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Communication is so important . . . (TiLite TR design)

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Egads! And you speak Engineerish!
Engineers may have a language, but we also have differing dialects . . .

Today I received another CAD from TiLite. It's quite good, but two subtle issues remain: caster-to-fork mounting issues, and camber/wheel-spacing issues related to having two simultaneously mounted cambertubes. Hopefully TiLite and I will resolve them soon.

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I'm still considering ICON if TiLite does not address these concerns to my satisfaction. If worse comes to worse (VA tires of my PIA requests), I'll just say no thanks to a new chair, and keep my AeroZ - it's getting tired, but it's finally set up the way I like. I'd rather have a tired old aluminum chair that serves me pretty well than a disappointing new titanium chair that freezes my choices for another five years.

- I am exceptionally blessed to be able to have such choices. Thank You, Abba!!