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  1. I do have skype - pm and i'll give it to you
  2. hott as hell here to i roll outside and im like damnnnn haha do you have skype we should skype sometime if you do
  3. LMAO. Well I'm glad you're having a great summer, its hot as hell here.
  4. yea im not online alot much in the summer i useally stay ughhh that shit fuckn sucks lol but im sure your doing great
  5. Well ok, I was just wondering because I haven't seen you post much. taking it easy ugghhhh you need to get busy. I'm in school which you need to be in too, its so much fun, think about it. I'm just giving you a hard time but in a good way (I hope) lol.
  6. hey jerri im doing good just taking it easy haha how have you been
  7. Dude, you've been quiet. How are you doing?
  8. hey jerri you been girl its been forever since me chatted
  9. sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday so here it is. I hope you had a great day
  10. You're from PA and you're a Cowboy fan too - thats awesome!
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