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    Wise,am digging the hair cut, it is the first I've seen the photo.

    You look so "young" and fresh.
  2. Can I please request that people post these questions in the forums, instead of to my visitor messages. I don't often check my visitor messages and would rather post long answers in the main carecure forums, if possible. I check the Cure Forum daily. Wise.
  3. Jennifer,

    Your description does sound like that of a cauda equina. The spinal cord typically ends at L1. In some people, it can extend into L2. An L1 vertebral injury is likely to damage the conus (the tip of the spinal cord) and some of the spinal roots that are emanating from the conus at L1. It should produce a "saddle-shape" distribution of sensory loss and paralysis of most of the muscle groups innervated by the sacral segments, including the lower legs. You should be getting back some of your hip flexors and even your quadriceps (which are from your L2-5 spinal cord segments). I posted a long piece about diagnosing cauda equina syndrome some time ago. I did a search for them. You might be interested in the following threads.

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    Dear Dr. Young,
    I was in a car accident in July last year, where I suffered an injury at L1. I went into surgery immediately and was fused from t11to L3, and was told that I "crunched" my nerves. I was at in patient therapy when they told me I presented as a cauda equina case. I have no spastisity, I can feel down to my hips and have full function to that point as well. As of late I have hip flexors rating at a 2- and getting stronger, adductors at a 2-and gluetes at a rating of 1. Last couple of weeks my quads have been firing as I take steps in my braces and doing squats on a total gym.
    My question is, am I really cauda equina? And if so what should I typically expect and if not then what?
    I'm very new to this injury and still so confused
    Thank you for your time
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    Dr Wise Young.
    Thanks for the reply.
    I did read through your information on the complexity of issues with the cauda equina with regards to damaging the cauda equina and damaging also the dorsal nerve roots. It looks as the problems I had to do with damaging the cauda equina are repairing, only after extensive exersize and keeping at it. Nerve roots I am not so lucky.
    Is there anything I can do to encourage more research in this area in the USA?
    Cell transplantations sounds good, I hope you have some success even a little would be a help. Thanks again. Karl.os
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    Thanks Doc! I am doing pretty good right now and getting ready to go down to the 12 mcg patch Monday, The spasm's and burning finally let up! still bothered with a few spasm's but it's tolerable now. I just hope the Lyrica takes care of what pain I have had in my legs to be able to get off that patch, they really scare me! and I have been on them going on 7 yrs now that's long enough! thank's again!!!

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    Hi Dr Wise Young.
    Quite a large forum site. Question I would like to ask . I had severe nerve root damage Cauda Equina L4 (hip flex) both right and left side (more on the right). Do you know of any treatments that may institute an improvement or a fix in the world? Now or up and coming. New Zealand is a small place. I have read through a lot of information on this site and others looks like hope may be the only answer. I need crutches to walk after about 50 yards. I did read through information on Lower Thoracic and Cauda Equina Injuries you posted 13 may 2005. I thank you for your time.
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    My second question is should she undergo this treatment with the Tiantan Puhua hospital? The senior specialists Dr. Wu Li Ke and Dr. Wang Xiao Juan have left the hospital and opened the Wu Stem Cells Medical Centre

