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  1. I just want to say thank you for contacting us when dalton was injured. the information you gave to us and letting us know about this site has been very informative and helpfull. hope all is well with you and your family. you said you have been battling with a sore as dalton did to which he contracted while in the icu in sioux city. we went through everything tey asked of us to do at mayo. wound vac and all that comes with it. we have a friend that suggested using honey on the wound , we had about 3 weeks while the wound nurse was on vacation which when she was to get back was going to get flap surgury scheduled. what we used was manuka wound honey the sore healed more in 3 weeks than it had in the 6 months leading up to that time.the . daltons doctor said she has never seen a stage 4 sore on the sacrum heal as well as daltons has. you might want to check out this web site .
  2. thank you hope that gets him looking at this site and all that can be learned here
  3. thanks for the info on this site. dalton could use a little push from someone other than his dad to get him on here. it would be great if you and some other people could drop him a note on his caringbridge site, as that might peak his intrest. there is also another young man tyler olson from lake mills, iowathat could use the same as he has about the same injuries as dalton.the sites are and tyler's is
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