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  1. Facebook is a social networking site, kind of like MySpace. Congrats to your sister! We need more good teachers, for sure! I am working part-time on my PhD, but it feels very much like's difficult stuff!
  2. I don't have facebook - what is it? Yeah I and my cousin (he's in my album) went to see milk thursday night, we laughed everytime Harvey (Sean) would call Cleve "adorable' it was so cute, its amazing that this was all going down not very long ago but good that we're becoming more accepting - still a long ways to go tho but i have hope. are a full time student? my sister will be graduating in may and she will then be an adaptive Physical Ed teacher Yay! good to hear from you
  3. I doing fine...just a bit exhausted from school starting back last week. I was thinking about you yesterday...thinking I needed to "drop by" to say hi, but you beat me to it...LOL. I read where you saw Milk. It's an excellent film, isn't it? BTW, are you on Facebook? If you are, I'd like to add you as a friend. Thanks, hope you're doing well!
  4. Hey Woman, just wanted to say "hi" and hope you're doing good
  5. LoL
  6. Oh, be still my heart...
  7. Thanks, you rock !!!!
  8. LOL...sending you a big HUG !!!

    No (on second thought) sending you a big, ol', full-body, lesbian HUG...
  9. Ah ok, cuz you know how long it took me to figure out how to put a youtube vid up and when I finally get it the fucking thing doesn't work geeezzzzz.
  10. I don't think you did anything wrong...some videos on youtube cannot be embedded. When you're listening to a song, if you look at the blue box to the right of the screen, there's a box that says "embed"...sometimes it will say "embedding disabled by request." Those videos cannot be embedded, but you can still copy and paste the link!
  11. how come my thing didn't work, could you see what I did wrong.
  12. Oh, you gotta go edit your post and copy that link in there. This is
  13. Danine, did I do it wrong, shoot. its
  14. Hey, Jerri, the embedding is disabled for the video you posted for Top. Can you copy and paste the link. I'm interested in seeing what you sent him!
  15. Thanks Danine, I hope its a great new year for you and all of us
  16. Happy New Year !!!
  17. Thanks Jerri...hope you and your family have a great holiday season too!
  18. Hey Miss Danine I hope you and Miss dsgirl have a Merry Christmas, smile its almost gone for another year lol.
  19. I don't know about "good" but lots of drama as reading, you'll find the good stuff eventually.
  20. Yes, ready to be a grinch as usual. I wish I could hibernate every year from Thanksgiving 'til December 31.
  21. Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
  22. I'm half navajo and paiute. Yeah there are still some cherokees in NC most moved to oklahoma. Thanks for the compliment. And you and your partner have a great Thanksgiving.
  23. Thanks for the compliment...yeah, I think the thread's back on course now. You have great cheek bones too. You remind me very much of a neighbor I had growing up. She was of Cherokee descent...beautiful skin tone, black hair and dark eyes. Which tribe are you from?
  24. Thanks for the compliment. I like black and white photography, and as you can tell, I love my pets. I voted last week. I got lucky and was able to avoid the long lines...only waited about 15-20 minutes. Take care.
  25. Hi Danine, I checked out your pic album, those are some great pics you took. remember to vote if you haven't already. Jerri
  26. Thanks for the compliment on the pic. I usually hate pics of myself, but was fooling around with the camera the other night and decided I liked this one.
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