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  1. hello ms sept long time no chat wow how are you do you remember me my wound is finally healed and I am haveing a baby I cant believe it either lol i have 5 weeks left. How is your swimming going i read little on your page about you haveing a prob with bladder talk to me girl i had the same issue i had a sling done and it helped a lot.I also that 10 mg ditropan everyday but hey beats lecking.I hope to hear from you soon
  2. Hey

    I hope you get to have the bed at home. YOu would need a nurse/carer to come in daily though for dressing,toileting etc as you wont be allowed to move at all.

    Hopefully you can get accross to the surgeon that u arnt willing to have the surgery if it means a nursing home.

    Gosh, after 2 years 6 weeks will be so quick to get it better.Goodluck!

    My sore is healing so well. Maybe a few weeks till I can start a sitting program. Something like 10mins a day, 15 mins building up. So will be a while before fully back to normal again!

    Thinmking of you and sending healing vibes your way!
  3. Hey, just checking in to see how you are going and what you decided about the flap surgery?

    hope you and your family are well xoox
  4. hey sweetie just wanted to let you know i am thinking of you and sending healing thoughts to that sore of yours

  5. hey diane,

    Great hearing from you. My christmas was lovely. My family came to visit at my unit and I had a matress on the floor so i could keep off the would lying beside the xmas tree. Prime position for the presents lol. What did santa bring you? I got perfume and a new diary.

    I cant seem to work out how to put pics up on here, but theres an image gallery on my website you can check out

    So you see the plastic surgeon soon.Are you considering flap surgery? I hear it takes months before you can sit up after the op.

    my sore is healing but SLOWLY! I can see heaps of progress though so i am encouraged to stick with it.

    all the best with your wound xoxox
  6. you got any new pics? my email is
  7. hey girl how was your christmas? I cant believe tommorow is new years eve time flys I have a appt with the plastic surgin on the 5th cant wait how is your wound? mine is pissing me off i am going insane already.This def.. puts a damper on my life style.. just wanted to say hi
  8. Yea, Quiting Smoking Fun Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess i am doing OK i have my moments that i really crave one but it passes.No i don't have a trolley but i do have a standing frame.My husband is actually modifying it i cant wait to get it today it like a new present plus i cant stand lying here anymore. How is your wound looking? How long have you had yours?

    As far as the other half adjusting tell me about it. I know it really sucks! Well at least well heal soon and if i can remember what its like to live a half way decent life I'm jumping in.
    they are OK but i do get up hear and there its impossible not to with kids. Well take care talk to you soon. DIANE
  9. Yay congrats on quitting smoking. R u getting withdrawal symptoms, or is all going well? Since I have been getting off this wound I do lots of reading, internet, visits from family.I just signed up for a correspondence course in graphic design that I think I should be able to do in bed to pass the time and get a me a qualification to boot!

    Have yuo got a prone trolley or something so you can move around laying down?

    I think people can read these messages if they go to your profile,but not sure. i've never used them b4. How r your kids handling you being laid up?

    I dont have any kids, but it has been a huge adjustment for my boyfriend.

    well....take care xoxoox
  10. Yea, its true we do have a lot of time on here.I quit smoking today not by choice only cause my wound and my know it all husband lol. Well anyway what do you do everyday? Before the wound i should ask i just got off my wound i cant sit still thats a big problem i am a move around person always have been. Can everyone read these messages im new to this site so im unsure.
  11. Hey Diane!Thanks for adding me as a friend, and welcome to CC.I guess we both have quite a bit of time on here while we keep off our wounds.

    Awesome profile pic btw.

    hope you get better soon!

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