT scanI have no idea what they mean so I'm hoping somebody can tell me in layman terms what is going on with me,prominent vascular structure with faint contrast blush in the mid pons, venous angioma , capillary telangiectasia any input would be very appreciated thanks
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    Dear Dr. Young,
    I am new to this forum, still trying to get the hang of it, is there any way to find out the answer to the question i posted about dead brain tissue in the CURE forum,
    very very worried about having to live with it.
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    Dr young i had two spincotomy operations and every time i take the foley out i still can't urinate on my own sitting in my wheelchair. do you know why this happens
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    ok thanks
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    Hi! I'm new and wanted to say
  7. Dr Young does not check his visitor messages.
  8. Can you simply please state this in "English?" CLOS FX T!-T6 LVL W/OTH SPEC SPINAL CORD INJURY(ICD-806.24)...Thank you, Randy Miles
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    Wise, perhaps you have not seen this thread, perhaps you feel uncomfortable commenting. Either way, could you clarify?
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    Hi Dr Young
    I'm a C 4/5 quad and have recently been
    speaking to a doctor about a baclofen pump. Is it true that the baclofen pump catheter does not damage the Pia Mata (skin around spinal-cord) because the catheter is quite small and flexible and just flows up within the intrathecal space? Can you elaborate on this further? Can they cause damage like Morphine pumps at catheter tip? at what spine level are baclofen pumps inserted and thread to? Baclofen pump's inhibit sexual function specifically erections, can someone reduce baclofen pump dosages at certain times to maintain erections when necessary? I have found drugs that reduce spasticity decrease tension in the muscles, which tends to inhibit blood flow and erections is this correct? Some spasticity actually helps erections?


  11. Dr. Young does not check his visitor messages, you should post questions in the Forums.
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    Hello. My husband has CCS from a ski accident. He has a classification of D and injury at C4 and C5. He did not need surgery. One of his major problems is dizziness. It has improved in the 7 months since his accident. Have you ever heard of dizziness from spinal cord injury? We thought this would be temporary and would be better after a few weeks. At first my husband said I looked like I was standing on the wall and he felt he was going to fall out of the bed. Now he is mostly dizzy when he first stand up and walking and mor so on uneven ground.
  13. cikothekid, you should read in the Cure Forum- Dr Young just posted this about stem cell treatment-
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    i am new in town, so i little bit confused...many topics and news
    i dont really want to bother you but please, i need to read stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury. i feel i lost you have any advise...for starting? where should i start?

    thank you for help
    have a nice day
  15. Dr. Young does not check his visitor messages, you should post questions in the Forums.
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    Hi dr wise I'm hoping I'm doing I damaged my conus and cauda equina. I have feeling in both of my legs except for my right foot. But I can feel hot water and t and my groin t when I am trying to stimulate myself by looking at porn or thinking of women I get strong tingling feelings . I can walk pretty good except I have a limp because my right very strong. My hamstrings are weak and needs strengthening my calves don't work. Very well but they can feel small contractions with them. I have plantar flextion but not very strong. I'm a complete injury paraplegic and I am wondering my chances with bowel bladder and sexual functions coming back. And what is a good inexpensive way to ejaculate because I do want a child but I don't know what to do because of a conus cauda equina injury. My e mail address is I would like to talk to someone I have lots of questions and concerns. I'm not very good on this site
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    Neurogenic muscle disorders are muscle disorders caused by damage to the nervous system which affects healthy muscle tissue, as the muscle fibres are denervated and rennervated (their nerve supply is cut off).

    it makes sense that denervated is when nerve supply is cut off; wouldn't rennervated mean nerve supply is reactivated?
    Are there individuals who have experienced full return?
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    Dr wise,

    I have synrix from c5 to c7 level with 0.60 mm in diameter on the axials.
    I dont have any underlying condtions that causing synrix to form.

    My MRI says it is thin linear synrix.

    1. is this slit like syrinx ?
    2. does it enlare as time goes ?
    3 do you know any doctors who operates on synrix in india ?

    Please reply as I badly need this information

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    Hi Dr. Young! I am new here. I am a Deaf with Cauda Equina Syndrome since 93. I have been research for a couple of hours and I couldn't find anything information about CES's follwing up like check up on Annual for Kidney, Bladder and Nerves system, etc. I need to know how often per year or every other year to keep my health runs good! I hope you understand what I am trying to say? THanks so much!! Good night
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    Dear Dr. Young,

    My brother suffered an L-3 fracture 18 months ago in a motorcycle accident. The surgeons were able to put him in alignment, remove bone fragments and stabilized his spine with a spacer(?) and 8 titanium screws above and below the injury. They performed a laminectomy and repaired both the CSF leak and the shredded dura mater. The surgeon told us he suffered injury to the cauda equina but most of the nerves were in tact.

    His ability to walk is limited with the help of leg braces and a walker. He has no feeling in his feet. My question is can the nerves of the cauda equina regenerate? Do they have clinical trials for such an injury?

    I was reading about your research and clinical trials using umbilical cord blood cell transplants and lithium. Hypothetically, would this work in the same way for lower spine injuries? Or would this not relate since it's the nerve roots and not the spinal cord?

    Thank you for your time. Your research gives us all hope.
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    Hi. I have been waiting for almost 4 years searching for therapy. I joined Carecure to see hints. Unfortunately i still turn out to be undecided. Which is currently the best therapy for me even if not a cure? Finally there are two treatment choices from two drs: Dr Zhang or Dr Henriech. Both drs called me to come. Sigh, how to choose?? I can't really predict the outcome and results. If you tell me that your mononuclear + lithium has yielded a cure and is available, how wonderful!!!
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    dear dr young.

    I don't know if you remember me, I have syringomaelia and met you at the 2011 stem cell summit in Pasadena.
    do you know of any new study. I am in touch with neuralstem.

    do you know of any bill in congress were I could help? I know of bill h.r.1862 i knopw they needed republican sponsor the senate.


    noe feldman
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    Dear dr.Young
    on 24.march 2012 My sister 26 years old suffered traffic accident c4 c5 c6 brogen.After exams only her right hand was active and she was diagnosed ASIA A.
    .In the 5 week both legs started moving,lying on bed she can gather both legs and keep legs on that 6 weeks she could stand few seconds on her legs also she could make seven small steps of walking being supported on the nurses shoulders.
    7 week post injury :The urine cathether ,The right leg has been scored 5,and the left leg 2 on the knee and 4 on the feet.The right arm is almost 70 % normal strenght and movements.
    The left arm there is just shoulder movement and slight finger movements.Unfurtunately after this one of the doctors said to my sister that her life will be depended on wheelchair since left side is weak.Please let me know if 7 w post injury: standing few second,making few steps,right leg scored 5,left 2-4 gives any hope for walking
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    my son has a t-11 injuries 3 years ago but is still needing to wear a diaper for
    protection he takes enablex 15 my any suggestions.....also how do i post this to the community
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    Hi Doctor Wise,

    I have read a lot about you and your works, interviews and presentation concerning spinal cord injuries. My goddaugther had a car accident on June 19th 2006 and she has been paraplegic since this date. Her spinal cord has not been completly broken, she has been injured because of an effusion at T11. She has never been operated on. She can walk few minutes with crutches but not for long as she becomes very tired quickly.
    She is catheterized five times a day. She does not feel anything under her ankle and so she could not move her feet. From her knees she has some feelings but not on all parties. The quadriceps femoris is 100% OK but her bottom muscle is very weak. She will have 10 years old and I am searching for countries where she could have stem cells transplantation. I know that in China some hospitals're doing this. Could you suggest one for me ?

    Many thanks for your kind help.

    Kind regards,
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    I think I have found it finally.
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    Uh oh!
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    Dear Dr. Young,

    I am a 41 year old male, diagnose with Dehydration and Protrusion in Central disc (L3-L4) with mild stress on Thecal Sac. Also Dehydration and paracentral right herniation of disc with mild stress on nerve root. The rest of the discs have normal view.

    I had a fall from the roof of a 2-storey building 11 years ago and my L3 Vertebra cracked. In my MRI, you can visibly see the L3 protruded a bit on the lower edge towards the Thecal Sac. The L3-L4 disc is also protruded toward the lower part of the Thecal Sac. I had little pain in my back once every now and then and sometime the pain made me stand a little curved or sometime skewed and imbalanced for 1 minute or more. Besides all this, I had no pain or numbness until I had an MRI taken. Since then, I've had pain experience in my back, in my abductor muscles and I feel heat in my leg, sometimes in my back.
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    Dear Dr. Young,

    I was wondering if you had received my PM earlier. If so, kindly instruct me how to get the images to you.

    Best Regards,

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    Dear Dr. Young,

    I have already sent you private message.
    I just wanted to take time to express my heartiest gratitude for everything you are doing to help people.
    I have been following many of your articles on Yahoo Health and on this website and I was really impressed by your broad knowledge as well as your generosity in giving it.
    I don't know if you have received my email yet. Is there a way I can attach some MRI Scans to you?

