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  1. Rarely.. Every time someone comments on a thread that I'm on or sends me a msg. (like this one), I don't get an email reminder. That ultimately led to me to shy away from here and get more attached to Facebook.. I can be easily reached by email as you know.
  2. still here on CC???
  3. hi babe,,, how been ya?? i've sent u lots o jokes. i have not gone to the joke wall yet, is it still up? i might start postin again. E
  4. yup yup i cracked up on da 50cents blacker than black money one ;0)
  5. Hey hey jokester bud. Was wonderin' where you been hiding. I'll just about post anything.. as I so wanted to post the watermelon patch in front of the White House. I know that'd stir up some peeps, lol. Doing good and hoping you are too.
  6. hey goof....i just lovin seeing all the "questionable" jokes i send u on the joke forum hope all is well. been gone for a while so i have 76 emails to go thru

  7. Hey E, no prob. I'm loving all yours, esp. the nudie ones, lol. I've still got a few but keep on sending and thx..
  8. hey man...the joke deal has been slow lately 4 me, thinks at work r pretty crazy and will continue that way till dec. thanks 4 all da cool jokes
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