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  1. I watched your youtube video and I have to say it is awesome! I have never seen an sci person walk with braces before so I have a question for you. It has been awhile since my accident and they never put me in braces or had me try to walk. I must say that it is really cool how you can do that!!! Do you have to have some movement in your legs in order to walk with braces or do you just swing your body to move your legs forward? If not, I might have to check into it. I am sure things have changed since I had my accident.
  2. it is a beautiful state.... but i'm not so much a fan of the winter weather! Id love to move somewhere warm!!
  3. I lived in PA awhile back for a couple years. What a beautiful state! Being from out west, I thought everything east of the Mississippi was a concrete jungle. How wrong I was. I especially liked the Poconos!
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