    I thank you in advance for the constructive advice.
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    Hi Dr. Young, first of all I would like to express gratitude over what you have done to help the SPI communities. Your advice, I believe, have helped many others who are in need. As for me, I'm also trying to help. My friend's mom has been diagnosed with ALS, and since the diagnosis, she has been experiencing muslce wasting on her left arm, muscle twitching and cramps, pins and needles, and also severe depression. Recently, some friends advised her to go for stem cell treatment in China. We have found this Tian Tan Puhua hospital in Beijing, and it seems that they, particularly Dr. Wu Li Ke and Dr. Wang Xiao Juan, have treated over 300 patients with difficult diseases. My first question is should my friend's mom undergo this treatment in China? I heard the combination of stem cell treatment and TCM (acupuncture, chinese medicine, etc) has better recovery result.
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    Hello Dr. Young, my name is David Black and in the past I asked you about clinical trials. I am a 29 yr. old T-10 who has been a paraplegic for over 3 yrs. I was scanning the internet for stem cell surgery for chronic SCI and I found that you were leading in clinical trials in Albany and St. Louis. I want to be in one of them regardless of the consequences. I found a contact person but the email would not go through. Can you point me in the right direction? Give me a number or a contact person? All I want is a chance. Thank you.- David Black
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    Hello.I got TM 2 years ago and I'm recovering succesfully. My doctors told me last time when I went to hospital that I will fully recover because they began treatment on the first day i came to hospital. I was wondering how can i get stronger cause my muscles were fully atrophied and my progress is pretty slow. I will start with electrical muscle stimulation due to my physical therapist recomendation. I'll post more when I see how progressing will it be. I was wondering if u have some advices for me... If u got please e-mail me on ty for understanding.
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    Hi Doc, I got a question. I been trying to go off the fentanyl patches, from a 50 to a 25 that I'm on now and am going to try the 12 next time. But now I am noticing the back of my thighs "hamstrings" sometimes the muscles are so tight they kind spasm but now I am having quite alot of burning there. Somteimes it keeps me awake, and I am wondering if this could be nerve pain or what? My Dr. really has No idea on this stuff, and I think is just kinda winging it with me. I have had to go off it because of loosing my prescription coverage and to get my cost's down to where I can afford them. I have been put on Lyrica for my feet and lower legs taking 150mg 3 x dailey. guess I am trying to figure what is the burning now? Any ideas?
    Also Thanks again for giving us this place to learn about our problems, and having help from everyone here, you and the SCI nurses!!!
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    hello dr. young
    my name is ken and i am a reg on friday nights. my injury in july 07 is c-6, however before i did that i tore my left acl in my knee wrestling. this presents a problem to me now because the research i am involved in at kessler has me walking and bearing weight on that leg. should this knee injury prevent my walking theropy? thank u for your time and all u do for us, it never goes unrecognized...
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    Dr Young,
    Thank you for this forum, I am Incomplete c-3-4 I can walk and use my left side but right side is deficiant. I am very lucky to have what I do. I ride bike alot to keep my muscles loose or I get very spastic. Pain and temp issues from chest line down. Im not complaining but there is no good spinal cord injury no matter how slight or severe. Thank you again
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    Dr Young,

    I am from India and patient of Dr. Alok Sharma. In fact, he suggested me to this forum. I am L1 partial but recovered to good extent. But not full and critical. I can walk but like a penguin due to foot drop. I cannot stand on my own for more than 2-3 secs. I want to undergo Adult Stem Cell Treatment. Pls help.
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    Hi Dr. Young
    I posted a thread in the cure forum about transected cords but have gotten no response so I have decided to write to you directly. I just recently had my first MRI and was told that for the most part my spinal cord had been transected at the t10 t11 level with just minimal residual normal cord at t10 t11. With that being said does this basically disqualify me from any "cell therapy" if a breakthrough were to occur in that area. Also, do you have any insight into PN grafts. I was told by my neurologist the MRI revealed that my spinal cord above my t10 level is normal and below my t11 region is normal. Does that make some type bridge bypassing the injured part of my cord more feasible for someone in my condition if and when that breakthrough happens. Thank you.
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    Dear Dr. Young.
    I found the 'decorin' research, by Dr. Dvies, very intressting. Do you have any information about the human trials with this methode? Best regards, Alipur.
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    hi dr.young

    it is for my pleasure to send to you,my name is haithem ,i am working in EBEWE pharmceutical company,in the middle east area ,i have read your review about cerebrolysin,and i hope to know from your experience how you deal with this drug for your patients,and how you see the most probable indication for the drug?
    And also i hope if there is any data can be helpful even if it is aganist,because i really interested from the review,and we still not launched it yet in some countries.
    my e-mail is
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    Hi doctor Young, I'm Jerry From Australia ive spokeing to you before
    one of the reasons i'm writting to you is that i heading to HongKong
    on the 26/4/09 till 5/5/09 i would like to see you at the spinal unit
    in h/kong, can you please email me back on this address looking forward to hearing from you.
    thank you for your time.
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    Hi dr young!

    I am in Qingdao, Shandong Province.
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    Hi dr young !

