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  1. yeah I know the time of year is bad..but it s work thing for my hubby..need to be up there for 3 months..someone will get lucky with my house inthe FLorida sun while I freeze my but off lol! I will pm you..thanks )
  2. Wow, January-March are the worst possible months to spend up here! Damp, cold, and dark. That said, pm me your swap details and I can ask around. Meeting up would be great.
  3. YOur in Vancouver!! WOWOW. I am literally spending all my days trying to find a home swap or rental up there for March lol! I have a Seattle swap for Jan-Feb and want to be in Vancouver for at least 1 month..I have never been! Went to Victoria last Christmas. My girls are all grown up..the last just went to college last week..She is in CA. So happy for her but sad my baby is flown the coup ( I will let you know what i find up there and maybe we can meet for coffee brrrr,.
  4. They unfortunately live in Calgary (I'm in Vancouver), but we get them for the holidays. How many kids do you have?
  5. That is too funny..she is a smart little monkey! lol can't imagine my babies calling me It is good you are close and have a relationship with them.
  6. I can't remember who started it, but now we all use it as it just fits her personality. Little monkey. George has a brother (my nephew) named Alex.

    She's in a phase where she's calling her parents (my brother and s.o.) by their first names instead of mom and dad. I think it's hilarious. They do not.
  7. George! OH mo! lol! I wanted to name my daughter Julia, but in Miami they would call her "WHO Lia" I named her Alexandra.(which sounds beautiful in Spansih as well!) .and now she calls herself ALEX! LOL I am not happy about it lol.
  8. Lol, I bet.

    We all call her George.
  9. I love the name Georgia. My family is from GA..yeah..we don't discuss politics lol!
  10. That's my youngest niece, Georgia. She's a wee little thing, maybe 25 pounds there (last year). Not much bigger now, but still very cute and funny.
  11. awe thanks! love the little beauty on your lap! Is she yours??
  12. Nice to "meet" you too. Love the doggie!
  13. Hi there, thank you..) Nice discussing issues with someone who can do so with class and knowledge. Looking forward to learning and sharing.
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