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Big mo for Medicare For All

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With across-the-board support, even from Republicans, the momentum is stronger than ever for expanding Medicare coverage to everyone. Why? Maybe it's the declining life expectancy. Maybe it's that US healthcare is twice as expensive as in other countries, with shabbier results. Maybe it's because a great percentage of personal bankruptcies involve medical costs or that over 40% of cancer patients run out of money for medicine. If you've ever been trapped in a job for years because of a pre-existing condition, like happened to me, you know something's got to change.

The National Nurses United podcast talks about the latest developments.

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  1. Gearhead's Avatar
    Bush 43 made student loans and medical except from bankruptcy. You can still file for bankruptcy but will still fully owe these debts.
    Obamacare fixed the pre-existing clause but this is under attack.
    With our current tax system, I don't think we can afford Medicare for all but it's possible.
    I saw in an interview, a British doctor was asked what was the difference between him and an American doctor. He replied, "British doctors live in $1m homes, American doctors live in $2m homes". Also, the interviewer made a point that of all countries with national healthcare, not one has ever tried to repeal it.