    Thanks again a million times for all you do,


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    Hello Dr. Young. I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis about 1 1/2 years ago. I never even knew I had it until a lesion was accidentally discovered on an MRI. In recent months I decided to follow up at UT Southwestern Medical Center only to find out that I have a 50% chance of converting over to MS. All of my tests were normal except for extremely low Vit. D level (15) and CSF showed 8 Oligoclonal Bands. I have now completed all testing. The MRIs of my brain and cervical spine were ok but there was a remark in the T-Spine report stating that there was "a linear T2 hypersignal intensities seen within the spinal cord likely representing a syrinx extending from T1 to T4, and T5 through T8-9 levels". Please help. I am waiting for a call from my doctor, but meanwhile I am making myself sick with worry. I have no idea if this is considered large and nothing else shows on my MRIs to indicate what may have caused this.

    Thank you so much!

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    Hello Dr. Young. Let me say I just finished reading your article on Yahoo Health and enjoyed it very much.

    I was wondering how your research may pertain to Spina Bifida?

    Our 4 year old was born with myelomeningocele. She has dual hip dysplasia with feeling and movement to about mid thigh. She has no sensation or movement below the knee. We've been told her lesion level is anywhere from L1 to L4 but anyone with a child with SB knows lesion level doesn't really matter. We know plenty of children with a lower lesion with even less function and vice versa.

    So as it pertains to your research do you see a window of opportunity for people with SB to possibly benefit from your research?

    Thank you Doctor.

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    Hi Dr. Young,
    I have a C-4 spinal cord injury wish I sustained and October of 2004. Since then I have been very healthy and have never had much of any nerve pain, but for some reason on Wednesday morning I woke up with pretty strong nerve pain throughout my body. It has stayed constant since then. I met with a doctor this morning and they informed me that I should see a neurologist, so I set an appointment with a neurologist on Monday morning. I fear that I have syringomyelia since I have no other issues (skin, bladder, bowels). I think I need to ask the neurologist to get an MRI of my spinal cord to see if that is the problem. What would you suggest?
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    Hello Dr. Young, i tried replying to your message, but i dont know if it went through or not.
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    6 mo. post ACDF at c5-c7 w/ central cord syndrome c6. I have increased hand/arm/neck/shoulder pain new MRI here are the results should i be concerned? "C4-C5: moderate adjacent level disc degeneration with broad-based 3mm central disc herniation with slight caudal extension. there is effacement of the thecal sac with cord contact but not significant compression. AP diameter canal is narrowed to 8mm. Moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis. C3-C4 moderate disc degeneration with 2.5 mm right paracentral disc herniation& osteophyte which effaces the thecal sac & results in right ventral cord contact & cord deformity. associated right-sided uncinate spurring along with probable intraformaminal disc component causes moderate-severe right foraminal stenosis and impingement on the right c4 nerve. left nerve root canal is patent. C2-C3 asymmetric right-sided uncinate spurring and uncovertebral arthrosis causes mild-moderate right foraminal stenosis. left nerve root canal is patent."

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    Dear Dr. Young, I am deeply impressed by your wide knowledge. I hope you can visit us in China and help more people together. You can check our web first: Good day!
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    thanks a lot for the detailed information about the difference between SCI, Conus and cauda equina, found it nowhere else in the web. Just one question (for now): Are in the cauda equina cell cores or is it axons, are the cell cores of the nerve roots in the conus? What exactly is a nerve root anyway? Hope you got time for that. Please read my post. Bye and thank you very much. Margrit
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    Hey there;
    Sorry to bother you. This morning I actually tried to find my old account name by searching old posts. It was Red 1 Canada.... although I can not remember my password at that time. I have been using the tag "Red One" in different capacities, playstation network etc. for years with the password "irightey" and thought that would be it....seems to be something different?
    It has been years since I tried to log in.
    Anything you can do to help me as I would rather be using my old account!
    Kevin Carta
    The one and only RedOneCanada
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    Dear Dr. Young,

    I was paralyzed in a automobile rollover five months ago and have been using your website's resources for not only important information on my SCI but, also peer support.

    I just wanted to take some time to thank you for everything. Your involvement in the SCI field is outstanding and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you're putting forth so much effort to help this community.

    Judging from my MRI, my conus medullaris seems to be severed leaving me a L1 incomplete. What's good is that I'm young and although it may be a while, I hope that one day your discoveries will allow me to live my life the way I once did.

    I know you and your team are working hard to decipher the mysteries of the nervous system. Thank you all very much for your diligence.

    David Zhao
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    I had my son prematurely at just 1lb 4oz and some trying times in the NICU doctors thought he had NEC during this period he became extremely swollen and retained over 3lbs in fluid. I realized that my baby was not moving his arms much but he would move his hands minimally. After nearly 30 days of complaining the doctors did a tap in which revealed a great deal of blood. After this the doctor ordered an MRI in which they sd they found blood in his spinal cord and brain stem. They can only speculate how this has happened to him but are unsure and unaware of what type of treatment is necessary for him to recover. Is this something that you have heard of or is in anyway familiar with? Will the blood in the spine reabsorb int the body? With him being so small as his body grows will the spine regenerate or connect good nerves in place of the damaged ones? Will the spinal cord repair itself? There has been no trauma and only his arms and possibly neck affected. What to expect? Help!
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    Dear Dr. Wise Young,
    I want to apologize for all the negative feedback FacingDisability’s posts have been getting. We are truly a privately funded, non-profit foundation trying to help people with SCI and their families. I think we would be a valuable resource to CareCure, and never meant to encroach on the community. I would be grateful to get in touch with you about improving the quality of our posts and our reputation in the CareCure Community.
    Thank you very much, AnnieH
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    May I suggest that you email me ( and I can refer you to Patricia Morton at the Keck Center concerning donations. I work closely with her and she can provide you with information concerning how to donate and what the funds will be used for, as well as how this could be communicated to your customers. I am not experienced in this area.

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    I was wondering if you could send me any leads to some stem cell info. I am a 28 year old male in other wise healthy condition besides my spinal cord injury. T-6 complete. Injured in a motorcycle accident on August 6 this year. Are there trials that are funded ? I have been blindsided by this whole accident so I dont know where to begin. thanks, allen stevens
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    Dear Sir
    I am trying to find leads on the most up to date info regarding promising treatments for ALS. Any links or info you can offer on this would be gratefully received.
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    Hey, I just wanted to thank you (as your the Admin) for such a great forum. Its really nice to find a place where you can read up on a whole bunch of health issues (even though its mainly targeted on sci) and then be complemented with a forum that is active in other (social) areas as well.
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    Hello...I just registered and don't see an option for "Post New Thread". How do I receive permission to post? Fred44
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    Hi Dear Wise hope u will be fine and busy these days. Not coming on facebook for many days. I have a message for u on facebook. Plz read when u find time dear. With love JAWAID
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    Hello My Dearest,
    My name is Miss cythia, I came across your contact as i was searching for good friend, A friend who truly understand his or her friend and share their feelings together. please kindly accept my request, I believe that distance can never be a barrier but let's love connect us because love is a bridge that connected far distance to beclose to each other. I will send my pictures to you immediately i receive your reply.(
    yours In Love,
  49. Dear Dr Wise

    i am very saddened about hearing the news that Geron have decided to terminate their SCI trail. Is there any positive news about your own trial? will be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards and may God bless you

