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  1. Thanks a lot. Same here!! Can't wait until next month.
  2. It was good to see you and Shannon on Saturday! Hope you have a good week.
  3. Hey..hope to see you tomorrow.
  4. yeah we are coming down..the weather says snow but we will see.
  5. Hi, I'm glad you asked because I didn't know about it. I'll try my best to be there...I could use some "support"
  6. Are you attending the support group this Saturday? Its at 12.30.
  7. Thank you so much!! We are having a good holiday season..lots of cooking and presents!!!
  8. Hi...just dropping by to say hi...hope you and Shannon are having a happy holiday season!
  9. Just dropping by to wish you and Shannon a Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. It's OK. We all get busy and have "life-stuff" that we have to take care of. Feel free to PM me if you want/need to talk or vent.
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