    See your message, I am excited for a long time! I filled in the information part, the remaining do not know, there is no fill. (My English is very poor)!

    I have mild renal hydronephrosis, (injured two years) there is no stone, bladder capacity of 800ml, I need treatment? How can I return to the renal level of health?

    Finally I wish you the April 2009 visit to China successful, China welcome you!
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    hi dr young can u pls help me? I am 46 I had a spinal laminectomy and dbl fusion c3-c6 but more damage c2, I lost the strength laft side during op and have slowely recovered enough to walk and Im on amitrplyn codiene diclo phenic, Ibrugel, and ducosate but since op have had a spinal displacesure last year and 2 wks ago again, I have pins and needles in my shoulders and neck and a light headedness, I got an mri 6 mnths ago which showed partial volume at T10 and I i lose feeling in fingers I am so scared I am going to end up tetra plegic what are the fatality rates after this kind of op? am I slowly going to degenerate more? Iv been told they cant op again as its too dangerous Im in pain most at night is there anything else I can do to prevent further damage do I actually have any future? can anybody help?
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    Hi Doc I was just contacted by RIC and told of a drug/lokomotor study I was told to pass along info to other interested parties. Is it cool to post it here? I was thinking the SCI Clinical Reasearch forum, would that be the correct place. I would like for others to know but I don't wanna step on anyone's toes. (even if some of us can't feel it)
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    dear dr Young first I would like to thank you for all the good you have done in this field I am curently in Montenegro, if you ever find your self in this part please contact me i wish you to be my guest, I have talked to you via email few times over the years I am a t5 para , do you know of Neurovita that is available in Rusia and what do you think of it in advance thx and may you have happines and joy Ambroz..
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    Is there any kind of foam that could be put on the front rail of the Motion Concepts seat I have like 4 bolts that I assume are holding the front rail on. The back of my calf's rub on them & make them sore
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    dear wise,
    Sunday am a good friend of my son, Noah, was injured C4-C7 in a diving accident. He is currently in hospital in Albany, NY hoping to move to Craig asap. It appears at this time that his injury is incomplete-he has some sensation in hands and toes. He has been removed from initial vent.
    Since this injury is still "acute", do you know if the Cethrin trials are still going on or if it is possible or plausible to check this out. Do you have any recommendations for treatment at this early time that might help him.
    This is just so devistating...such a high injury. Any help you can offer would be so appreciated.
    Best to you.
    Mimi Wight
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    Hi Dr. Young,

    I was able to contact Hopsital for Special Surgery yesterday, and they contacted me and I gave my friend with that rare condition the information.

    Seems then I still need to locate a rehab facility with walking assistance (those deviced to help you stand, not allowing you to fall ) for me in the Rochester area still... Oh well.
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    Hello Dr. Young,
    I have been following a blog by a man called Lucas Smith in Dehli India under the care of a Dr. called Ashish who has been giving Lucas 50 million stem cells through injections twice a day in the thoracic area. Lucas says he feels new sensation, but they fade away later. It appears Lucas is a quadrapeligicc, but says he is making progress. I am a parapeligic and already feeling tingling and needle like feelings in my legs. I was wondering if you have any information on this. I have a friend who is a physician and is going to India this month and he will check up on this for me. I value your inner thoughts. For now, I have ordered an easystand with glider to help me stand for long periods of time. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.
  29. i got in ok . thanks anyway
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    hello Dr young
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    Did you ever get ahold of Doug Kerr at Hopkins?

