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  1. Hijacking threads is a way of life here. :-)

    Use Schrader. Does not matter to me. I would recommend against using gas station compressors though.
  2. I'm putting this in a private message, because I don't want to hijack Old's tire q's. You said a presta has less moving parts than a schrader valve. I thought they had the same. Really the presta seems to have more. With its little screw on top.
    Then unless you carry a tire pump with you it, you can't inflate a presta at gas station pumps, without the adapter. And presta's are so fragile, if you push on the spokes like a lot of quads you can snap them off.
    "Professional" cycle riders use presta's because they ride sew ups on very narrow rims, which can't fit a schrader. They are also obsessed with weight and probably believe a presta is lighter. Hell they shave their legs cause it might slow them down.
    I am well aware I could use new rims so I could put more air in my tires, but I need new jeans and food, so the new rims will have to wait.
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