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  1. i'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking. how are you?
  2. hey u been??
  3. thanks, evonne! i hope your holidays aren't laborious and tiresome like most find it! i'm taking a break from school, trust me!
  4. hey girl, just wanted to say hi and wiish u a Happy Holiday season. take care n be safe and take a break from school

  5. thanks 4 the link cant wait to check um out
  6. holy hannah that's a huge salmon! i'm doing well and yeah i can't wait for the school work to be over. They're ridiculous classes. yeah, those transfer videos don't work well for some reason if you're doing the through the transfer sticky.

    that should take you to the links that work. i transfer faster than that now, but it's still good. the one leg up first is so helpful especially if you have horrible spasms.

    i kinda like my zombie mouse! maybe i'll change it in the spirit of christmas...or he can represent the ghost of christmas future? we'll see.
  7. hey girl...i keep waitin for your cute little xmas mouse to come up on your avatar hey i was in the life forum and i saw u had transfer videos but could not view do u have a link to is school goij bet u r ready 4 xmas break huh
  8. i want to be a criminal profiler/forensic psychologist so i'll need a phd for sure. yeah i took horticulture at a vocational technical school when i was in high school. i earned senior of the year for floriculture.
  9. i c u like undergrad was in entomology n plant pathology and my masters was in Weed Science.
  10. i've often heard that u need a master or PhD in psy to practice or teach. do u plan to continue on after your undergrad?? good luck girl n stay strong
  11. i'm going for a bachelor's in psychology, but i might go further if i need it. i'm taking it easy, 3 courses at a time, but i'll probably take 4 or 5 next semester to try to get the transfer program finished up faster, so i'm guessing about 4 years.
  12. cool...keep up the good work with school, i promise u someday it will pay off. how much longer u in what??
  13. It's going well, doing homework as usual, how about you?
  14. hey girl, how goes it lately??

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