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  1. 61: although I still have numbness/weakness I can ""walk" with aids so stay positive n keep the hope alive everyone recovers differently I have learned I was pushing to hard demanding to much from my weaker muscles last week I went backwards 2 steps so I am regrouping this week my suggestion listen to your body close it will help guide your recovery lesson learner for me
  2. 61lorraine : I was installing a metal roof on a pole shed at home when I stepped in the wrong spot & fell thru the roofing 16ft landing on my butt (left cheek) I broke my pelvis 3 places & compression fractures T11 & T12 Sept 23,2011 lost bladder & bowl control numbness groin,quads and inner thighs I have regained some feeling & control of all areas, went from wheel chair, walker crutches
  3. Hi, Can you tell me what happened to you, like what you were doing when you fell and the injuries you sustained. You made me think, and because I'm not yet weight bearing in the side of my fusion, I still don't know if my leg will walk too well. I know one thingg, its very weak because there's no muscle left!
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