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  1. Sorry Pat, after seeing your picture above I guess it must have just been the angle of the picture on your avatar because you don't look like Simon above here LOL. You definately have some cute kiddos there, you're a lucky guy. Those kids look like the kind of kids that pose for those default pictures that already come in the new picture frames when you buy them. Maybe you should look into modeling for them? My wife and I are working on our first child here very soon. (She wants kids, like, yesterday. She is a nurse at Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh and loves children. Maybe you can give me some tips on keeping them in line from a chair?) Anyways, since we're doing in vitro, i'm sure I'll end up with triplets or something and want to go nuts! Take care buddy.
  2. No, that's a new one!
  3. Is your avatar a pic of you or Simon Cowell LOL! (Do you get that a lot?)
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