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  1. Hello,

    Sorry for replying to you so late. Thanks so much for your reply. I am also not in favor of a leg bag, mainly because I have Spina Bifida and tying a bag with myself won't be feasible for me. Currently I am on vesicare and that is working like magic. I still have to cath every 3-4 hours, but even that is a huge improvement than the hourly caths I had to go through before this pill.
    I would think about the surgery in a year or so. My doctor is not in favor of putting me through any surgeries right now. I don't know why. He doesn't give me the reason.

    Hope you are doing good. And ya, Happy New Year

  2. hi megha,
    i am much older than you, but i did have the bladder surgery that you are talking about...along with a bladder augmentation. my recovery was complicated, but i would do it all over again. having this surgery made me feel much less disabled. i think because wearing a leg bag showed others a part of me that i didn't want to show. you know, bad enough i use a w/c and walker but i don't have to explain that to others. the leg bag for me was such a statement. consider the surgery and all of the risks. be sure your surgeon is qualified...ask all of the questions you need to. good luck.
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