    Peter F
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    Have you ever seen anyone recover to the "E" category on the ASIA scale?What would that constitute, meaning is it only the physical movement? DOes this include the nerve damage and other issuse, ie AD,neurogenic bladder?If you still have those, then would they reclassify as E
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    Hey Dr. Wise I spoke with you about my son going too China a year or so ago for the stemcell treatment for his Sci. You said it was not beneficial to us without the Lithium due to the cost. I was curious too know about now? Will the wait here in US be crazy? Thanks for your time Sir!
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    Dr, Young,
    I have read many of your articles and would like your opinion on my situation.I was diagnosed with a small thoracic syrinx (T8-T9) last year. My symptoms are very painful and every specialist I have gone to says that the syrinx is too small to be causing my symptoms. A short list of them are musle pain in my back, legs, neck, and face. Muscle spasms, Muscle twitching, vertigo, neck stiffness, burning sensations, sun sesnitivity, and ear pressure and tinnitis. I think the worst is the mid back pain that is constant . A follow up MRI showed that the syrinx has grown in length, but not in diameter. Spinal tap had elevated protein, and a plus 4 igg synth rate. No other explanation for the syrinx has been discovered through a full neurological workup. Brain MRI was negative, along with cervical and lumbar MRIs. VEP, EEG,NCS. I saw 2 well known neurosureons who are stumped. I will undergo a CT mylegram soon to look for Arachnoitits. .Again thank you for your time
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    Hello Dr. Wise,
    I was wondering if you could help me with understanding the report from my MRI. I have the report and I'm not seeing my Dr. for a week, just wanting to know! It says: L5-S1 Degenerative Disc Disease with central disc protrusion, with loss of T2 signal intensity, mildly impressing the thecal sac. There is no evidence of central or foraminal stenosis.
    Anything you can help with would be great. I had degenerative disc disease on my last MRI report from 2 years ago. No disc protrusion. I woke up one morning 2 weeks ago and it hurt so bad, i felt like i could not stand or sit back down. Hurts bad when I'm sitting or laying flat on my back. Also the pain goes for my lower back down all the way back down to the top of my left foot, and also feels like my left leg is going to give out at any given time. Frustrating because I'm only 25 years old and I have had to miss work for 2 weeks! Thanks so much.
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    Dr. Young, Thank you for this forum! You are hope in human form. So many of the members have such little hope and you have created optimism in a cynical environment.
    I have posted a thread in Pain that we could use your input. The thread is "Are we slaves to pain management by politics and profits?". Members post have been enlightening and hopeful. If you could please find the time to view the thread and comment, perhaps we, as a group, can actually make a difference in the awareness of what hell many mambers deal with on an hour to hour basis. Your plate is so full that I can only hope you can offer us some guidance. Thank you so very much for your unparelled efforts!
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    Hello Dr young, I'm a t11 complete ASIA A. Dr. Young do you think intradural decompression could help my recovery 2 years post? I would also like to thank you for all your hard work, I can't wait till the whole world gets to see the results.
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    Hello Dr Young, I know a young man (25) injured in a car accident approximately 2 months ago. He is fused at T 3-4-5 and injured his T 12. The doctors said he has a "complete" injury. He has decided to go to switzerland for a type of stem cell treatment,
    I don't have any information beyond that. Could you give me any information you may have about the Switzerland trials, the treatment is 30,000. Thanks so much Springville Girl
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    Young, I'm a c6c7 complete, my belly is getting a little to big..I was considering lipo or some sort of surgery, any suggestions.
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    are any of the participants getting any function back or less pain? thx Brent
  59. Can someone please delete the porno spammers from the ccc forums
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    Hello Wise Brent Lane here......any news on clinical trials in China? I'm watching Geron's patients here in the states......also Univerity of Miami will start clinical trials this year using schuawn cells.....hope your doing well....thanks Brent
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    Sorry, that e-mail is
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    My name is Joanne Bianco. I met you at the Abilities Expo last month. I would like to attend this evenings mtg. at Rutgers; I just need to know where to go. Would you please send this info to my e-mail; Thank you, hope to see you later. (I'll be the one in the wheelchair! lol).
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    my husband became paralysed in october 2010. he was burned in 2005, 65% of his body from the waist down. he has had a lot os celulitis infections over the years. he had stepped on 3 nails in july 2010 and was taken off his feet. his legs stiffened up and he couldn't walk. dr sent him to skilled nursing facility for rehab. he was walking 60 steps with walker. rehab therapist went to get him out of bed one morning and let him go, he fell to the floor and never walked again. drs at memorial hermann in houston said the infection had settled in his spine and had eat up th bottom of his 4th vertabre and the top of the 5th,. they did surgery on his spine. he is in the hospital now with a pressure wound they are treating. the drs. there are talking to him about amputating his legs so he can get around better. not have as much weight to move around. can you tell me what your opinion is about this.
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    Thank you for this wonderful site.
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    Dr. Young,

    I posted in this thread: and was advised that you would respond. Thanks in advance.

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    gud eve dr. Young. I'm from the Philippines and would like to inquire about my situation. After my appendectomy last mArch 4, after my operation I had frequent urgency to urinate but I cannot empty my bladder completely. After 2 wks. I looked like 7mos pregnant, and i cannot move my legs n cried out due to my back pain. I was rushed to the hosptal, but my surgeon do not have any idea about my situation. My ob gyne.., visited me and catheterize me about 6ltrs of urine in 2hrs. was removed and felt sudden relief. I'm jst wondering until now I have my cathed n still taking bethanecol, still my doctors jst told me I have bladder atony.. Pls. help...
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    Dear Wise, today I wrote a private message to you to delete my
    private data in my summery ( surgery by Dr.Warnke). Would you answere me on my e-mail adres? Regards Jack, Username Jack P
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    Have HO Stage 4 and looking for referral to any physicians who have experience in this field. Most interested in information regarding physical therapy as I prefer to deal with the pain and range of motion issues until it begins to effect my ability to function.

    I am allergic to aspirin and currently able to manage Celebrex 200MG per day and have recently reduced my dose to 100MG per day.

    I go to gym every other day and have managed to gain back the 25 pounds I lost during my recovery. As a side note I had a hernia about a month after surgery and it was missed by several doctors and caused a multitude of mis diagnosis and had a major effect in my rehab.

    I would be most appreciative of any feedback from both members as well as moderators.

    For reference purposes I am a resident of Northern NJ.

    If positing this thread to the appropriate forum makes sense please feel free to do so or I can do so if that would be more proper.
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    As a group, we become very close. Learning each others afflictions, trusting each other, and supporting one another. I no longer feel isolated and hopeless. I have more empathy for others. I reach for my book often and read over parts that have inspired me and to refresh my mind on information I use daily.

    My General Practitioner recommended this group to me along with a Holistic Medicine doctor who takes the physical, social, and mental needs combined as a whole to treat. I am so thankful to my GP who after all the tests, diagnosis, and prescriptions, has looked beyond to see my needs and has accommodated them. My hope is that others might find benefits to my writing and better themselves at any measurement possible.
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    I recently joined a pain management group which is teaching me to meditate. It focuses on mindfulness meditation and visualization medication. I am loving it. Anyone here use this to help your pain?
    "Managing Pain Before It Manages You" by Margaret A. Caudill MD PhD MPH and MD Herbert Benson (Oct 2, 2008) is the book we all read. We meet once a week and sometimes go over the same chapter 3 times. We are told to read and reread. We study pain conditions, pain medications, nutrition, alternative medicine, effective communication, problem solving, and having healthy attitudes. We are given dairies to keep on pain, food, and medication in order to learn patterns and interactions. For those who can move, they are taught tai chi exercises and meditation is taught and encouraged to practice each day. Mindful meditation and visualization meditation are the types.
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    Dear dr Wise,

    This is Marjan Zakeri from Iran. I have decided to work on the effect of lithium on human spinal cord injury; according to my knowledge, it is at least 2 years that you are working on it but I found no other article except the one about lithium safety in chronic spinal cord injury.

    I wanted to know whether your study reached to a possitive result or not.

    Sincerely yours,
    Dr Zakeri
  72. Attn: Dr Young does not read his Visitor Messages, please send him a Private Message instead.
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    Hello Dr. Wise, I posted a message last week (2/15) regarding my attempts to obtain an action plan for my dystonia aggravated spinal cord degeneration, and the SCI nurse said she would forward it to you to look at. I do not mean to be pushy, but I have an appointment with a new Neuro and physiatrist this week, and was wondering if I should keep push for some type of PLAN, or continue to go along with their "live with it" attitude. I have researching the pros and cons of a cervical SCS, but know one here can tell me if it would really help due to the cervical dystonia. I know you are extraordinarily busy, but would be very grateful for any advise. Regards, jrc mom
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    Please sticky the microcyn thread.....thanks again for this wonderful site's a life saver.
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    Hi Wise, I am new to this site and also new to this world. My son was injured on 11/22 while lifting weights and broke C1, C2 and crushed C5, C6 and C7 with spinal cord injury. He is currently in the hospital fighting his 3rd case of pneumonia since the accident. Diaphram was injured along with intercostal muscles no way to bring anything up himself with cough assist. Prior to this he had been moved to Hillside Rehab in Warren, Ohio which specializes in SCI. He has limited use of arms and upper body which they are working on to strengthen but nothing in the hands. He does have feeling in his hands and nothing from mid torso to feet. We are currently working on Dragon getting installed in his computer so he will have something to keep his mind active. He was a very active person prior to this accident. Any advise on what I should be asking doctors and therapists or insisting on what they should be working on and what can I do for him to help him? I am at a lost .
  76. View Conversation
    Dr. Wise, I am a newbie here. Wish to thank you for providing a place to share hopes, concerns and general news for all.
    Are you aware of any known issues or problems with visible (deep) diploic grooves in the skull. The reason I ask is, in the last 6 months. I've got several that have showed up on my right side. I'm bald! One transverses from the top middle down to my ear. Its very deep. When blood rushes to my head they will fill up and so all you see is the bulging vien, not extreamly bulging but very noticiable. Is there a way to get rid of them. I dont have any headaches and the CT scan shows nothing out of the ordinary on the actual skull. I have tried relentlessly to have my GP read an article on Eroding Diploic grooves all to no avail. I keep getting the same answer, "Oh there nothing to worry about! ALl he did get the CT for me which again, came back normal.
    Rambo man

    P.S. I could send you a couple of pictures if you'd like.
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    Greetings Wise. First, thank you for this resource and the time & effort you invest in it. I've been a C5 quad for 23+ years, and within five minutes of joining the CC forums I came across a photo of another C5 member who figured out a way to do something I've been trying to do for 20+ years. THANK YOU!

