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  1. Erin and Josh I'm back, got a lap top so I'm sending you love and wishes. I'm going in for surgery tom, so it may be awhile getting back to you, but wanted to drop you a line and say hi. Sorry I knida disappeared,but the puter was really screwed up
  2. my internet explorer is screwed up I can't access the room, will try after i get it right, Merry Christmas.
  3. Hey, sorry had a cokputer malfunction, sorry to drop ya like that !
  4. we've missed chatting with you ...hope you are doing well
  5. computer froze
  6. dangnable freeze, puter froze on me, sorry.
  7. Hey you two. Just want to wish you a Happy and blessed Christmas. Hope all is going well, and keep up the good attitude and work! Happy Christmas!!
  8. Wishing who ever'shaving a birthday a good one.Hope you enjoyed.Happy Birthday
  9. How are you doing?I haven't seen ya in here since i've been back from the snow road trip with the sissy snow driving cousin of mine. I hope all is well. Just wanted to say hi, missed chattin with u2. God Bless
  10. Glad you had a good pt, what did you do? Usually when I had a good PT it was because I didn't over due and hurt myself.I'm steering clear of the chat room for awhile, got myself into trouble again trying to be light hearted and stir the pot a bit and stepped on some toes. I'll message til fri, then I'm flying to Denver(Guy's first big trip out) for a road trip back to Seattle with a cousin who was tired of talking to the hula girl on the dash board on the trips back and forth.Keep uyp the work girl, you'll get there. Guy
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