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Why Are People Clamoring for Major Healthcare Reform?

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In some notes, I saw that in 2011 we were paying $260 a month for my Medigap policy. Now, eight years later, we are paying $400 every month. That is a 65 percent increase. No way our income went up anywhere near that much. Just saying.

My insurer will keep cranking up the increases because at this point no one else will take me. At the rodeo the rider has to hold on for eight long seconds. We've got to hold on for 11 more years until I'm eligible to enter the federally protected open marketplace.

So, uh, not looking for free stuff. Rather, not wanting my wife to wind up destitute because of my trick nervous system. Got it?


  1. SCI-Nurse's Avatar
    This is exactly why we need universal health care in the USA, such as is proposed in the House Bill 1384 "Medicare for All Act of 2019", primary sponsor Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D). I am not a fan of that name, as the program will be much better than Medicare (for example, covering dental, vision, and hearing services, as well as long-term care, no prior authorizations, no premiums, no need for supplemental insurance, etc.) but I am an active volunteer in the campaign to get this for the USA.

  2. Spitzbub's Avatar
    Excellent. Sanders and maybe Warren are on board with it. Thanks for the info.
  3. vjls's Avatar
    no we don/t we need people to be responable for their choice not talking about sci or ms etc but abortions be fat not 20 lbs but 50 plus

    we the taxpayer pay for it cut out er visit for some body that want bp taken yes it does happen.