    Second, last week I posted a new thread titled "calling all C-5 quads" in which I proposed possibly starting a forum for folks with C5 level injuries. The thread received a pretty good response with a dozen replies to the affirmative. Now, after looking through the forums I wonder if creating a forum for such a specific group fits your idea of how this system is to be organized. In my typical backwards fashion, I got the cart before the horse. So I ask you, is there room here for a C5 (C4/5/6) forum and if so, would serve a purpose? If a specific forum for our group is not a good idea, do you have any suggestions or recommendations for how we might best organize a discussion?

  78. View Conversation
    Recently I had a MRI which I can't figure out how to attach. My MD has been ill so I am working with her PA. She says I need to be seen soon, but all the neurosurgeons are booked out and I can't get in until mid-Feb. I am stressing out as I am not sure I fully understand the findings, but the PA said they are not good. I have been lookin on the Internet and have stressed myself out. I also wonder if I should ask to see a Neurologist and in addition to a Neurosurgeon. The impression from the MRI report states that I have central canal stenosis with cord compression at C4-5 with moderate to severe right and left foraminal stenoses and suspected myelomalcia at C2-3 or white matter disease.
  79. View Conversation
    I am new to this CC forum and I love it. I was injured while a passenger in my son in law vehicle. Have L1burst fracture on 11-5-10 was transfered to a trauma hospital and had surgery the next day. I have been home now 1 mo and walking with walker and walking some on my own, I am trying to be brave, but most of my pain is coming from my neuropothy in my feet, the tingling is gone it feels like I am walking on something heavy and thick. I am in therapy and go back and see my back dr in Feb. Do you think it is too early to see a nerve specialist? I am taking 600mg of gaba each day and coumadim for the blood clot that hit my lung after my surgery. I am dealing pretty well there are alot of patients worse than I am so I am thankful for my progress. I am using a tens unit here at home also do you think I can use on my feet or not? Thanking you in advance
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    I received a letter from Triad group recalling Sterile Lubricating Jelly manufactured by Triad group. Should I post it, and under which forum?
  81. View Conversation
    hello Wise Young, i posted today a thread re opiorphin
    and both looking extraordinarily useful for pain management,,,,,,, but how to get an Rx? It seems that there is no traction re pharmaceuticals companies as these are not patentable? So where to get some, how to use? Frankly as these have been known for some time now i am surprised that they are not widely used. So can you help me in this regard? Working in constant pain,,, well i am , shall we say, in compromised productivity. Thanks, Paul Nolan (
  82. View Conversation
    hi Dr wise...happy new yrea..great job u guys are doing..looking forwad 2 com for my OEC operation when im capable..God bless
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    I have C-5 through c-7 degeneration and stenosis that could cause paralysis at any time.
    I don't want to do a cervical laminectomy because I cough so hard with my respiratory disorder. What should I do? I know my neck is getting worse. Snap, crackle, Pop. If i'm ever in a car accident it would paralyze me. They won't operate until I'm infection free which I'm never infection free because of gamma globulin deficiency. What a cycle!! But if I do become paralyzed I would really have problems with respiratory. Please help!!
  84. View Conversation
    I am looking for treatment, using my own stem cells. Am healthy, 46, female, T-10,T-11 burst fracture injury. I don't qualify for study in Poland, using olefactory because of neropathic pain. PLEASE HELP.
  85. View Conversation
  86. View Conversation
    help would someone PLEASE advise me how to flush bladder and get microcyn into uniray cannal im male and 77 yrs old and purchased microcyn and DON'T know how to use it. [i get uti's to often thanks
  87. View Conversation
    Mr. Wise.
    I don't ask for much. Could I change my use name from jerryblt06 to maddog2020m?

    Thank you,
    Jerry Tom
  88. View Conversation
    Hi Mr. Young. I'm Dustin a c5-6 complete quad and after going to Ken Bryant's NSC therapy project Im no longer a quad. I have feeling and movement everywhere. Would love to talk to you over the phone about details. If interested just reply back and I'll give u my phone number. Thank you

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    I am 2 yers post op of a failed back surgery. Came out of the OR with no bowel or bladder function. I cath TID and manage bowels with fiber and Miralax. I just tried SNS (intersim) with no results. Is there anything going on with stem cells for Cauda Equina Syndrome?
  90. View Conversation
    (Continued from last message)
    They also say, that stem cell treatment would principally develop axons/dendrites in Neuron which actually pass signals. With the maturity of implanted neural stem cells, the new neural cells and the patient’s own neural cells will connect and a network will be established so that the neural system will be reconfigured. Stem cells will be directed to the damaged area and the treatment will control the stem cells’ differentiation and neural functioning expression, so that the patient’s neural system will be reconfigured and repair the patients’ part of the lesion of neural roots.
    My sensory are recovered almost. And from motory perspective, it's below knee, I have less power. I cannot rotate or tap feet. I have duck and slow walk. But can walk independent. Cannot stay more than 5 seconds.
    Awaiting for your comments
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    Respected Dr Wise Young,

    Can you please comment about neural stem cells for recovery awaited from partial Spinal Cord Injury #L1 .
    Neural stem cells coming from the neural system of the fetus (less than 4 months old) which are collected and further processed. Hosptial in China where I may look forward for treatment is saying that these stem cells will not differentiate into any other kind of cells except neuron precursors. To date, they have treated just over 1,700 patients and in the past 5 years of administering the stem cell treatment there have been no cases of cell rejection, or the development of tumors.
    (continued on next message)
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    I just received a copy of my MRI of cervical spine and have yet to speak with neurologist. I've had bad headaches for the last few months and always have tightness in my neck. The only thing I'm unsure about is as follows:
    There is straightening of the cervical spine. There is a new focus of T2 hyperintensity on saittal STIR images in the left paracentral aspect of the cord at the C4-C5 level. The abnormal cord signal measures 7 mm cranial caudad x 3 mm AP, and is not seen on non-fat suppressed T2 images. This finding is nonspecific, and may represent a focus of myleomalacia or demyelination. The cervicomedullary junction is intact. I had an MRI of the C spine in 2006. Since then I took a fall, 2008, landed on my back, smashed my head. This is the only thing I could think of that has happened since the prior scan. Can you please interpret this for me, the cord worries me.
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    my most recent posts are not showing up on the forum.What's the problem?
  94. View Conversation
    I have made a few posts,but don't see them posted.Is there a problem?
  95. View Conversation
    I have had my sp cath for 2 yeas and sometiimes like now i am in a lot pain, why? What can i do to fix it?
  96. View Conversation
    Hi Dr. Wise! I'm a T-12 SCI and had nerve pain in my hips/thighs. I had the DREZ procedure in April and my original pain is gone but now I often feel like I have a knife in my stomach and lower back pain (I never had before). I have nerve pain around my stomach/ribcage, mainly my sides, skin is sensitive to touch and I wake up often because it is too painful to lay for long. I also have what feels like bee stings to electric shocks all around.

    I'm having serious bowel problems - they just are not moving. I stopped taking all pain meds a couple months ago and experiencing withdrawal too. My GP put me (back on) Lyrica which I don't think will help as I was still on it when the pain started. He gave me Clonodine for withdrawal but had a bad reaction to it - it wasn't really helping anyway. As for my bowels, I thought being off morphine and other drugs would improve things. Did I make a mistake having the DREZ? Could this all be temporary and I've not given things enough time to settle?
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    Dear Wise,

    Suddenly there is a very idiotic idea / question mark.

    When we in a Sauna steam room when the
    We will expand the pores is not it?
    I do not know our cells the same?
    Then our nerves at the time because of expansion of steam to eliminate / oppression that caused by membrane injury, and promote cell regeneration / nerves of the joint.

    I am an idiot, right?
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    I posted in pain forum as cervical thoracic pain just a few days ago. I have concerns with the structure in cervical and thoracic area. If you could look at the post and help me find some question that will lead me down the road to a dx. I would appreciate any info.
    Thank you have a great day.
  99. View Conversation
    Dr. Wise,

    I so sorry you had to look all over for my original post, I believe it was combined with another I posted about AFO's. Thanks for your time and response.

    I realize you have many more people who are much more injured than myself who need your time, guidance and responses.

