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  1. I can't speak, as I have vocal cord paralysis, but please keep me updated as far as Neurogel therapy goes. It's a very interesting concept for sci
    Are they planning on doing trials in the near future, or is there still a funding issue or what?

    I expect to be walking before talking, but That's what I want more
  2. hi, I know it hasn't been long since I last talked to you. But is anything going on with the Neurogel movement?
  3. I physically can't speak or use a phone but my e-mail is I am in tampa florida
  4. I am not sure how high Dr. Reis said he would go. Did you watch the October meeting video posted on the neurogel website? I know he set a limit but I also know he believes he will be able to go higher later on. The most important thing is to get the first human trial going... as with all other procedures, it will become routine and hopefully apply to higher levels of injury. You can call me but Pierre is the one who knows all about the therapy.
  5. the concept of Neurogel excites me although I am ineligible for the clinical trials as my injury is C4,I will always be following the Neurogel news... Keep us updated with the latest... Thanks!!
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