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power add-on for manual chair

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On one of the RESNA tests where a 250lb user travels down a 6 degree ramp at full speed and turns suddenly and reverses direction 180 degrees and travels uphill, if the rear wheels of the manual wheelchair are too high during this maneuver, the chair could tip over sideways. When trying to find a solution it was observed that the rear Frogleg fork deflected and possibly added to the problem. The real solution came by adding a proximity switch that reduced the speed to 40% when the manual wheelchair's rear wheels are lifted too high by the ZX1. It's important to keep your rear wheels as low as possible at all times, even slightly scrubbing the ground. They act as a sort of training wheel or outrigger. The ZX1 is allowed to raise the manual wheels higher for when encountering obstacles like thresholds where the rear manual wheels may interfere with traction to the drive wheels. After manuevering past the obstacle you should lower the rear of the manual chair to the safe driving position.

To be clear I don't work for or represent Spinergy and they must make the final decision on what they think is necessary to put out as a product that they feel is safe in every possible use. I can only give my advice.

Having said that, in my opinion it is a non issue and a polymer could be used. I have them on all of my ZX1s and they are on the others that I originally built and sold with no problem that I'm aware of. I would though recommend getting their stiffest polymer. Under normal use the difference will be negligible because most of your weight is transferred directly to the drive wheels.
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