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  1. Hi Doctor Wise,

    I have read a lot about you and your works, interviews and presentation concerning spinal cord injuries. My goddaugther had a car accident on June 19th 2006 and she has been paraplegic since this date. Her spinal cord has not been completly broken, she has been injured because of an effusion at T11. She has never been operated on. She can walk few minutes with crutches but not for long as she becomes very tired quickly.
    She is catheterized five times a day. She does not feel anything under her ankle and so she could not move her feet. From her knees she has some feelings but not on all parties. The quadriceps femoris is 100% OK but her bottom muscle is very weak. She will have 10 years old and I am searching for countries where she could have stem cells transplantation. I know that in China some hospitals're doing this. Could you suggest one for me ?

    Many thanks for your kind help.

    Kind regards,
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