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    Thanks, Happy New Year!!
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    Ok so if I participate in a clinical trial it is best to stick to one and let a period run off first before participating in another, but the question is which clinical trial of the two do you think is more effective.
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    Thanks, and a very Happy New Year to you too!
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    Happy New Year!
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    Dr. Young
    Is an avm considered an incomplete or a complete sci? I had surgery to remove and glue vessels in 9/08 after a year and a half of being misdiagnosed with TM. Is recovery lessened by the amount of time past before surgery? T7-8 was the original location of injury.
    Thank you
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    Is there a problem if a patient participates in more than one type of stem cell therapy like for instance umbilical cord stem cell and embryonic stem cell treatments.
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    Hello~ My name is Marcie. I am a 31 year old female with a c/6-c/7 incomplete SCI.
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    Happy Holidays!!
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    Thank you so much. Happy Holidays to you and yours!
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    Check out this blogspot my son (C5-6 incomplete) is writing from India:
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    Thank you.
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    Hi Dr. Young, we met briefly when you spoke at Gaylord Hospital around 3 years ago. I have a SCI, but my question is about cord blood transplants, particularly in children w/ Cerebral Palsy. The info is for my girlfriend who is a Physical Therapist and she is doing an inservice on CP. She sent me some questions and areas of interests, but any info you can offer will help: how do stem cells work? some debate on why its not ethical. how do they do procedures? what populations have they done it for? how is it tested in mice. any in actual people, kids with cerebral palsy actual first hand stories, results of some studies, future research. Thank you for the help & sorry for the length.
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    Hi Dr. Young, I would like to use some information from the article you wrote explaining the ASIA categories for a paper I am writing. However, I'm unsure about how to reference the material. Was the information you posted on this site part of a larger, scholarly article??? Thank you.

    P.S. Very nice profile pic!
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    Hi dr. Young
    i finally got my cat scan back from when i injured 4 1/2 years ago. Can you please help give me some clarity. This is the neurologist impression in regards to the injury.
    Ct scan of thoracic spine
    axial images were taken through the thoracic spine. Sagittal and coronal reconstructions were performed.

    There is evidence of an old fracture at t11. There is a horizontally directed lucency extending from anterior to posterior direction to the right side of the vertebrae and appears to extend through the right pedicle; this appears to represent the site of the bullet tract. Some reparative bone formation is seen to the right side of the t11 and t10 vertebrae. There is a schmorl's node deformity at the superior end plate of t12. No other fracture is identified. There does not appear to be degenerative changes. There is minimal levoscoliosis in the lower thoracic spine. There appears to be minimal dextroscoliosis in the upper thoracic spine. There is evidence of right sided neural foraminal narrowing at t11-t12 due to the traumatic changes. Some bony callus formation is seen along the right side of the t10-t11 region. Does this mean i have spinal stenosis?

    Dr. Young, can you please explain this to me in laymen's term. Thank you.
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    Dr. Young, could I please have access to the Women's Forum?

