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  1. Hey Lynn, got your message and passed it on. Have you tried the PMs yet (Private messaging)? Hit the User CP on any thread heading and go down the left to read, manage, send new, etc. The PMs stay between whoever you send to and, unlike the rest of the world, to CC others use a semi-colon beteen names. Visitor mssages cn be read by any other member. Sue OH, good piece in NM. Even Gilmer's piece was decent this month.
  2. Hi Lynn, I think you were working with Steve a bit? Quest For The Cure was a grassroots organization that helped individual state groups get SCI research for cure bills passed. California's Roman Reed bill was pushed through by Californians For Cure--the local grassroots group. All Quest groups are chaired or co-chaired by someone with a SCI or the family member of someone with a SCI. Maryland Walks passed ours in 2000. So QFTC was able to get letters signed by all the major SCI 501C3's to support state groups while not going into lobbying or off their own goals. Our last active poster was from Florida and wanted to know how to get their SCI/TBI research amount raised.
    Welcome to the CCC. Sue
  3. Hello Sue - I am new to CCC as of today and want to familiarize myself with some of the site's functions. I like the name, Quest. Sounds intriguing. Is there a link to a descriptor of this group? Thanks. Have a good one. -Lynn
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