    I guess I just have to stop asking the $64,000 question about regaining more motor function. I realize no one can answer that question. I pretty much know the answer anyway. I suppose thats its a natural reaction to a permanent injury. It is what it is. I am grateful that i can walk albeit with its own set of problems. I dont at this point foresee that the function in my legs will ever get to the point that I can walk normally or run etc. I just have to learn to accept that.

  100. View Conversation
    why is this blog here, no one ever gets any answers, that are posted anyway.
  101. View Conversation
    v r completly shattered wid this comment of the doc, v luv our son v much and dont wnt to gv up tryng and wnt to do anythng and everythng to mk sure he receives the best possible treatmnt whch he surely deserves, money doesnt matter v can bear any amount of medical expense we jus wnt him bck, plz advice us if there is any medical treatmnt possible for this little baby, plz doctor i luv him v much plz hlp us v dont wnt to lose him plzzz..... m eagerly waiting for ur reply.. plz reply thnxx..
  102. View Conversation
    Marked cerebral atrophy, it has progressed from the previous study dt 22nd march 2010.
    Evidance of Microcephaly is noted
    changes of cystic encephalomalacia, predominantly in fronto parietal lobes
    bilateral sub dural collections likely hematomas
    MRS study shows features of loss of neuronal tissue in fronto parietal region and features of anaerobic metabolism, cell membrane break down in occipital lobes.
    after seeing his latest MRI the doc said tht he is wid us for a very few days and he askd to stop all the medications as he sees no point in continuing the medicines,
  103. View Conversation
    hello sir, i realy ned ur hlp, i am a mother of a 6 months old baby boy born wid MAconiam Aspiration syndrome wid HIE stage 2 wid an apgar score of 1 min of 4/5/5, resulting into cystic encephilomalacia in both the cerebral hemisphere, sever paucity of the white matter and also mild cerebral atrophy was noted wid the presence of prominent lipid lactate was in the brain, this MRI was done on the 22nd day of his life, he also has seizures started at the 24 hours of his life nw we give him gardinal 2.5 ml twice a day and also frisium 1/2 tablet of 5 mg twice a day, and also placidox2 1/8 tablet twice a day to hlp him managing stiffness wid the God's grace his seizures r well within control....
    however as suggested by the doctor we repeatd the MRI just days back and we were shock wid the results, the brain condition has worsened drasticaly widin months i type the MRI findings in a nutshell for u:-
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    Dear Young how r u? Hope u will be fine. Well as u know i always follow you and ur advise. You mean a lot to me. As i have no recovery yet from Dr Xiao's surgery so i m looking for treatment which can cure my bladder bowel and sexual function due to compression fracture at L1. What u are doing for lumbosacral injuries? Have u started treatments or will start now and how much you are hopeful that those treatments will cure BB and sexual function in case like me?
    Plz give the details of the treatment you are doing for lumbosacral injuries.

    God bless you always dear.
  105. View Conversation
    How is things ?
    I enjoyed your fluke fish article
    Sincerely ;
  106. View Conversation
    I have read that you have develloped AMPYRA by Acorrda. You have written in 2004 to ramp up 4-AP up to 40mg. Isn´t it too much because AMPYRA is now only 2x10mg/day?
    I have MS with walking problems. is it right that I´m not a responder after 4 weeks on 4-AP?
    Please write me a PM because I`m not often is this forum.
    Regards UWE
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    I am incomplete quad (ependymoma excision -C-4 to T6- 23 years ago).
    A month ago, Foley catheter tore urethra/bladder. Urologist recommends suprapubic in next six months - strictures likely to make intermittent catheterization undesirable. 7 mm kidney stone - no blockage.

    Hemorrhoids, yellow discharge from anus, 10 years since colonoscopy, abnormal perception of feeling cold (thyroid function?), problems clearing throat, sleep apnea, EKG abnormality, low BP, all suggest specialty hospital may be best.

    Urologist suggested Craig for suprapubic. They don't do gastrointestinal, and call in specialists for other things. There are two SCI centers in California (Downey and San Jose), and U.S. News & World Report identifies several others in California and a couple in Colorado to consider.

    Guidance about decision? Best evaluation/treatment from one visit to one hospital? Which hospital may be best equipped and staffed to handle all of these issues?

  108. View Conversation
    Im trying to get a response to my post, it was posted as CSM at 48 permanent spinal cord damamge? and cant seem to get repsonse. if you could look at it and give me your opinion i would appreciate. i dont know how else to get an answer on this forum. Thanks again.
  109. View Conversation
    I'm a physiatrist and have some doubts about ASIA classification and could use your help!
    In a patient with muscle grading of 3 or more at C5, with no motor function below, can I classifie him as motor level C5 if sensory function is preserved at C4 (presuming that motor function will also be preserved at C4)?
    Thank you for your attention. Best regards.
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    Dear Mr. Young,
    I would like to obtain your opinion on an issue. I was a former marathon runner and weight lifter prior to my injury three years ago. Since then my muscles transformed into jelly and lots of loose skin. I have tried to decrease my body fat the best I can. I was thinking of having plastic surgery to tighten my quads and hamstrings. The loose skin is very bad and pulls and rubs all the time. Have you known of any para to have this done for medical reasons verses cosmetics? I am just wondering if I will open up a can of worms health wise if I had any type of procedure done. I appreciate your comments. My email is Thank you for your time.
  111. View Conversation
    I want to help you raise big money. I know times are hitting you hard. I just made it a priority. I will talk to Jim about this and talk to some friends this weekend in New England. See you tonight. You are the best. M
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    Dr. Wise I have read your reason as to why you want to use umbilical cord stem cell and the fact that it is easily available. How would you compare this to using Schwann Cell?
  113. View Conversation
    Hi Everyone
    New at this. Anyway i would like to no what you would put on my prolapsed rectum to keep it moist. Have been using polysporin.
    Fell 40f in 1957 and ended up with a paralized bladder ended up catherizing
    myself but this was no problem along with my fractured back both wrists and
    learning to walk again. My sex life was capute.
    But this is a tuff one for me to solve. Have managed to keep it up (rectum )
    most off the time but there is times the dam thing wants to show its head.
    So i want it from turning black .
    Spent a year in the hospital recovering and feel most of your problems but
    i was lucky. You all sound like great guys.
    Would app. any help Whinton
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    Hi once again Dr. Young,

    Would you know if using the FES bike could cause exiting nerve pain to worsen?
    I am a C5/6 incomplete 11 years post injury. I know the bike helps to stimulate the deeper muscles to contract thus my reason for using it. It is on low stim also.

    Thank you.
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    Would the FES bike cause existing nerve pain to worsen?
  116. View Conversation
    Dr. Young, I got more info now. It's called a Precision SCS System, it's a implantable Pulse Generator, My foot Dr, just called and had me to come get a video of it. It showed more of the pain being in your legs and other area's but it didn't really say anything about the foot pain. It said it generated like a tingling sensation which is what I have now but mine is so strong that I'm NOT real sure what to think of this. They have a website at
    any insite you could give me would be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. View Conversation
    There a implant suppose to confuse the brain into not feeling the pain, here's a link for what I had posted here
  118. View Conversation
    Hey Doc, what do you think of the implant's "in the spinal canal" they are doing now to relieve foot pain? my foot Dr wants me to see about having it done but from what I have asked people here I'm a little bit leary.
  119. View Conversation
    Dear Dr. :

    It is a pleasure to get in touch with you. I have a very close friend who suffer serious damage due a car acciddent in january 2008 on her back (T3 & T4) as a result of this she is no able to estand up on her feet or walk.
    She also suffer others injuries, it would be very helpfull for her have an opinion of an especialist off your reputation. Dr. Wise what I can do, or where I can find you , so we can have your profesional opinion on her condition????

    I very glad on your help...
    Best regads
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    I have neurogenic bladder and bowel problems from a Tarlov cyst. I need to know if there is any urologist who are in my area that can help me with my bladder problems. Mine does not seem to be helping at all. I live in south, new jersey (ocean)
  121. View Conversation
    I been on SSD for two years now, I am question if I am able to get a loan to buy a energy efficient home. I have still more roads to go down for recovery, from neck surgerys and problems with dysfuntional bladder and liver problems, is there any resources in Southeast FL, that will fine me a suitable home?
  122. View Conversation

    Hi Dr Young
    I'm living with SCI 8 years and 10 years with cancer, multiple myeloma.

    I'm in a conntest at to host my own show on OWN and looking for the CareCure Community's help in overcoming the odds - a million to one, by VOTING for me.

    With YOUR help VOTES and support reaching out to your friends in the CC C and to your family and friends beyond CC C, TV viewers worldwide will see for the first time me hosting my show from a wheelchair. I think its about time for us, and the rest of the world, to see one of us on hosting their own TV show.

    Money earned from hosting will go to help the daily living of us with SCI.