    Thank you,
    Martha McCarty
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    Dear Doctor Wise Young,
    My husband is 69 and in great spirits. His kidneys are at this time apparently "stable" with a GFR of 13%. His doctor of course has been keeping an eye but thinks it is time to start preparing him for dialysis. I will become a donor for anything he might need. Is there hope for us?
    Thank you from my heart,
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    Dr. Young,
    In April 2007, I began falling down. May 07, I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. After a year and a half of being misdiagnosed I found out I had an AVM on the spinal cord in T7-8 region. Had surgery to remove avm and glue vessel. Since then my legs have been burning. After semtember 2008 surgery I can now tighten my legs and hold them. I know much time went by before surgery, but is there a chance of regaining 70% of function so I can walk again. My quads are weak, but quiver when working with the PT. This is so rare that I can not find much about recovery. Swelling gone, but thinning of spinal cord were damage was.Please respond.
    Jamil Kassem
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    Dr Wise. My son lost the sight in his right eye about 1 month ago due to blunt trauma caused by an air soft pellet shot directly into his eye. I know that this message board is more about SCI but I have been doing research for optic nerve repair for the last month and dont know who would be considered the leading expert in the field. I thought since you are considered a leader in your own field you might be able to direct me to someone that knows all of the options i might have for using stem cells to allow my son to see with his eye again. There is no impulses getting back to the brain through the optical nerve so I dont know of any other treatment that would even hold the potential of him regaining vision. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jason/"JoeHowla"
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    Thank you Dr. Wise. I appreciate your wise counsel. Also, I was told I have a t11-t12 complete injury because I have no real feeling or movement below the sight of the injury, but if i rub my stomach or the sides of my stomach I could feel it real good down my legs and in my feet. And it feels good. I can tell there is some type of connection still there. Moreover, when I concentrate hard and I can make my feet and/or my toes move. I think it's a light spasm which causes my digits to move, but its done at will. It is painful though. Is this normal for my type of injury or is it possible that my injury is not complete?
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    Dr. Wise .
    Would you tell me please how can I participate in clinical trial ? Ia'm c5/6 disable man since 2001 an American citizen .
    Thanks .
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    Dr, WIse, I emailed you again using the Contact Info tab on this console describing my current situation. Please check your e-mail/PM and let me know your thoughts. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my garbled mess(age). You have no idea the respect I have for you and your work. Thanks again!!
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    I think I may have accidentally deleted your response. Please send again. I will scrutinize my mail more carefully in the future. Thank you so very much. Brian
  54. Your not to busy come to chat
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    Thanks a million for your wise, compassionate counsel Dr. Young.
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    Hi Dr. Young. I hope your trip to China went well. My name is Sherman Gillums. I'm Kathy Dunn's colleague (and former patient). I agreed to moderate a veterans benefits forum here in CareCure if the invitation is still open.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Also, are you familiar with a doctor name Dr. William H. Rader who does fetal cell therapies in the dominican Republic. His company is called Metra. I talked to him personally and he said he has a high success rate with his fetal stem cells for a whole host of illnesses from C.P to spinal cord injuries. I talked to a lady whose daughter that suffers from C.P and was treated with Dr. Rader's fetal stem cells. She told me that her daughter recovered close to 60% of her brain capacity. Of course his fee is $30,000. Dr. Young is this believable? Dr. Rader says the fetal cells are delivered through an iv and subcutaneously into the abdomen. And it takes 45minutes for the procedure.
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    Im sorry for being so forgetful, but my injury happened may 1st 2004. If possible i can send you a copy of my cat scan and x=ray to give you a better idea of my injury. Thanks.
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    Dr. Young.
    I forgot to mention that the bullet was a full metal jacket 9mm round. Also the extra showed that the bullet was completely in tact which is odd because one might expect the bullet to have some sort of deformity.
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    Dear Dr. Young.
    I have been following your work for some time now. I am very impressed and appreciative of your efforts in sci research. I have a complete t11-t12 spinal cord injury, as a result of a gunshot wound. The bullet lodged in my chest. Because of this i was not given a mri, so the extent of the damage to my spinal cord was never determined. I was however given a cat scan. I was told that my spinal cord was not severed but that the force of the bullet shook my spinal cord creating my paralysis. My spine itself was fractured. I had to wear a back brace for three months. Even though i have no motor or sensory sensation, i can concentrate and create a light spasm which causes my toes to move just by trying to move my toes. Also, when i rub my side or stomach i can feel it good in my legs or groin area depending on where i rub. My question to you is how can i find out the true extent of nerve damage i incurred as a result of my injury, and your overall thoughts about my injury according to the info i provided you. I personally think that maybe the fractured pieces of my spine may have caused stenosis of my spinal cord. Your input is highly valued and appreciated. Thank you.
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    Through the "Contact Info" section on your profile page. You know how it has sections "Visitor Messages" "About Me" Etc, the very last tab clicked "send a message via e-mail to Wise Young" sent from there. Not sure what email address I have linked to to this forum. I thought it was but not sure. I will check it again and see. Thanks.
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    does one call 911? what do we do?Incredible, I just signed on,first post is this.
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    Doctor Young, I know you are an extremely busy person but was wondering if you could confirm that you received my e-mail to you? I have recently been notified of an appt. with a Dr. Bernacki to undergo some Neuro testing prior to surgery and would like your opinion please. Thank you so very much.
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    Dr. Young, I am a paraplegic going to school for a mechanical design degree. Right now I am taking english composition (required prerequisit) and we have to do a research paper. I am doing mine on stem cell research, specifically dealing with spinal cord injuries. Is there some way we could correspond with each other so I could use you as a referenc in my paper? M y email address is I am useing a book that you wrote but it would make my paper much strong if I had your point of view personally. Thank Ed
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    hello there dr,wise i had posted a thread earlier this week, regarding about a cd that contains all my mri,ct, x-ray and u gave me ur adress so i can send u the cd i just put un the mail yeserterday i dont know how long it will take for you to get it please review it and let me know what everything means, and results fo mri thnaks again dr wise young
  66. Dr. Young,
    I have never heard of any organisation doing a walk/run to help raise money to help find a cure for paralisis. Could you tell if there are such organizations? I would really like to get involved with something like that. Having had the brain injury I have not been able to run, just to run. However, I have been taking a 1-5 mile walk a day and today I chose to push myself a little harder and run a little. I may look like an idiot if anyone saw me, be I'm pushing myself to improve and possibly even over come my disabilities. In taking my walks I am able to think about things in a more clear way and I was just thinking about the run/walk fundraiser and felt that you may be able to help answer that question.

