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  1. Hi Evonne,
    Glad to see you on. Although we don't know one another personally, seems a comradery builds because of the unique life challenge we all face, along with a concern for one another. Hopefully, the weather is cooperating, and that along with the distraction of your work, is keeping your nerve pain under control. I'm keeping my eye on the FDA approval process of the Arbaclofen placarbil and hoping it will give us all a little better control over the spasticity. We deserve a break, now don't we!! ")) Take Care, Patty
  2. Just wanted to say hello and see how everything was going-hope all is well. Take care
  3. Evonne, your vacation pics look wonderful. Such a beautiful family you are. I hope your recovery is still progressing forward. Patty
  4. Hi Evonne,

    My name is Patty. I'm new here at the forum, as well as a fairly newbie SCI patient. Was injuried in a roll over MVA on Jan 11, 2009, after working three back to back sixteen hr shifts at the hospital in which I was employeed as a neuro nurse. My level injury is similiar to yours at the level of C 5/6, with a spinal fusion of C4-T1, due to broken vetebra. As I viwed your album and watched as your story unfolded, I became overwhelmed with inspiration. What a marvelous job you have done in your recovery. I for one would like to thank you for sharing. Patty
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