    With gratitude,
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    Dr. Young,

    What's the latest on the clinical trials at Brackenridge in Austin? Samantha is still going to Roll 2 Walk and has had some return of hip flexor, lats and triceps.
    Checkout Roll 2 Walk's Casino Night 6/12/10. I'm not sure if their going to have a silent auction posted at website Checkout Samantha's blog about her sessions at Roll 2 Walk
  124. View Conversation
    dr young I sent you a private message on 6/3. I am a walking para 17 months out from a major ski accident L1 burst fracture. Did you get and will you be able to respond. bill wallace
  125. View Conversation
    Dr. Young,
    I'm Barb Blauw--Emily Blauw's mother. She would like to receive continuing rehab at Kennedy Krieger for recovery of hand function. Our insurance is denying-saying she can get the same in Michigan. Do you know of anything like that going on at RIM? By the way, go to MS Wheelchair Michigan website on facebook to see her latest adventures. Thank you for all. Barb
  126. View Conversation
    Dr. Young,

    I don't have a question I need an answer to, I just want to thank you for making this forum.

    Love and light,
  127. View Conversation

    Dear Dr. Young,

    My Dad has been in and out of ICU at North Shore Plainview since December 5th. As a multiple stroke victim 11 years ago, he battled back and could walk. Now, he has survived rectal bleeeding, a heart attack, arithmea, high blood pressure three or four bouts with aspiration pneumonia, failed kidneys (now restarted slowly after dialsis) and cd. He is very much conscious, moves around in bed and even fights to get out. However, on this his third ventilator application, he cannot yet wean and we are being forced to move him soon. Please suggest an excellent weaning facility and swallowing therapy so that I may restore his quality of life and bring him home.

    Thank you,

    Steven Jr.
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    dear dr wise my son has a t -11 injury he has gotten a bed sore any ideas about cure have you heard of derma wound
  129. View Conversation
    hello dr. young, i saw this post by you, and im a bit curious.
    "There is no evidence that the taking your own bone marrow and then reinfusing it or placing it intrathecally will do anything to improve function in people with chronic spinal cord injury (>1 year)
    is there evidence that it works in the acute face? and how will you definde acute , days, weeks, months?
  130. View Conversation
    HO specialist(s) recommendation for severe TBI survivor, 20 years post-injury?

    Thank you for this forum.

    (Meant this to be a private message or email. Sorry.)
  131. View Conversation
    dear dr. young. i am a c5-c7 incomplete 8 months post injury. i have no problems with my arms or hands, but i have little control over my abs and lowerback. I crawl very well and also very fast, but i have very little movement in my legs. when i see videos uploaded by people with sci, i have not seen anyone crawl better than me and they have a lot more control over their legs. i am very confused. can you give any answer to this. If its my hip muscles i use, should'nt i then be able to walk with braces. thank you so much. Andy
  132. View Conversation
    Hello Dr Young
    i have sent you a message on your email i hope i haven't disturbed you, Bernard is fine now he must have had a really bad day with his game anyway it made me more aware of what he is going through and pulled me back to his world, please if there is anything i could help to progress the research let me know i need to know if i can make a diffrence . thank you Renee
  133. View Conversation
    hello dr young,
    how are you?
    and whats do you think about this?
    i would like to operate with stem cell embryo, stimulation électric, stem cell embryon ,neurogel and endrophine?‏
    i would like operate next month with all products.
    stem cell embryo its risquy?

    thanks you so much

    thanks for your answer
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    Hello Dr. Young-
    My husband was currently diagnosed with SM on monday. He had symptoms in 2003 that went away and also in 2007, he had MRI's done but it wasn't until last monday they finally did an MRI on the throacic part of the spine to find a syrinx T7-T10. I am concerned he has had this syrinx since 2003 and its gotten worse (he has had symptoms since Jan that are not getting any better....tingling, spasms, numbness, etc). We live in NJ and are trying to seek out the best NS who specializes in SM. Do you have anybody you would recommend? You seem so knowledgeable in the field and was hoping if you had any input that would be terrific!!!

    Thank you!
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    Hello Dr. Young
    What do you think about beike biotech in china and their stem cells program?
  136. View Conversation
    Hello Dr. Young,

    did you know that?
    Isn`t it a scandal?

    Kind regards

  137. View Conversation
    Dear Dr.Wise Young,

    I am a T3 level SCI person using suprapubic catheter. I have severe low back pain, my doctor(ortho) after evaluating me has advised to do spinal extension exercise to deal with the pain. Spinal extension exercise involves lying on the stomach and press up on hands slowly, keeping hips in contact with floor. My concern is, lying on the stomach and putting pressure on the catheter&bladder can irritate and contract the bladder, I am already taking detrusitol towards bladder care. I thank you in advance for your reply.

    Kind regards,
  138. View Conversation
    Dear Dr.Wise Young,

    I am a T3 level SCI person using suprapubic catheter. I have severe low back pain, my doctor(ortho) after evaluating me has advised to do spinal extension exercise to deal with the pain. Spinal extension exercise involves lying on the stomach and press up on hands slowly, keeping hips in contact with floor. My concern is, lying on the stomach and putting pressure on the catheter&bladder can irritate and contract the bladder, I am already taking detrusitol towards bladder care. I thank you in advance for your reply.

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Dr. Young,

    In your opinion, would receiving mesenchymal, adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood at Wu stem cell hospital in China, provide any efficacy for treating MS (PPMS vs. RRMS). Cervical lesion is over 4 inches long with flame shape at ends, so I was first thought to have Devic's. Thoracic lesion is 1.5 inches. I can walk, but right leg is very weak. Wu docs recommend fetal neural stem cells, but I have ethical issues with these and don't think that they are safe. Their second choice is the umbilical cord stem cells, followed by my own pelvic bone marrow hematopoetic SC. Due to my age, (50), they don't think the latter would work well. We'd all like a cure, but am I being stupid and imprudent to want to try this? Thank you.
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    I have been waiting for suffocating, hurry up let us restore the health bar. Going crazy!
  141. View Conversation
    what would you do if you had a C4 injury... So close
  142. View Conversation
    nice picture Dr wise.
    I thought I was clicking on a thread and got your profile instead, so a little treat for me.
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    Dr. Young,
    I am a c2-c3 vent dependant quadriplegic post 13 years. My younger sister is currently two months pregnant and I would like to know if she should donate the umbilical cord blood to a private blood bank for me "just in case? "
    Thank you,
    Thelma McGhee
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    How to buy advertising at your forum
    [-image deleted-]
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    This is Cristina sci-c6. I broke my tibia bone (spiral fracture) 3 weeks ago. I am on a cast. In spite of my concerns re complications, the orthopedist still put a cast on my leg. He took it off 2 weeks after and found an inch 1/2 in diameter pressure spot behind my hill. Yet he puts another cast and will take it off in a week to check how the skin is doing (?)

    I realized that the treatment I am getting is way far from your recommendations on how to treat a sci bone fracture.

    I've lived in San Francisco, CA for the past 9 years and have not yet found a SCI specialist.

    Can you guide me a bit please? Do you know of any sci specialist here in SF (or close) that could work in collaboration with the orthopedist? What is the right way to treat this? Now that I already have a pressure spot, should I keep wearing a hard cast? Is there an alternative to it? How about surgery?
    Please, any information you can give me I would deeply appreciate.

    Thank you,
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    This is Jenet Langjahr, mother of Derek Langjahr. SCI in 2003 para. Went to China in 2005 and had benefits from surgery. We are returning in June and would like to know your thoughts about the additional LP and IV bone marrow addition to the OEG transplantation. Have you visited China recently? Derek is currently receiving HGH and intensive PT. Would appreciate any advice on this new advancement. I also understand they are using Lithium post op...
  147. View Conversation
    I am excited to have found this site. I am still learning to use it. I was not sure if this would be the right place for this question but.... I need help with understatnding my MRI findings. Here goes.
    L3-4 mild disc bulge, mild facet arthopathy and bilateral mild foramiuring 2.5 mm in the AP dimension with an annular tear. Moderate facet arthopathy and bilateral moderate neural foraminal narrowing due to underlying disc bulge.
    L5-S1 Mild disk bulge. Moderate facet arthropathy with bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.
    Dr. says this is normal for a person my age? I am in alot of pain.
    Thanks for your help.
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    i am a c6 quad complete and want to have a tendon surgery to restore my finger and thumb functions. i have following active muscles in my forearm and their strength is(brachioradialis 5,pronator teres 4,supinator 4,extensor carpi radialis 5)

    if any experienced person could advise me about the above mentioned muscles to be used in finger and thumb flexion and extension ?

