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  1. I was also injured while hunting. We were hunting for hogs and the guy driving our jeep was a careless idiot so we ended up flipping over and I broke my neck C4/5 and my lovely life was over thanks to him, oh well! I still hunt so I'm lucky, I walk a bit too but not very fast and with a limp. Sept 20th will be 4 yrs for me so I'm still adjusting. I was in the hospital for6 months but was back to my same job 9 months after my accident, I think workin full-time now is hard as heck most days but I'm glad I do it because it helps block out the pain, I have pretty severe nerve pain. You?
  2. not able to walk unfortunately. I have limited use of my arms, one wrist, and no hands. Great hunting pictures! My tree stand broke when I stepped on it, causing my C4/5 injury. Still love hunting, just have to watch it on TV now. Friends always give me a play-by-play of their hunts as well. What about you? Reading and doing what therapy I can keep me sane right now.
  3. Opps sorry I am a c 4/5 quad. I saw your therapy pics r u able to walk? Take care n God bless.

  4. Hi Kirk, I can't help much with the question u posed below but I'll bet if u post it in the forum section you will get better results and answers. I am a
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