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  1. Cider, oh god no, I don't drink as I go all nutty when I do, I think it better to refrain and be the sane individual that I am, I kinda put me foot n it a while back wif Santa, you see, I am an animal wuver and one night, well, lets just say that Santa wasn't too pleased when he caught meself and Rudolph in a less than compromising position and since that cold winters night back in 1893, my sack has always been empty on the morn of December 25th.....
  2. WTF, only now is it that I have been able to bring myself to reply, 23 therapy sessions, 4 different shrinks, one was even a distant relation to he who blamed everything on the mother(me thinks he was in wuv wif hiz mammy so ya probably know what shrink I dobe speaking of)and they all lay blame on your doorstep......WHY you ask?....Now that just hurts.....cuts me deep so it does........ Me thinks I might needs some more lying down on the couch....It all began many year ago, Father Hungright was his name.....He did wuv me.......Honest!!....Oh.....Hiya!!
  3. Woofy, cause trouble? oh you mudst have me mixed up with anudder woofy, that's it, good girl, remove them there blinkers, ah now you can see my halo......wanna polish it?........ Ehem..
  4. Haha why thank you Woofy! I love Woofys, especially my woofy, but I too have two...cats... (: and don't worry! You're secret is safe with me! Enjoy to weekend coming up! Try to not cause to much trouble!
  5. This Woofy, meaning me, is doing the grandest, well, bar the early start, almost 5 am here and normal peeps are wrapped beneath the covers and this luder is working ;-) As to Woofy owning a Woofy,,, I’m more of a pussy man,,EHEM,,,, please let me rephrase that, I’m a cat person!! I must let you know, I’m not really a para for near on 20 years, I’m really a devo and have mastered the art of the spinal injury, Me even has the spasms down to a fine art and just hates, I mean, really hates having to walk, like ALL spinal injuries, I really could walk if I REALLY wanted to but I like it when I get tapped on the shoulder and to be told I’m a brave boy for pushing the wheeliechair all by myself,,,So SSSHHHHH, keep that to yourself, it’s a SECRET….Hope you’re enjoying the festivity that is Thanksgiving and I shall take a break from work at about 6 am to get two stars to collide as you look up to the North, just for you,
  6. I hope Woofy, as in you, is doing well. My Woofy is rather happy today due to Thanksgiving and she is recieving giblets from the turkey (: Does Woofy have a Woofy? If not I think he should! That way Woofy could share stories of his Woofy as I do of mine. Hope your having a good week/weekend!
  7. Now Woofy isn’t sure why it took two reads to understand what Woofy said as Woofy didn’t insert a tongue twister but if Woofy were to insert a tongue twister then this Woofy would talk of your Woofy while describing this Woofy compared to your Woofy but since this Woofy can’t think of a tongue twister, combining both your Woofy and his Woofy, his Woofy, meaning he, himself as he is known as Woofy, then he shall just cut this short before it gets complicated!!...And yes, I am having a good day and may I reciprocate by offering the greeting upon you and your Woofy, from Woofy
  8. Haha! Well thank you woofy! I won't lie that took me two reads to totally understand but brought a smile to my face (: I love my woofy! I hope you are having a good day!
  9. Me thinks your woofy is a lucky woofy and me being woofy isn't as lucky as your woofy but not to worry as your woofy isn't as nutty as this woofy........................ BTW....puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the eyes of Venus, that shade of blue has woofies colar tightening!!!
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