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  1. Hi Obione, I will be sending same message to Kate.
    Can you please do your part in allowinng 2Mur2 into the private caregiver forum. Our marriage is on shaky ground right now, he needs support from others that are in a similar situation. I am hoping and praying this private forum will help him,he is very confused wants to stay with me in our marriage but at the same time doesn't know if he can handle or deal with the disabilty issues and barriers. He has moved out and is trying to decide where to go from here. He wants to take this time away to see if he can committ to our marriage and situation for the rest of his life.
  2. Hi, his username is 2Mur2, he did check a bunch of boxes but he is not sure if he did everything right so here is his username. Thanks ibi
  3. I am a quad level C6, married 30 years, in chair for 24 years. Is there any other couples that are experiencing struggles as to my disability after all the years married. We have overcome so many obstacles and challenges in our lives together. He is sometimes feeling he is done with the dealing with the disability. He still loves me very much but is at a point where he is wondering "what about me" Can he continue living with me and all the barriers for the rest of his life? He misses the able bodied me and still wishes he could do things with me together that we used to do. He has chosen not to do things because I can't experience it with him. He says he doesn't resent me in any way. But he does resent the chair said our therapist. How can I help him. He is so torn he feels he is damned if he leaves and damned if he stays. If anyone can help or your spouse has gone or is going through this we really need help.
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