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  1. Hello Raven,

    I've added to you to myspace.Hope you're doing well.
  2. Hello Geno, sorry that I hadn't been coming in here lately. Have thought about you and your family. Wondering how you all are doing. Hope things are well with you. Also, wanted to let you know that I finally gave in and got in MySpace. Wanted to ask you to add me to your list there. Check the url ...

    Still working on the place too. Hope you join me there soon.
  4. Merry Christmas
  5. Hello Raven,

    Thanks that was very nice.We are expecting rain.blah
    We are baking cookies later for Ol' St.Nick.

    Hope you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  6. Hi Geno, hoping you and family are doing well. No snow again in your area? We haven't had any so far. Wanted to check in with you and see how things were going and to send you this link to wish all of you a Happy holiday. Hope you like it.

    Hope you get to spend a great day with your family and get lots of hugs and kisses from your little angel.
  7. Thanks,

    Yes it's getting better.Still tired but getting more energy by the day.
    Sure will hug her for you.
  8. Geno, just checking in with you to see if your health issues are better. Certainly hope so. Take care of yourself. Give the baby a hug for me ok?
  9. We have tried all of those methods.Nothing seems to heal them totally.Hopefullybthe Juven will help me.
  10. Just woke up from my second nap. lol

    Geno, have they used the vacuum on it? Some people have tried it. Don't know about them, but it didn't help me. He ordered some air flotation bed for me which only made it harder for me to turn. The doctor would debride it and it still got really deep. I made the mistake of asking him if I could see the pics and regretted it. It made feel really down. Took me around four months or more to finally come to the decision of changing doctors. The new doctor told me he didn't use the vac and he would do a flap for me instead. We went ahead with it and got quicker results from it. After the surgery, he kept me off the surgery and gradually with time add time to how long I was allowed to sit.

    My sore was on behind. Have had a few little ones recently, but right off I stay in bed, turn on my sides mostly until it heals. What Nick and the nurse use for the little ones is Duadermpatches. Nick also will also use Tegaderm to avoid soiling the Duaderm. The nurse supplies them to us.

    Don't know if this would help you any. Hoping you heal soon.
  11. Thanks Raven,

    That'sthe puzzling thing.I take in a ton of protein.My doc thinks that since I've been taking weight gain suppliments since the age of 17.Maybe my body isn't breaking things down as it should.I can bulk up ease but my wounds just won't heal.I don't get what is happening.
  12. Sorry to hear about your health issues, Geno. It seems that it is like the saying from Morton Salt... "When it rains, it pours".

    I just remembered something my doctor told me would help in healing my wound. He told me to take more protein. Don't know if you are doing that but maybe if you got some protein from a health store and made some shakes, it might help. Hope so anyways. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself and be well. Hugs to your girls, big and small.
  13. My doctor put me on Juven to help promote wound healing.Mine are at a stand still.I have been doing much.Can't kick a bug I have.blah.

    The girls are doing great.They are getting Christmas stuff together.
  14. Hi Geno, thanks for the concern and visit. Things have been a bit crazy here, my sleeping pattern is messed up. Have been doing some researching on Hep C so I can put on my site. Man, have I found new stuff. Problem is that once I start working on the research and html for my site, I forget time and don't notice the time. lol

    How are things going with you and the family? Hope they are all well and I can hardly wait for the baby's birth. Uyyyy.
  15. Hello,

    Stopping by to see what's up.Enjoy the weekend.
  16. Thanks,

    The little frankenstein was scared.It was a good night.
  17. Thanks for letting me know where the pics were. They were cool and she is still as cute as ever. Bad Power Ranger, eh? LOL
  18. Yes she loved it.I put pics in the What did you dress up for halloween thread.
  19. Yes,Topanga had a blast.I had to take my mask off.One kid called me a BAD POWER
  20. Hey it's good to hear you're doing better. Can hardly wait to see your new one too. Did you all go trick or treating with precious Topanga?

    Hope we get to see some more pics of her.
  21. Thanks Raven,

    I'm much better now.The baby is due April 29th.

    How are you
  22. Hey Geno, how's things going for you? Better I hope.

    Cool pic of you. Hope to see more pics of Topanga and you all. Btw, when is the new baby due. I know, I know .. I forget. Got oldtimers disease. LOL
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