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  1. aww cool..i hope you are doing well..i'll look for you
  2. I will Top, on sunday - I promise. ttys J
  3. hey gorgeous i miss ya..hope you are doing great..get on yahoo sometime its been like a month!
  4. hey can u get on?
  5. hey girly..i miss ya hope you are doing well..i'm off to a funeral but i'll be back in a couple hours..hopefully i'll catch you on cuz i miss my friend!
  6. haha im trying! it warm there?...i cant stay long gtg to church but if youve gotta min i'm on yahoo...the chat here keeps freezin me when i try to jump in..aren't computers grand!
  7. I'm doing great Nate, I hope you are too and staying warm
  8. hey girl hope you are doing good
  9. ok, lets chat right now
  10. hey stranger how are you?..ur never on yahoo anymore boooo lol
  11. hey girly come join the chat room its hopping
  12. hey how are u?
  13. hey girly..whats new
  14. Thanks Nathan and Happy New Years to you too
  15. was just gonna say hi..happy new year
  16. yeah I am, why?
  17. hey are u busy?
  18. you give as good as you get *sticks tongue out*
  19. lol gee love you too haha..i'm on yahoo now if someone decides to not be attitudinal
  20. Oh I'm sure you'll corner me before the new year to tell me personally lol.
  21. hey jerri if i don't catch u have a great new year my new cc cutie friend
  22. haha evil evil woman lol..i'm on and bored as hell get i want your receipe
  23. Well I was on yahoo but then I seen you logged on so then I bailed (i kid, i kid) lol. The enchiladas were excellent. we'll chat soon -- ok.
  24. fantastic..howd the enchiladas turn out?...the fights were soooo need to get on yahoo more
  25. pretty good, hows you.
  26. whatssuupp jerri..hows life?
  27. hey are you?
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