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  1. Dr, Young,
    I have read many of your articles and would like your opinion on my situation.I was diagnosed with a small thoracic syrinx (T8-T9) last year. My symptoms are very painful and every specialist I have gone to says that the syrinx is too small to be causing my symptoms. A short list of them are musle pain in my back, legs, neck, and face. Muscle spasms, Muscle twitching, vertigo, neck stiffness, burning sensations, sun sesnitivity, and ear pressure and tinnitis. I think the worst is the mid back pain that is constant . A follow up MRI showed that the syrinx has grown in length, but not in diameter. Spinal tap had elevated protein, and a plus 4 igg synth rate. No other explanation for the syrinx has been discovered through a full neurological workup. Brain MRI was negative, along with cervical and lumbar MRIs. VEP, EEG,NCS. I saw 2 well known neurosureons who are stumped. I will undergo a CT mylegram soon to look for Arachnoitits. .Again thank you for your time
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