    will my tansferred muscle replace the existing function with a new one or i will be
    able to do both the functions consequently,after tendon transfer?
  149. View Conversation
    Dear Dr Wise,
    I am sorry to keep contacting you. This I am sure you understand is only due to my state of mind due to the symptoms that I experiencing. You said in one message to me said that the antibiotics that i was taking were not the right ones. On the sources that you refered me to it lists as one treatment Ofloxine (floxine). Having torn the pharmacists sticker off the packet of Medofloxine that I am taking it states there Ofloxine. Does that mean that the antibiotic that I am taking is Ok. I am taking 200mgs twice per day. Should it be increased to 400mg twice per day as the sources say. Further is it unreasonable for me to expect the drug to work within 48 hours. I would sincerely appreciate your views.
  150. View Conversation
    China has just ushered in the Year of the Tiger! The first time, I put Tiger to give you all the blessings of all, wishing a successful experiment as soon as possible to wish you and your family, happy work, happy life! All my friends at home and abroad to join us to enjoy blessings! Christina
  151. View Conversation
    Dear Dr Wise Young Hi
    The Other day I gave my Dr this address because his nephew is a incomplete quad like myself
    I just wanted to let you know I am trying to bring new SCI people here to Care Cure ok ?
    Thank you for everything
    Hope you have a good day
    Sincerely ;
    Gypsylady Judy
  152. View Conversation
    Dr. Young,
    After talking with Dr. Al-Zoubi of the Jordanian team by phone, I feel his integrity is genuin. I have sent all my medical records to Jordan and will wait to see if I met their team of 35 professionals criteria for therapy. I read that you would like to go yourself to observe their method of operation. I have nerve damage from an AVM and can not walk post 18 months surgery. I will be their frist sci patient with an AVM, but maybe it will if real, work a little faster for me. If accepted and I go, would you go? It appears to be a 50/50 deal and I must try. Any advice Dr. Young?
  153. View Conversation
    Dear Sir
    a 24-year old youngman has had AVN Femoral Head. Is there a stem cell cure for such a case and where can I find a trustful clinic.

    Would help me in this, Please
  154. View Conversation
    Hi Wise,

    My sincere apologies for that. Consider the matter taken care of. I do see how spammers have essentially ruined other forums and certainly it was never my intention to join their ranks! I intend to continue to participate in these forums, if that's ok. All the best.

  155. View Conversation
    why I was given the ban as a spammer? What have I done?
    I publish their posts!
    What have I done wrong?

  156. View Conversation
    jhorn4012 Texas

    didn't have your facebook email and can't post to my facebook. Please checkout Samantha's blog at Roll 2 Walk: this week and if you would like post to forum for others to follow.
  157. View Conversation
    Dr. Yang
    I am a Chinese boy, 02 injured, 22-year-old want to participate in your umbilical cord blood in Hong Kong, plus lithium treatment initiated clinical trials in volunteers, I do not know Daoxing not work, if feasible Who do I contact to go? Saw your lot Posts people who feel you are approachable busy so be sure to talk about to see. thank you.
  158. View Conversation
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  159. View Conversation
    Hi Mr. WiseWhen
    I was paralyzed trying to rescue my fiance a E.R. physician from U of M who ended up being fine(just playing a joke on me)He pulled me out of the water over a boat ledge, they rolled me over then lifted me and placed me on bench, then into a car, then before I lost consciousness gave me a fistful of Ibuprofen, I awoke the next day in bed, he never took me to the hospital even though I told him that I was paralyzed from chest down. I could barely breathe. 4 days later he took me to E.R. I lost 10lbs had elevated off the chart labs etc. My question is "Did the delay of care cause me to later get a syrinx in the place of injury" If I would have been treated sooner I believe I would not have a syrinx-Received a 10 hour trans-abdominal Thoracotomy with T12-L1-L2 fusion, a cadeaver humeral bone in place of L1, 2 rods, 4 screws, removal of 10th rib of course for surgical entry.
  160. View Conversation
    hi Mr Wise
    I recently had an MRI and dont umnderstand a word of it it states as followed...
    There is loss of normal cervical lordosis evidence of ACDF at C5/6 there is central disc/osteophyte disease at C4/5 whi9ch is indenting the theca and is displacing the spinal cord it extends to both lateral formina causing forminal narrowing at C5/6 there has been decompression of the spinal canal. There is no evidence of significant disc /osteophyte disease elswhere causing thecal or root compression the cranial and central spinal is of normal size the cranio vertebral junction is normal conclusion significant reduction in spinal canal due to reversal of spina;l curvatureand disc disease at 4/5 .
    Mayt I add I get significant pain at C2 which has not been mentioned and significant disability which has also not been mentioned I am currently trying to get sent to the nearest spinal unit in leeds uk but dont understand what this all means can you please explain it too me
  161. View Conversation
    Dr.young,please help me!!
  162. Hi Dr Young,
    I am a 28 year-old woman.
    2005: Ruptured cerebral aneurysm. Coiling procedure caused an "ACA territory infarct".
    Recent MRI, went to a clinic to discuss hyperbaric oxygenation. Doctor was extremely concerned that my Neurologist and Neurosurgeons didn't ever mention cystic encephalomalacia, listed in MRI report. This doctor has informed me of the risk that the damaged area of my brain may grow larger. I have never been told this. Until I see my new private neurologist in December, I am trying to gather information on encephalomalacia, but it's very hard to find.
    The doctor who informed me of the encephalomalacia is not qualified in this area. His website is
    I write to you in the hope that you can clarify a couple of things for me.
    1. Can cystic encephalomalacia spread or grow larger, causing more damage to my brain? and 2. In your opinion/experience, is hyperbaric oxygenation therapy beneficial for this kind of condition?
    Thanks so much.
  163. View Conversation
    Dr.Young. My 3 week old daughter was admitted to the University of Michigan Childrens Hospital because she wasn't gaining enough weight and had "floppy" arms. They found neuroblastoma on her spine from c3-t2 that was compressing her spine. It has been 3 weeks since the surgery and she is now moving her legs, biceps, toes, and a little finger and wrist movement. We tried to extubate twice and she breathed on her own for 6 hours each time but then began laboring and collapsed a lung each time. Her diaphragm and intercostal muscles work, they just need to be stronger. She has a trach and ventilator and she is breathing over the vent and doesn't need oxygen. She is showing small improvement all the time, but she has still not shown any movement in her triceps. I understand that C7 is where that is controlled, so if everything above and below that seems to work ok, will the triceps control concievably return? Also, when should they start the process of trying to wean her off the vent?
  164. View Conversation
    Dr. Young,
    I am 54 years old with a 2 year old SCI. Doc screwed up a Kyphoplasty and pierced my SC. I have been active, used FES bike, and participated in a Lokomat study for 75 sessions in the machine with weight supported tread mill walking. Have regained alot. Just starting at Kennedy Kreiger with land and water based therapy. Do you need a female for your new study with lithium and stem stem cells? Heard about it from my doc Sheehan, who sat with you during a conference? Thanks Squiffy at
  165. View Conversation
    Hi Dr. Young,
    My name is Donnette and I take care of a SCI patient. He is preparing to got to China for the stem cell treatment at the end of this year. He will have the procedure at Shijiazhuang and the head doctor is DR Li. Do you know anything about the doctors there or about the success rate from that centre? He really just wants some comfront to know he will see improvement in his life and it's spending money for nothing. Pleases respond with any advice you can give us. Thank You
  166. View Conversation
    Dr. Young,
    I was so happy to be able to meet you at W2W! My level of hope has increased after hearing you and the other researchers.
  167. View Conversation
    I had seen a video of you on youtube saying that stem cell treatment will be available at Brackenridge Hospital by 2011. I am really interested in this procedure because my daughter was born with optic nerve hypoplasia that has left her visually impaired. I want to know if there is any information you can give me so I could have this procedure done with my daughter to restore her vision.
  168. It looks like a spammer or just nasty (check it out & you'll know what I mean) person hit housing & home under the name teensm - it's called "new platform" and is pure filth!
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    DR. WISE sorry for blowing up on some of these ppl but u see how negative they can be. but ant ways since this was the second presentation ive been to of yours im starting to understand it more. i know u said not to call it a scar but what do u think or what do u expect to happen to the so called scar when u eject ur cells? disappear or turn back into good tissure?
  170. View Conversation
    I was wondering if you read any of the posts on my son and if you have any ideas for me.

