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Colostomy Questions For a Quad

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What are you using the flax seed in?

Since i have been using the flax seeds in a smoothy every morning my poop has been thick, consistant, and super easy to manage my colostomy with changing the bag (poop moves nice and slow). It has not been runny or messy at all.

I bought one of the Nutrabullit machines. (Bed Bath and Beyond) and with that machine I do not have to grind the flax seeds first.

Every morning I make a smoothy and it tast great and has totally controlled my type 2 diabetes. I am still taking the medication but before the smoothies if was out of control even with the medication.

here is my recipe:
Spinach or Kale - (fresh) the spinach in the bag is the easiest to use, but I think the kale has better stuff in it. I use about a handfull of either.
Half a large banana - (fresh)
Strawberries - (frozen) 3 large or 4 small
Blueberries - (frozen) 1/4 cup
Cherries - (frozen) 1/4 cup (make sure they have no pits)
Coconut Drink (not water) this is not measured and I usually use 1/2 water also.
Flax seeds - one soup spoon (round kind)
Maca (a root from Costa Rica that give you energy) 1/4 to 1/2 tbs.
Sometimes I add things like almonds or 4 mint mm's

This has changed my life, I have honestly not felt this good since my accident I have been doing it for about 4 months now and have gotten over my addiction to soda, I still have one if I am eating mexican food or pizza, but I have lost the craving for it.

If any one would like more info on the smoothies or have any questions let me know.

Stevie P
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