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  1. No, completes also. There was this remarkable young boy that was injured when he was 14 months old and is now a teen. A car ran over him and his mom in a parking lot. He was complete and it was something that I too also thought impossible but he was in a special modified walker and was taking steps no assistance in picking up his feet. One day Sam will be doing the walk.
  2. Sounds fantastic. It's my understanding that it's only for incompletes though.
  3. did you watch the grand opening of new Project Walk facility
    in San Diego yesterday? This group is trying to help cure paralysis
    of many levels of sci. Saw live video of lady c4 level from another country
    using a walker yesterday and she was told by her doctors she would have
    no movement below shoulders and would be vent dependent. Project Walk
    is going to post video on FB. I also heard they will be opening a facility next year
    in our area. Sam doesn't want to change trainers and still likes to go to Project Walk
    Austin. I know its difficult when you have worked with a trainer for over a year but its so far to drive to Austin 150 miles and Dallas is only 30 miles. I think next time I will tell her she's paying for hotel and gas. Maybe she will have a change of mind.
  4. I wish you luck with that. Sadly, in any for-profit medical system the deck is ridiculously stacked against the people who most need it.
  5. thank you Barb
    Our daughter's medicaid no longer cares about her to regain function and
    mobility. We are looking for an attorney who would like to sue
    Anthem and Texas medicaid hmo Amerigroup.
  6. I think it went well - he's back online!
  7. Barb,
    Any word about Dennis's surgery? Please email me

    Joyce Horn
  8. Sounds like a plan.
  9. Joyce, hi. I think Dennis wants to lay a bit of groundwork before we focus on fundraising, but I do think he may also be a great resource for getting the word out about the bracelets.
  10. Hi Barb,
    I'm so glad you joined our group with Dennis Tesolat, in Japan. I'm Aggie Mom 2007 (jhorn4012) in CareCure. Small world. Should we maybe suggest to Dennis that we sell the bracelets, since it is related to our statement of purpose for CNS?
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