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  1. I'm doing great, I hope you are also
  2. Howdy. You sure did well ordering your new chair. I spoke with Nevada about his job. He liked his old maintenance job with the Corp of Engineers better but when he got hurt, he had to take a field job overseeing recreation on the Corp property. I was a Forest Ranger with Fire and Law Enforcement responsibilities and I ran the Resource crew who did most of the field work that needed to be done in the forest. Great outdoors job but dealing with government supervisors sucked. Most are incompetent. There is another Ranger here still working for the Forest Service after his accident and He says they treat him well. I was pleased to hear that. State Forestry, where I finished working, treated us like shit. Oh well, I sure wish I was working in the forest like the old days. I think that is the hardest for me.
    Hope everything is going well with you.
  3. Hi, you have beautiful pics up in your profile. Nevada from this site also works for the National Park Service.
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