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Hope for walking, C5, Asia C

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I know it's not possible to predict someone's exact amount of return, but I'd just like to get some response as to the likelihood of me walking again.
I am two months post injury. I fell 15 feet onto cement and sustained a C 5 burst fracture which was replaced with a titanium plate, bone from my hip was used to fuse C4 through C6. I was originally categorized as Asia B. I am now in Asia c. I can move my toes and left ankle, flex my left quad, hip flexor, and abductor muscles. I can flex my right quad and hip flexor muscles. I have good use of both of my arms, but no triceps. My left thumb, and lumbricals
work a bit.
I'd like to hear about anyone with a similar injury and their recovery experience. Any insight as to what therapy is best would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. SCI-Nurse's Avatar
    You should post questions in our Forums, not in the Blogs. Do some reading in our forums too. You will probably find the most responses in our Cure Forum, and in Exercise and Recovery.