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  1. Thanks! How about that steeler game today!! woo hoo! life could be better, but also could be alot worse right now! hope all is well with you and hope you are ready for Christmas and the new year, b/c its coming ready or not!!
  2. Hey Andrea Havent been on here in sooo long Cking out your family pics You look simply beautiful Hope all is well as well can be Go steelers Got Rings????? Yea 6
  3. nm how have you been? enjoying the weather?? I sure am!
  4. Het man whats happnin with you?
  5. Yes It was great. I sat outside, and enjoyed it! did my sudoku and listened to music, helped my boyfriend wash and wax his truck, and rolled my pants up and just sat in the sun! It was beautiful! Sunday was the nicest day of them all! what did you do?
  6. Hey Andrea, Weather is great what did you do this weekend?
  7. Hey Welcome
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