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  1. i got hurt playing on my snowmobile, should of gone to a doctor my back was hurting, instead hit the bar loop on the sled and loosened my back up with a few was so out of alignment i shattered my vertebrate on a landing. watching doty at eldora was a highlight of my racing for sure, and that little punk sammy hit him! lol. wolfie was out and sitting there burning. stuff nightmares are made of for sure. i can't wait to show my buddy an electrician your picture. i can't make myself look at it again :-)
  2. MAn I just sent you a big note and hit the wrong button and it's gone! Oh I'm NOT blaming Wolfie at all!!!!!!!!!!! what I was saying it did put him into a difffent light in the eyes of alot of fans, because with racing Especially sprints anything can happen!!! I still would root for him hell we got the same first name!!!!!! so got to do that!!! I remeber it was he couldn't get the steering whell off wasn't it? and then with the saftey......there should be trained saftey worker's there with first hand knowldge of how to get driver's out in a event like that!!! I also remebern watching Bob Kinser race, Calvin Gilstrap, "killed a t Bloomington" First Outlaw race seen Rick Ferkel, Freddie Linder, among other's I can't rememeber right now. Hey Please don't hold me to a fast e-mail.....heck I havn't checked mine for 2 weeks!!!!! I remeber seeing Doty there at Eldora a couple yrs ago with the hand control's. bet it made him Itchy!!!! By the way how did you end up getting hurt??
  3. send me an email to i envy that you got to watch doty. i only got to see him at eldora when they put the hand controls in.....gary gave him the number to my hospital room when i got hurt and he and forbrook......kind of saved me to say. i have a good story about doty riding around eldora...shoot me an email
  4. when i first worked for stanton the kid i worked with (married a kinser and lives in kinser turmoil in bloomington area now) was buddies with wolfies daughters and of course wolfie worked for gary, soooooo when i first went to sioux falls...races,drinks,:-). wolfgang was my hero....and i know he lost a lot of fans with the lawsuit but if you ever met this guy and knew what really happened you would think of it in a different light. he is definitely a stand up guy. he sued because he had no money (think of our med bills) he was in a coma while his wife had a kid. if Mark.....think about that....if Mark had not ran out there and pulled him out he would have sat there and fried to take a chance riding to work every day if you are a truck driver or postman but to not have some kind of safety crew at a race track! come on now. i was there when gobrecht died too....parked next to him and i watched the 1964 ghostbusters look alike ambulance park at the edge of the road and wait
  5. Just by luck finding Braswell, I remember watching Doty at Bloomington, you know Probably my favorite driver was Doug Wolfgang, but after he made all the fuss about getting burned....... I mean I hate it for the guy but you know damm well what can happen when you climb into the cockpit of anykind of race car! HEy how about Stewart winning Pocono!
  6. oh you know braswell......may be jumping in late in the game....i just love my nights off when i can drink a 12 oz. of cranberry juice mixed with a 750ml bottle of vodka. my first taste of dandelion wine came from a good ol' boy in indiana now i am trying to make a living off cash sales from that :-) carlos taught me sumthin ha ha ha and i am not talking about whores
  7. i'll meet you half way and we'll go to charlotte for the dirt nationals......found a guy here that broke his neck racing sprint cars the same time i was out on the road.......3 of us meet in charlotte with brad doty live telecast.....i worked for carl....i know where to find whores and booze down there....smell what i am rolling in? :-)
  8. No man NOT a bit! Burnt that thing right off!!! you would have thought he would have known better!!! I mean I pissed on a elecrtic fence when I was growing up but this....... Hey I enjoyed the messages!!! nothing better than to talk about racing, my man is on top of the points in Nascar at least!!! I always like TS because he would race anything! I sstill bet he goes back and tries to win Indy, that's always been his dream, hey I had a bottle of the same kind and opened it last week after getting pissed at my wife had bought it for New Years and had not opened it till then!
  9. pissed on a live wire? are you kidding me....just puked in my mouth a little brb....sorry for the wave of non sense messages the other night. i finally had my first night off in weeks from the wife and kids and fired down a bottle of jim beam and stayed up all night lol....feel better now
  10. I remembenr alot about Scott from school. No I actually live in Mitchell, about 3 miles back in the country from Spring Mill. I used to get ticlked at Dick talking about Dickie, said he'd never make it as a driver but I think he would actually be proud of him today, I would have loved to seen Dick in a winged sprint thought damm he was good!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know WB he's got to have a sweet job working for her!!!! you know I uesd to work at Ford Visteon before getting hurt and never did go to Rusty's Oh by the way that is a burnt pecker where a guy pissed on a live electrical wire!!!! good conversation peice!
  11. if you know gerkin and steve....damn we must know a lot of the same people...gaines and his kid hung out in the shop a you know "whizz bang" i think his real name is jayson that drives truck for danika now? he used to work for steve and lives around there. i miss rusty's in bedford and the close relationship our driver had with all the local strippers :-)
  12. Hey man notice you got a T12 injury also, if your interested I can post you a link for a good t12 thread.
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