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  1. Thanks Davidsons!
  2. happy birthday man
  3. since my accident im at home with my family enjoying retirement
  4. Working today, how about you?
  5. what u up to man
  6. life rolls on. my wife and 2 sons 17 and 14 yrs aid me. its d pain that never stops
  7. Trinidad & Tabago is a pretty small island, you must know every inch of it. Sorry to hear of your on the job injury, that sucks. I live in Michigan in the States; I was injured on a bicycle; I used to race BMX.
  8. yes i was born here and was inj on duty as a cop on 24/5/09.w
    hat about you? i live in trinidad and tobago
  9. Nice to know you too. Have you always lived in the Caribbean?
  10. hi im c5 c6 nice to know u
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