  171. View Conversation
    My son is 18 and was just diagnosed with Idiopathis Transdural Spinal Cord Herniation. In researching this disorder I am finding that there just isn't enough information due to it's rarity. We are looking for a surgeon that has performed surgery specifically for this condition. Is that you?? If not can you please help us in finding him the right help. This is the best time in his life to have something done. He has incredible insurance and is under our roof.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    With sincere gratitude,
    Connie Held
  172. View Conversation
    I have some questions about my sons injury I have posted on here a few times. I was just wondering if you have any ideas on his injury and if you think there is any alternative treatment to help him. I had a baby we banked the babies cord blood because we knew that they are starting to research stem cells. Im not even sure if he could use his brothers cord blood or if they would just take some from himself, I really haven't had a chance to check into it much. We have three boys 8, 5 and 4 months. I hope I hear from you. Thanks
  173. Hello sent you a Private mesage . thanks
  174. do you have anything to do with Brain talk , if so I am asking a favor. They ban me for posting a fundraiser , which I have seen numerous fundraisers on that site anyway. I have been there for many years and this hurts me deeply. I am one of the voices for Chiari Malformation. can you see if they will let me back in . I would appreciate it sooooooo much . thanks
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    Hi am new I?
  176. View Conversation
    Any informationabout this upcoming stem cell trial?
  177. View Conversation
    hi Dr young i been reading alot about you and Dr geeta i have been for the treatment and i am in so much pain that it feals like i am dieing i am on morphine for the pain relif and it is not working it is going worse day by day i dont no what to do i will be great full if i can help you in any way to stop the devil Dr geeta shroff she is playing with peoples lifes
  178. View Conversation
    Hi Dr. Young, I am not sure if this was the forum to bring my question up or not. The web has very little to offer on Cauda Equina Syndrome and my husband is becoming increasing depressed and frustrated since his surgery in December. We know it could be always could be...but right now he is unable to work and has several issues since surgery. I posted a question about EMG's and CES in the Cure Forum. Not sure if I would get far some views but no comments. I am really hoping to hear from you. We have NO direction and hope to find a doc in metro Detroit that deals with CES. Thanks again. Beth
  179. View Conversation
    Just figured i'd say hi
    thank you
    Sincerely ;
    Your Friend

    keep in touch
  180. View Conversation
    Dr. Young I'm a 25 year old male with a C-5-6 injury I have my wrist. I have been injured since 07/04/2005. I work about 5 hours a day on rehab. been to Project Walk in Ca. about 4 times and I have seen alot of inprovement in my recovery. I can stand holding a bar. I would like to know more about your research and be put on your list for some research that your are conducting that someone at Step it Up in Sandford Florida told me about. Please email me and my dad at to let me know more about this new reserch that you are doing. Thanks Dustin.
  181. View Conversation
    This is the gulf war vet that sent you a msg about the removal of a bullet that penetrated the spine
  182. View Conversation
    A child on the New Zealand News with cerebral palsy was greatly helped with umbilical stem cells under the care of Dr Steenblock in Mission Vejio, California. News video here:
    Drs phone number is 949 367 8870
    I hope this is of help.
  183. View Conversation
    Hi Dr Young, I need your opinion about Fetal stem cell for cerebral palsy for my son 14 years old on wheelchair but very smart kid in 8 grade. I am looking for treatment 5 weeks in Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital via lumbar cord 4 injection plus medication Intra vene to stimulate the own stem cell plus phisical therapy did you hear about this treatment in China and what are you think about that.Thank you.
  184. View Conversation
    Hi dr young- I am currently in Chengdu hanging out with a friend of mine. So far we've found a great massage place but then came at a dead end at the English speaking hosp. Surely there is an outpatient facility I can go to that spealizes in sci physyical therapy.

    btw. I will be coming to Kunming check out the army general hospital and what u have done there and perhaps do a couple of sessions as I will be there for 3 days. Please advise. I am in china for a month.
  185. View Conversation
    Dr. Young,
    I'm a T-4 Complete 6 months post and was wondering about IGF-1(Insulin-Like Growth Factor) and HGH for bone density preservation? Also, do these help with recovery and does stimulating(NEMS electrodes in same place as FES) muscles while in the standing frame help with bone density or at least keep it from atrophying? What do you reccommend to keep my body in the best shape possible for maybe some future therapies?
  186. View Conversation
    Hi, my mother was diagnosed with transverse myelitis about 15 years ago. She has been on very high doses of prednezone all these years. We live in Alabama and she has been seeing a MS doctor in Montgomery Al. for many years. She doesn't have MS and I was just wondering if there may be a Transverse Myelitis Specialist out there somewhere. I know it is a rare diasease...but I wish she could get off the steroids. In the past, when they would completely take her off the prednezone, she would go paralyzed from the waste down. It is the only thing that has helped...I was hoping that maybe in 2009, there were some different treatments that we do not know about that could help her. This particular doctor that she sees, doesn't really seem to know. At this point in her life...she feels like giving up...I wish I could give her a ray of hope! Thank You!
  187. View Conversation
    How are you. I m a rehab Intern.Ihv a patient which has the SCI(C4/C5).He asked me one day whether the stem cell transplanting hv the effect or not. I m not sure, so I looked up through the internet.It seems that there is a good effect about stem cell transplanting to SCI. Do u think so? Your respons r appreciate.By the way, I m in China.
    The Best.
  188. View Conversation
    I just noticed the rutgers HKU Caltech axis..RE chondroitin sulfate + axons and dendrites.
    Can you tell me who in China is using iPS or mesenchymal sc for therapy?
    Thanks, Jonathan
  189. View Conversation
    Dr. Young,

    Two questions: How much of an association, if any, is there between crawling and walking? Would the GRASSP test from the NACTN trial be something that can be incorporated into the Lithium_Umbilical cell test to evaluate potential changes in hand function?
    Thanks in advance!
  190. View Conversation
    In spite of negative comments on this site about Dr. Kao, I have to say that my son had surgery in Dayton, WA from Dr. Kao 22 years ago and regained his bladder function. He removed a calcified disc anteriorily that had been missed by his previous surgeons several months earlier. He exhibits compassion, insight and encouragement in dealing with his patients.
  191. View Conversation
    Dr. Carl Kao came and examined my son this weekend (including x-rays and MRIs) and diagnosed a syringomyelia which is causing a rather large gap in his spinal cord. He has been in chronic pain for about 10 years and Dr. Kao feels this is the cause. In addition, he has had a huge Stage V decubitus open wound for almost two years. They have cultured MRSA, E Coli, pseudomonas, etc and he has been on 24 hour/day IV antibiotics through a pic line (Vanco and Rocephin). Dr. Kao proposes to bridge the gap in his spinal cord with a sural nerve from his leg. He states that it is one of three sensory nerves and does not really affect anything. He also says that Schwann cells are the only ones that will work in this situation and proposes that he can immediately close the wound and handle the drainage with a 20 cc syringe with negative pressure. My daughter wants to donate stem cells when she gives birth. What is the potential for that and where would they inject them.
  192. View Conversation
    Hi again Mr Wise
    I have to have another op after losing feelings in my fingers and pins nd needles in hands neck and shoulder area however when I had my last one 2004 i had a dble fusion and laminectomy which resulted in left side weakness bein in permanant pain and swan neck deformity, downward gaiter with being general neurological unsound my C2 is now unoperable and c3-4-5-6 is fused I am scared I wont pull through or that I will end up paralysed from the neck down any advice I am feeling like it might be better for me to end it rather than put my family under more pressure as I have a disabled son and a daughter who is a one parent and pregnant and my mother is getting a bone scan on monday after prev having breast cancer and full chemo I cant cope anymore
  193. View Conversation
    I have MS. How can I obtain Fampridine.
  194. View Conversation
    would you please read my post?? i need help. im soo frustrated
  195. View Conversation
    Thanks for being awesome =) wish there were more people like you in this world.
  196. View Conversation
    Dr Young,

    I'm 30yrs post injury. I have had numerous skin graft surgeries on both hips. Muscle tissue from both of my front quadraceps were used to make skin grafts to assist in recovery in extreme decubitis ulers on my hips. As such, i don't think my body can sustain standing, even on a standing frame. The last time i was on a standing frame some 22yrs ago, my blood pressure shot through the roof. No tests were taken to determine why. I was lowered and back in my chair.

    I know i will most likely not be able to walk ever again and this is very discouraging. However if i can regain bowel and bladder function back i would be more than satisified. With this said, would i not be better suited to undergo the surgery in China? I would very much appreciate your opinion on this, you may email me at Thank you very much for your time.

    Alex G
  197. View Conversation
    ps: nice haircut, dude lol.
  198. View Conversation

    any comments? I don't find this to be accurate as neither drugs effects the CNS directly.
  199. View Conversation
    Hi,Dr Young,I'm Rosalinda am a quad c-5 c-6 incomplete,can stand have feeling everywhere but right calf and left hand. Also,have diabetes 2. Please help,trying to get name on list for clinical trials on adult stem cell in China or Germany,anywhere! Who would I speak to? I spoke with John Collison from Hawaii,he had adult stem cell in China.Please get back to me anytime 708-299-6227 Thank you,R
  200. View Conversation
    hi dr young,
    i've been looking on the forums for suggestions on "curing" an incomplete sci. can you point me to the right place? i'm injured c4-7 and have made strong gains 1 yr out (walking with cane, left hand partially paralyzed v. left side paralyzed after surgery).
    thank you.
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