    Thank you,

    Kelly Kennedy babygirl79
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    hello wise i wanted to ask what do u think of the new president and do u think the stem cell situation will change in the usa and how?
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    Mr. wise,
    my mri states this.1) c6 compression defromity, chronic. probably degenerative.
    2) the spinal cord does have mild increased t2 signal without expansion from c2-3 to c5-6 level and may be due to myelomalacia.c2-3 and c6-7 small spur disc complexes as described. multilevel mild to moderate neural foraminal narrowing as described above. mild c2-3 right sided central canal narrowing.i have been unable to go to work any manual labor jobs and my headachces are to severe to concentrate in school can this condition be disabling?????? please help!!!!!!!

    p.s. i've had 2 neck surgeries c3-c4-c5 hardware screws and plate and spinal cord compression c5-c6 fusion. i'm weak tried and in pain neck and headaches.leg weakness speech slurr middle and back pain.

    p.s.s.s i've also had 3 accidents all while sitting at a stop light and being rear ended as a passenger less than 2 months after my 2nd surgery and all 3 within 10 month period. is this thing enough for me to seek diability???
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    Dr. Young,
    Thanks for your response. Glad to hear that the moderators are discussing the situation. I hope they will approve my request.
    Thanks again Dr. Young.
    Take Care.
  70. Japalmer, unfortunately loss of smell is a common outcome after a concussion. I think that it is from damage to the olfactory nerve, but since it is supposed to be able to regenerate, some investigators are skeptical of this explanation.
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    Good Morning,
    My wife slipped and fell a year ago, suffered from a concussion and to this day can not taste and or smell. Do we have any options for treatment or is she not going to be able to taste and smell the rest of her life??
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    Dear Dr. Young,
    My name is Robert Shaw. I post as RAFS on Care Cure Community site. I'm sending this message again to ask for an answer to the previous message that I sent you asking if it would be possible for the US Military Veterans that use this site for us to get our own FORUM since there are a lot of us. Your kind consideration will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know. I will be waiting to hear back from you.

    Robert A. Shaw
    Oldsmar, Fl
    Care Cure Community Member, US Air Force Veteran & Wheelchair User
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    Dr. Young,
    May I please have an answer to the question I sent you asking it it would be possible for us US Military Veterans to get our own FORUM since there are a lot of us on CARE CURE COMMUNITY. Please give it your kind consideration & let me know please if it will be possible for us to have our own forum.
    Thank you very much!

    Robert Shaw
    Care Cure Member, Air Force Veteran & Wheelchair User
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    Dr Wise,
    Obama raised 150 Mil for Sep 66 Mil for Aug. He could spare some $$ to your research. I understand his campaign looks or Advertising. Can he put an Ad on this site for a few $k. I would write the request. You may have some agreements not to advertise on this site or how your research funding may be related or "not" to this website. But putting out a message with a Vote Early to the disabled may interest them.

    Thank you.
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    I'm taking comparitive religion and currently I'm reading up on Taoism. I don't know if you're into it or not, but this verse reminds me of you:

    The best man is like water.
    Water is good; it benefits all things and does not compete with them.
    It dwells in lowly places that all disdain.
    That is why it is so near to Tao.

    It just rememinds me how much verbal abuse you take here from people who are hurting (or just out of their minds ) and you just pretend it wasn't meant to hurt you. I guess it's because most of it isn't. It's all just frustration and you understand that. It's just another reason for the world who benefit from what you're doing to be thankful you represent our future hope to what physically once was.
    *wanted to fix typos and add that I wouldn't be surprised you if screamed at your computer or to yourself in the car; everyone has their limits.*
    Thanks! Just wanted to share that with you.
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