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  1. you must eat moderatly...eating alot of good foods is bad too.. its better to eat 6 small healthy meals than 3 big ones in a day.
  2. eat oatmeal, hard boiled egg, banana, blueberries, are good for breakfast.. NO SWEETS!, NO SODAS!, NO SUGARS!... avoid fruit juices(small amount is ok) orange juice is very high in sugars!! not good, ....avoid starchy whites-white rice, bread, potato, pasta...replace with brown rice, sweet potato, whole grain/whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta..
  3. you must eat properly. doing crunches wont lose your gut, just strengthen/build ab muscles but they will be trapped under the fat layer. Eat a high protein,low fat, low carb diet..grilled chicken(no skin), salmon, tilapia, tuna(if canned-solid white in water),hamburger-no bun, get the leanest meat you can, eat fresh steamed or raw veggies(not from can)-brocoli, asparagus, spinach,carrots,tomatos,cucumber.
  4. do any exercises you can...
    When i do crunches, i lay in bed, on my back, i hold my hands together out over /above my stomach ..i have my feet flat on bed with legs bent upward. then its like a reaching toward my feet motion while lifting head/ and shoulders... i do 50 then turn on side do 50 on each side to hit the obliques(side ab muscles)...i wrote a article/blog type thing on exercises for people with sci. check it out, see what you can do, feel free to ask questions, on here is fine..
  5. I just found you by searching for exercises to try to reduce my quad gut. Of course, my date of injury is probably older than you(34 years C3-4) 1978. But, I want to reduce my size 40 waist..getting out of control. How do you do crunches? I want to see if I can try doing them without help...can you contact me or explain somehow how you do your routine.Thanks, I need to start some kind of workout program.
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